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Hurricane Response and Relief Efforts

If you're like us, it's impossible to see the horrific impact of Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas and not want to help. These links will take you to good options:

How to donate to rescue, relief and recovery in the Bahamas. [Washington Post]

Islands of the Bahamas Hurricane Relief

Hurricane Dorian: Highly-rated organizations providing aid and relief. [Charity Navigator]

Also, if you are a first responder or aid worker serving any of the areas hit by Dorian, please contact us. We would like to provide you with ETS (Emergency Solution).

Revised: September 8, 2019
MAP book

A Perelandra Tip


Help for Our Health, Anytime We Need

MAP is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. All you need is the book (or ebook) with complete instructions.

The Medical Assistance Program (MAP) is a program and service that, once you read the book and get started, you always have help available. Wherever you are, in any situation, you can call on MAP.

MAP offers physical, emotional and mental health support. It's personalized, private, comprehensive health care available to you on your schedule, and has helped folks around the world for nearly thirty years. The program is a process, a procedure, a way of connecting with, talking to and addressing your health issues with an expert medical team in the White Brotherhood, including nature intelligence.

Before we go further, we want to address something that can be a hurdle for some. MAP is an acronym for The Co-Creative White Brotherhood Medical Assistance Program. We understand the term White Brotherhood can raise serious questions and bring up thoughts of white supremacist and sexist movements that are painfully and all too often in the news and daily life. We want to be absolutely clear about this: The White Brotherhood we are referring to is NOT some white supremacist or sexist organization. This term was coined centuries ago. "White" signifies the reflection of all rays of the light spectrum and "Brotherhood" signifies the family of all life.

The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls and intelligences dedicated to supporting and facilitating forward evolutionary movement. As nature is part of the White Brotherhood, that forward evolutionary movement includes balance. (For more on this: About That White Brotherhood by Machaelle Wright)

If the name White Brotherhood sticks in your throat and offends you, regardless of its history and significance, you don't have to use that term when working with your MAP team. Machaelle explains exactly how to get around this in the book.

The focus in MAP is your health and well-being. Nothing more, nothing less. When you follow the easy, clearly written steps in the MAP book, the medical department of the White Brotherhood has the opportunity to help you address your health concerns. You can talk to your MAP team about any health issue.

Personal comments from Machaelle, and how MAP was developed. (Book Excerpt)

An In-Depth Introduction to MAP

Using ETS for Humans with MAP

Misconceptions and Misinformation About MAP

Tips for Communicating Better with MAP

Perelandra Voices: Experiences From Folks Using MAP

Hot Line Phone

If you have questions, and you don't find answers in the links we've provided, call us on Wednesday from 10 AM to 8 PM, ET: