As a practicing registered nurse, I see a huge potential in MAP. Ultimately we are all responsible for our own health. MAP gives everyone easy and simple tools to do just that. Western medicine does not yet have a true understanding of who does most of the work concerning health and wellness. It truly is not the doctor or nurse, acupuncturist, herbologist, chiropractor, or massage therapist, etc. It is each of us individually. MAP provides us with the necessary knowledge. To work directly with the MAP is quite a profound honor. Thank you for starting me on such a wonderful journey.

In January, 1992, I received a surprise letter from another flower essence user in my area. She requested we get together for sharing and learning about MAP and flower essences. I had taught her childbirth several years before and had no idea she knew about essences. On February 9, 1992, we had our first gathering . . . four women. All of us came with a wide range of life experiences, diverse educational backgrounds and lifestyles. It was wonderful. We talked for hours. I’d like to share some of the common experiences we had while using MAP.

  1. Since January and February of this year, a lot of us noticed strong sensations of pressure or pain/tenderness in the head area, frequently at Meridian points or along the natural suture lines of the skull. Each of us was surprised at having similar symptoms at the same time!

  2. During the early sessions, some of us saw an extraordinary green color, not previously seen. It is an almost fluorescent hue.

  3. Each of us had been given what we felt was confirmation of our connection with nature during the early sessions. Our experiences were different and totally unexpected. As an example, immediately after my first session with MAP, as I opened my eyes, I saw brilliant beautiful, green letters on the ceiling. I distinctly remember reading them one by one, as random letters. It wasn’t until nearly an hour later that I realized the letters were P-A-N. The realization was quite profound.

  4. Awareness of MAP workers coming into our energy fields and leaving. Some members initially experienced the exit of the team as quite abrupt and jarring, but not painful. When we requested that this be less abrupt and smoother, in the next session for each of us it was!

  5. A feeling at times of cold/shivering during the sessions.

  6. A pattern of essence use with MAP: lots of essences needed after a session, but next time a few. This was an alternating pattern.

  7. Most of the group received verbal (audible) or intuitive help via conversations during MAP.

  8. Some of us just experienced the physical presence of our MAP teams by sensations in our bodies.

  9. All of us experienced complete relaxation and a feeling of wholeness during a session, and a desire not to end that session, or to have another session soon to experience that place again!

  10. All of us have had nothing but positive pleasant healing experiences using MAP.

Our small group tries to meet monthly to share experiences and gain reinforcement and encouragement regarding this self-help process.

We all seek the full understanding of who we are and how we can maintain, improve or regain optimum health by using ourselves, and reaching into that all powerful inner source. Our families often ask about MAP. Some have been very receptive and are using the process. Others quietly observe and accept our choices without wanting to participate in any way . . . yet!

In all this, we are each learning our own inner truths, and gaining support and companionship from our group and our MAP teams. During our monthly meetings, we each find that similar life challenges keep weaving through our lives. Coincidence? I truly doubt it! It helps to maintain a good sense of humor when we challenge ourselves with family strife, job uncertainty, parenting issues, or health problems. This support is reinforced for all of us at each gathering.

— J.H., Massachusetts