This is my first summer using the Perelandra processes. It's also my first garden, so it's not like I know what I'm doing. I have had some plants before — with medium success. But this summer has been amazing!

We moved to this house four months ago. I began preparing the garden by removing two pickup truck loads of garbage from the yard. There were small pieces of garbage and glass throughout the soil. I knew that there have been a lot of hostilities in this house by previous people. The soil was like a rock.

So far I have only been able to spend about $20 on the garden. Most of the plants are a hodge-podge of surplus from friends, so I don't have a choice in what to plant. Nor have I any extra money for fertilizers.

What has amazed me is that nature works so well with what I can offer. From the time I began with the Perelandra Garden Workbook, all of my plants have thrived — even while the neighbor's plants wither. It is so pleasing to see such life, such vibrancy.

I have done the Energy Cleansing and Battle Energy Release Processes. It even feels peaceful here now, and the soil has softened a great deal.

Even with my choices being limited, nature is more than willing to work with what is available. So many changes here in such a short time. I feel so hopeful!

— A.A., North Carolina