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Update: December 2019

Learn from Machaelle. Learn from nature.
Learn from each other.

Inspiration, ideas and encouragement to keep growing, and help others do the same.

Tigers Three

During Machaelle Wright's occasional Online Question and Answer Forums, like this one, you have the opportunity to learn directly from the original co-creative scientist herself about all things Perelandra and expand your understanding of nature, how your partnership works and how to be a better partner.

When you hear about the experiences of others or share your lessons with others, those quick anecdotes, little victories, challenges and even embarrassing questions serve a greater purpose. Not only do they help you learn, but stories like these that you've shared inspire and encourage others.

Recycler Dino

"My local recycling facility recently stopped taking plastics. I'm not going to make my own yogurt anytime soon. All of my husband's nails, screws, nuts, bolts and tool accessories are already organized, so now what am I going to do with my single-use #5 plastic yogurt (and dog food) containers? I recently read about using the EoP and ETS for projects and goals, so I gave it a try. Then two things happened. My son's art teacher put out a call for paint and art supply containers, and I read an article that talked about Preserve's recycling program." Ω

White Flower Three Bees

"I borrowed a friend's wonderful old truck to haul some sand. When I was packing up to return the truck, the tailgate wouldn't close. I spent a while struggling and straining, trying to figure it out and get that gate closed without breaking anything. Finally, I thought of asking nature for help. I set it up like a quick, mini soil-less garden. I had a goal — to close the tailgate without breaking the truck. I opened a coning, explained the goal, took ETS for Humans and EoP, shifted EoP to the goal and asked for help. And I'll be damned, but within 10 minutes it was like the team showed me through my intuition that a spring had popped off its hook inside one of the latches. I picked a tool, again it felt like I had help choosing which tool to use, and in another few minutes it was fixed. Then I thanked everybody while near tears at such a clear and successful experience, and closed the coning. Wow." Ω

Biodiversity on a Flower

"I tested to spread 20 pounds of alfalfa pellets over my tiny co-creative garden last fall. It went against everything I know about gardening, but I did it anyway. In spring, the soil was more rich than I've ever seen. It was full of worms doing what they do, and so easy to prepare for planting." Ω

Hey Tiger

"It felt good to do the EoP Biodiversity Process. As I look back, it feels like it was the most important thing I did that day. Thank you, Machaelle, for this process and the opportunity to join hands with nature." Ω

"As I'm doing the Biodiversity Process, I feel part of a powerful community. Today it hit me with quiet power that we are creating something like a root system or a web with this process, connecting dots." Ω

All of you successfully working with nature for your health — and for the health and balance of the environment — is the reason we're here. We want you to have every advantage and motivation available to you to use the Perelandra products and processes that are right for you, and use them well. Sharing your experiences with others will help you better understand these tools, and help others take that next leap of faith.

We love hearing about what you're doing with these tools during our Question Line calls, and reading about them during Machaelle's Question Forums. We'd love it even more if you would share those lessons and success stories with everyone. Send them by email or through our website here anytime, or send a message to us through the Perelandra Facebook page. We'll review your message (to make sure it doesn't include any health claims that break FDA rules) before posting it to our website so everyone can benefit from your nature lesson!