September 2016

Lessons from a New Kind of Garden

This year's garden planting was dramatically different from all past Perelandra gardens, as you saw if you watched our spring slide show, Changes in the Perelandra Garden. We had no idea what to expect as the season began. The results have been quite stunning! What we observed through the spring and summer gave us a whole new appreciation for the intelligence in nature.

Interested in starting your own garden where nature intelligence helps you achieve balance with efficiency and success? Don't try to copy our layout, planting methods or seeding approach. When you work with nature, you get information specific to your garden intent, your location and your variables. That's what makes working with the processes in The Perelandra Garden Workbook so unique and exciting.

— Katherine, Clarence & Jeannette
Perelandra Garden Assistants

P.S. Be sure you have the volume on so you can enjoy the soundtrack.