Since the first few months of 2004, I've worked with MAP, the essences and the MBP Balancing Solutions. I've called Maria to order Perelandra products in the early hours before my high school teaching day started, and many mornings she made the difference in how my day went. I've loved teaching my entire professional life but have been in pain for a number of years since a bad fall in my theatre, directing a play, and as a result, was forced to teach subjects other than those that I loved and was professionally prepared to teach.

My acupuncturist introduced me to MAP after working with me for several years. She knew that I was open-minded enough to work with the concept of Nature and knew that I needed a different kind of support. I am very independent and have loathed my injury experiences, surgery and treatment in traditional medicine. She knew that a teamwork concept with me truly as part of the team would make a difference in how I felt: Well, I can't begin to tell you what a difference working with MAP has made! Most people reading this already know what I'm talking about, but if you find yourself in the middle of the night with your MAP team wondering if it is all real — let me tell you, it is. Since I first started MAP and the MBP Balancing Solutions and essences, I haven't had colds or the flu — which is remarkable for any teacher, but especially high school with the abundance of sick kids coming to school, most from backgrounds with no health care. I’ve had respiratory difficulties from childhood—and in any given year I would have several colds and one bad bout with bronchitis or pneumonia. That is all resolved with the use of MBP Balancing Solutions. I started MAP and essences during a painful urinary tract infection, another problem that had occurred now and then — not only did it clear right away, but it has never returned. The ongoing pain from injury and related difficulties has diminished a huge amount, and I enjoy more vitality now to match my strong spirit.

My clarity of thinking and problem-solving has brought me to many new and exciting life decisions. I asked as part of my DDP to facilitate change and to evolve as much as possible in this stage of my life. And I certainly got what I asked for! I have left teaching in the last few months — a few years earlier than I had planned. I am studying for my HHP certification, am halfway through my training as a Craniosacral Therapist, am more healthy and have changed on every possible level. I have used all of the books, am still learning about all of the possibilities with MBP Balancing Solutions and now work with my professional MAP team in my therapy and holistic work. It’s all good!

So, Machaelle Small Wright, I thank you for your dedication and skill. Maria, I thank you for your great kindness, and thanks much to my MAP team for helping me change my life.

— V.B.,Encinitas, CA