MAP & MBP Balancing Solutions

I've been using MAP and MBP Balancing Solutions since March 2008. I'm in my mid 50s and these two health tools couldn't have come at a better time in my life with numerous deaths in the family, hormonal changes, etc. I take eight MBP Balancing Solutions every night without question and have never missed a day. . . . Which keeps the doctor away! Yea!

MAP has been such a godsend (no pun intended!) because I don't like to go to doctors. But even better is the fact they've helped with emotional, mental and spiritual issues as well. I remember the first time I tried MAP. I had to write down what I was supposed to say and follow it because I was that nervous since this would be one of my first conscious experiences with other dimensional entities. It took seven sessions before I got my code and boy was I doing the happy dance. Thank you Machaelle and the Perelandra Team for all your efforts in bringing these wonderful tools and products to us.

— B.C., Nanuet, NY