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This section of our site is the place to come when you want to learn something new, to look for answers to your questions and to connect with other folks who have made Perelandra a part of their lives.

We provide technical support! And, we consider this as important as all the material we offer. We want you to use these things. We want you to integrate them into your life, and we want you to feel confident about using any of these tools. We don't want you to just purchase something and then sit in your chair at home and stare at it — or put it away and forget about it.

The Perelandra tools are all excellent. Every Perelandra program, process and tool has been tried and tested by many people, over many years, for many different kinds of situations. And we know they can do the job. We don't want confusion or hesitation on your part to stop you as you learn to use the tools. So we offer technical support: We have a Question Hot Line you can call and have your questions answered or get a step or process explained. You can email your questions, fax them or snail mail them. We will answer them, we will talk to you and we will move you through any glitch you might be having.

The bottom line is this: If you feel you want to pursue something we have to offer, understand we're not leaving you out there all by yourself hanging in the wind. You have our support, and we'll help you. We have the service set up to do this. All you need to do is utilize the service.

If you don't find the answers to your questions on our web site, please contact us.

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Networking & Facebook
We have officially moved into this century with our networking! If you were on our old networking lists, we ask you to bury those with us and join Facebook to communicate with other folks out there who are using the Perelandra tools. You can now have Discussions about your experiences with Perelandra processes on our Facebook page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Perelandra does not regularly monitor the contents of the Facebook discussions or posts. If you're concerned about a post, or have a question about the information, we encourage you to contact us directly at question@perelandra-ltd.com. Occasionally, we may review a current discussion and add a helpful comment.


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