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This book and the program it introduces is the result of seven years of research and work at Perelandra by Machaelle Wright with nature and the White Brotherhood. MAP (Medical Assistance Program) is easy to use for anyone who feels that his or her present medical support is not enough.

ETS for Humans

Although not required, it is recommended you use ETS for Humans when working with MAP. (Note: In the 3rd edition of MAP, Machaelle refers to ETS for Humans as "ETS Plus" — they're the same.)

MAP Excerpt

MAP is a comprehensive medical program that addresses our general health; any specific illness, disease or condition; injuries (serious or small); our mental health; our emotional health; and our overall well-being. It is a program that connects you with the medical unit of the White Brotherhood where we are each "assigned" a team of physicians whose expertise best meets our individual needs. The only things that are required to do this program are the book and your willingness to learn the program. As a program, it couldn't be more simple. With MAP you have high quality medical assistance any time day or night-and it's at no charge.

Why a third edition? Refinement: Including ETS for Humans simplifies the process steps, Emergency MAP, Professional MAP and surrogating MAP for children. The steps for combining the Calibration Process and MAP are refined and clarified. The kinesiology instructions are expanded and improved. And Machaelle has updated how she presents the information and makes it easier to refer to your MAP book when you have a question.

"Many thanks for being on the other end of the Question Hot Line. It is so good to be able to talk to someone who views situations from a different angle than 'western medicine.' You all are so supportive and encouraging. It helps me feel like I'm not from another planet or speaking some strange language."     — L.S., email

"I've been working with MAP over 15 years. I read the first edition of MAP once, the second edition of MAP at least five times. Reading the third edition of MAP was like a new experience. I'm taking my work with my MAP team to a new level."     — A.E.S., Woodville, VA

"I have been using MAP since the book was first released. Since that time I have loaned my book to others and have bought MAP for three friends in England — we all thank you. My husband, daughter and I each have our own copy. The [MAP] video is being watched with appreciation. Three of our friends are viewing their video, and now they are reading their copies of MAP with renewed interest and understanding."     — L.W., High Springs, FL

About That White Brotherhood

One Bite at a Time Series on MAP


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by Catherine
on 9/21/2014
The Best Health Support System
A friend gave me MAP as a present in 1990 and I have never looked back. What an amazing tool! Over the years I continue to learn how to work better with my MAP team by how I give them information about what I'm experiencing. Recently after watching the MAP workshop DVD I set up a regular schedule with my MAP team to work twice a week on a complex health issue. This has been very effective. I will never forget the time my MAP team moved me through a bad flu overnight so that I could handle important work commitments the next day. The session was an unusual one and very effective! My husband used MAP when he apparently had kidney stones and was in tremendous pain. It was astonishing to us both how effectively MAP moved him through two "crises" a couple weeks apart. He didn't have to go to the hospital at all and hasn't had problems since.
by Jayleigh
on 10/12/2012
The Best Emotional Support
I have been using MAP for almost 3 years now. From the first I intuitively felt it was right for me (and loved the feeling of having someone to turn to if I ever had a medical emergency--I would never be truly alone!). I struggled quite a bit with feeling like I wasn't doing it right and went through many sessions where I talked through my doubts. I kept on having sessions and have gotten to a point now where I trust that my MAP team and I are truly working together. MAP is an integral part of my life. Especially now, when I cannot afford to go to therapy, it has been an invaluable source of emotional support. I know I can take my messiest, most complicated emotional and mental concerns into a session and my team will help me work through them. I have felt deep releases occurring during my sessions and it feels so good to know I am not alone with what I go through.
on 2/22/2012
Chiropractor visits
I open a MAP coning for every chiropractic visit. The MAP team is able to help the chiropractor on the subtle levels. Since I rest after the session, the MAP team tells me when I can sit up, and when it is better to sit up to rest rather than lie down. Very helpful!
on 3/28/2011
Free 24-hour medical help via MAP
I've been using the MAP program for close to 20 years. I use it if I get sick or hurt or stressed, and preventively, to re-align smaller problems. My health is now better than it was when I was young, and MAP is a large part of the reason why. My MAP team gives me chiropractic-type adjustments. When I injured my fascia (connective tissue) my MAP team worked gently to release it from spasm. When I can't sleep, a MAP session will usually do the trick. I wrestled with curing a sinus infection, without success. When I finally did a MAP session, it cleared right up. I have a Professional MAP team, in my work of energy healing and communicating with spirit guides. The quality of my work improved noticeably when I started doing it within MAP conings. MAP is required for all my healing students.
on 3/27/2011
Prepare to co-create a whole new level of well-being!!
This book is an excellent tool for those wishing to penetrate the depths of what it means to heal - in every sense of the word. It is also PRACTICAL. Follow the book's instructions and prepare to be surprised, relieved, comforted, inspired, integrated, AND - to save yourself lots of money and time. (I've used MAP process on myself, pets*, and at work as a physical therapist. I've also used in in conjunction with various medical appointments/procedures. It is an invaluable asset in many ways!) Enjoy! * Note from Perelandra: MAP isn't for animals. Mary is referring to the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals explained in the MAP book and Perelandra Paper.
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