by Carolyn Plummer

I process about 80% to 85% of the orders at Perelandra. That puts me in a rather unique position because I see the letters and questions which accompany many of the orders. I would say that kinesiology is one of the topics to which questions, comments, and observations most frequently refer. Specifically, people write about the problems they have encountered, the stumbling blocks they run into, and the reasons why they think they cannot use kinesiology. In reading these letters, I often have wished that I could share with everyone my own process of learning to use kinesiology successfully.

My first exposure to kinesiology was not through Perelandra, but rather in 1980 through a chiropractor. This chiropractor and his two associates used kinesiology as a diagnostic tool, and they were all quite proficient with it. He also used Bach flower remedies extensively in his practice; and he attempted to teach me that I, too, could use kinesiology to pin-point the flower remedies I needed. However, his method involved applying pressure to my outstretched arm. This method works well for a practitioner and a client. But for me, there was an obvious drawback; I did not always have someone I trusted and felt comfortable with to test me. So, I reverted to letting my chiropractor do kinesiology for or on me.

At this same time, I was actively involved in a metaphysical group; in fact, I worked for the organization, along with several other very "psychic" and intuitive members. "Psychic" and "intuitive" were not words which applied to me at that time. In fact, I felt pretty strange and "spiritually inferior" because I didn't feel energy, see auras or hear voices. In time, members of this metaphysical group learned about kinesiology and began practicing it. Their results seemed amazingly accurate to me. But, when I tested myself using the methods they used, I wasn't as accurate as they were. Sometimes I got wonky answers, sometimes I just could not get a consistent answer, and sometimes I just did not want to believe the information I got. So I began to doubt myself and my ability; I lost my self-confidence and decided that one had to be "spiritually advanced" (whatever that means!) to use kinesiology. God knows "spiritually advanced" did not apply to me!

So there I was, unsure of my own kinesiological skill but with easy access to someone who could test me and in whose skill and accuracy I had confidence. I saw kinesiology as a "spiritual gift" which one either innately "had" or "did not have." Since it didn't always work for me, obviously I did not have "it." Therefore, I did not believe I could test myself but required someone else to test me. I gave up practicing kinesiology altogether.

Luckily, things didn't stay that way for long. In 1986, I attended Machaelle's flower essence workshop. Somewhere in that workshop, I remember her saying "if you have an electrical system &#151 and you have one if you are alive — you can do kinesiology. It just takes practice." None of my psychic friends or the chiropractor had ever told me that. Nobody had suggested that learning to use kinesiology was a process, a skill which required practice. So I put aside my belief that kinesiology would not work for me, and followed Machaelle's step-by-step approach. I distinctly remember the shock I experienced when I found out that my fingers, those fingers which gave such wonky results earlier, did hold for "yes" and did break for "no." And all I had to do was practice and learn how to ask questions which were answerable.

I came to understand that kinesiology is a skill; and, like any new skill, it requires time and practice to master. I came to realize that it is okay to make mistakes. Most of us do not want to appear foolish or make mistakes, but I do not know of any way to avoid mistakes when learning and developing a new skill. My prior failure had come from a variety of reasons, including self-doubt, lack of self-worth, intense pressure to be successful, lack of confidence in what I was receiving, particularly when it flew in the face of logic, not knowing how to ask a question which can be answered by kinesiology, and not recognizing when I was too tired to focus well. I had been unwilling to see these problems as a chance to refine my understanding of kinesiology. Instead, I had concluded that since I could not master this skill perfectly in several easy lessons, I could not do it at all. But now, I know differently.

I also made another shift in how I viewed kinesiology and myself. Machaelle has written about the shift from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age that we are going though, and all the changes which this shift requires. A core issue in shifting to Aquarian dynamics is the idea of shifting from a parent/child relationship to that of a partner/team relationship, with each member performing his/her role. In learning to use kinesiology for myself, I personally had to shift from seeing somebody else (the chiropractor) as the capable "parent" and myself as the helpless "child" to accepting myself as an active team-member, participant, and orchestrator of the process. I have had to accept responsibility for myself, for the information I seek (or do not seek) and for what I do with this information.

In time, I have changed my goal. Originally, I wanted to do kinesiology perfectly. Now, I want to learn to use kinesiology successfully. This might sound like semantics; but for me, it has been a powerful shift in approach. I'm glad I made this shift and I'm delighted to now be able to use kinesiology for accessing information.