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Perelandra Processes: Living Co-Creatively

Susan Chruszcz

We had the most beautiful wedding we could have imagined. It was a meaningful, elegant ceremony, witnessed by our moms and our closest friends in a beautiful Victorian inn. We said exactly what we wanted to say to each other, and to the world, in a style that reflected who we are. We did not fall into any of the "traditional" wedding traps. We didn't invite people out of obligation. We, for once, did what we wanted in our own way and were rewarded by everything going smoothly, being surrounded by palpable love and supported by all the Devas, Nature Spirits and White Brotherhood members we have worked with in the past four years.

The perfect celebration continued with a wonderful honeymoon trip to Stratford, Ontario, some world-class theatre and a week at a fabulous bed and breakfast. On top of that, it was ideal summer weather for me — cool with clean air.

So what's this got to do with Perelandra and Perelandra processes? Everything. We're not accustomed to such success and support. We're over forty and came together with plenty of baggage — material, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I live with chronic illness, so health work is my full-time job. We had both been traumatized earlier in our lives, and in our own ways each of us felt isolated and unloved. Michael had lost all hope of ever getting married, and I had been divorced. In other words, for us to get married, we had to see the fireworks of true love in living color. Middle-aged psyches are not as malleable as younger ones are. It isn't like the movies where downtrodden people finally get some goodness in their lives and accept it as a matter of course. It's more like the dog that has been kicked repeatedly: when someone finally reaches out to pet him kindly, he bites, out of conditioning and confusion. I did Perelandra work to enable me to receive love, in addition to the work I was doing to manage my health. Michael did flower essences, the MAP and calibrations for personal growth. We chose to put the emphasis on our relationship and ourselves as individuals, rather than spending a lot of time planning "The Princess Wedding." We worked with a soil-less garden coning (our Marriage Coning), working with nature on our goals and getting help with organizing the massive project of bringing to-gether two full households and lives.

Our love grew. We became engaged in 2002 on a wonderful, romantic weekend where everything that could possibly go right, did. We had a taste of how life can be when things work out. We spent two years looking for a house in a seller's market. We thought we had to find a house first, due to legal and financial requirements — I had prequalified as a first-time homebuyer, but Michael had not. Our plan was to buy a house, get married, then Michael would get a better job. But when we didn't find a house, I found myself in a state of physical relapse. We both got totally stressed out. We had to de-stress. We decided to change the order in which we would pursue our goals. We'd get married first. After that, Michael would look for another job, and then we'd look for a house. We reviewed the financial literature. It seemed that we had misinterpreted the rules for homebuyers, and getting married would not affect my status. That pesky free will at work again? Off-timing? Cosmic Know-It-Alls protecting us from ourselves? Whatever it was, timing seems to play a huge role in the unfolding of our lives. When something is supposed to fall in place, it does, with such grace and elegance it is startling, and when it isn't right, we can't make it work no matter how hard we try. (Oh, Universal Light, won't you give us a clue?)

We went to Perelandra for an Open House in September of 2003. We have not traveled much, and some situations wreak havoc with my health. To prepare for the trip, I did a Health Watch equivalent, which is to say that I followed the Health Watch pattern of protocols, tested (with an Organizing Process coning) and got the rhythm of comprehensive health work to prepare me for the trip and to allow me to shift my sleep schedule to accommodate the gawd-awful hour we had to get up to catch our flight. We got terrific information from Perelandra staff and had a travel box of MBP Solutions sent to our hotel. We protected our stash of ETS by calling them homeopathic remedies and asking for them to be hand-checked by customs personnel (no longer an issue with ETS Plus). Michael learned a lot about planning a trip, making reservations and negotiating the important details, such as asking "do you allow smoking?" to find out if there is a smoking room on the premises (in which case we know to avoid the establishment), and other environment-related questions that make the difference between me having a good time and being terribly sick. As it turned out, fragrances in the airport in Canada (piped in after 9:00 a.m.) and on the plane (combined with jet-fuel fumes) made me sick with asthma and related problems, and it took me three days to recover from the first leg of the journey. We knew traveling was a calculated risk, but we learned to focus on our objective: to get to the Open House as intact as possible. The B&B we stayed at was restorative, the MBP Solutions helped enormously and we were both in great shape for the Open House, which we thoroughly enjoyed. (Okay, we couldn't exactly operate our camera, but that's another issue.)

I digress — but not really, because the trip to Virginia was a great teaching experience, as well as a wonderful holiday. We learned that I can travel safely, with considerable thought, preparation and flexibility. We learned how to book a holiday, to relax and focus on our main objective. This all helped us in preparing for the wedding of our lives and in receiving positive experiences in the world at large.