Essences and ETS Plus

I had just begun using the Rose II Essences, along with MAP, when my six-year-old kitty Lilly became ill. Her symptoms were not too extreme, and after a vet visit the initial lab work came back normal. I set up a Nature Healing Coning for her but did not receive any instructions except to apply moist heat to her sacral area, where she had pain. Within a few days, her condition became suddenly much worse (dramatic weight loss, weakness and vomiting), so we had x-rays done. The results were awful: a "mass" near the sacrum and a shadow in the right lung. She had bone cancer, very rare in cats, with metastasis to the lungs. I stood there and cried my eyes out. I cannot tell you how much the methods you teach for dealing with the animal death process helped us! I am eternally grateful.

The steps outlined in Flower Essences for animal transition gave me a map through a terrible loss. I was able to connect and communicate with her higher self, and the nature spirits, with certainty. I knew I was on track and doing all the right things for her.

Lilly requested one day to get ready after I explained that we could not help her body get better. The day after her x-rays, she became partially paralyzed in her hind legs. I used ETS Plus (for her, hubby and me!) and communicated with her effortlessly. On the way to the vet — decided on final sedation — Lilly looked up at me as I held her in my arms. She gazed deep into my eyes and sent me a strong and clear message of love and peace. It was her goodbye.

We were able to put the ETS Plus on her body and to leave it undisturbed for three hours. Thanks to the education I have received through the publications of Perelandra, we were confident enough to deal with all aspects of her transition. I took charge of her care and was her advocate, with no hesitation. I felt a sense of pride in that. It hurts, of course, the physical separation, but having something to do to help takes away that helpless feeling. Knowing we had one day with her, hubby and I put her in bed between us the night before her last day. (She always loved that!) She lay there and kneaded against me, as was her habit, looking at me and then over her shoulder to see hubby. It was as if she wanted to remember us and for us to remember her in this way.

She came to me in a dream just before her death. She was wearing flower petals all around her head, like a kid playing the part of a flower. This seemed appropriate since she was, after all, "Lilly." That was her essence . . . a lilly, a sweet flower. I believe nature sent me that dream. Perelandra has provided a valuable resource that is so easy to tap into, for humans and animals. This has been a long story to say thank you, but somehow thank you without the story just was not enough.

Nature and Spirit helped with our grief, too! We used ETS Plus and gave it to our other kitties to help them find balance. Today my husband began using MAP. As a nurse for twenty-plus years, I wish I had known about this sooner! But, as they say, when the student is ready . . .

Thank you for your good and kind work. Lilly sends her thanks as well.

K.C., Florida