I call you friends even though I don't know you, because your products and processes help me to live a better life. From time to time I've written to let you know how something has been of help to me. It's been awhile since I've done that, so I thought I might let you know of a wonderful way in which I have been using MAP. I thought it might be of use to others.

I come from a family with an extensive history of addiction to alcohol and other substances. Though I have not traveled that dark road as far as some family members, of late I have noticed my own addictive tendencies coming to the surface. Rather than let this get out of hand I did a MAP session to ask for help with this on all PEMS levels. My MAP team asked me to set up a weekly session for the foreseeable future to work with this issue and the stresses that contribute to the activation of my desire to use alcohol. I've been doing this and have realized MAP is a terrific tool for working with the healing of addictions. Though I didn’t initially just stop, I found that first of all my guilt dropped away. This enabled me to see more clearly what was going on; I didn’t get caught up in beating myself up for beating myself up, but I was able to see what was going on with more compassion.

The MAP sessions leave me feeling more centered in my body and more clear headed. This helps me to notice cravings without having to act on them. I have also been getting powerful insights into what is underlying my addictive behaviors on an emotional level, which serves to increase my compassion for myself and to decrease the intensity of my cravings.

My MAP team has also been giving me suggestions as to nutrition that I find very helpful. It helps to know that Perelandra offers essences in either brandy or vinegar, if you have a sensitivity to alcohol.

I wanted to offer my personal experience with MAP for others who may not have thought to bring this issue into their MAP sessions. I’m not suggesting people in recovery replace whatever other tools, such as 12 Step groups and therapy, that they may be using, but I would just like to share what I have found to be a wonderful use of MAP in the hopes it might be of help to others.

— L.F., Longmont, CO