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March 14, 2021

MBP Phase 1 Testing

The time, money and effort-saving way to learn and begin strengthening your microbial health using the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program.

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As the folks who answer your Perelandra-related questions every Wednesday, we (Jeannette and Beth) are pleased to have noticed an uptick of interest in and questions about the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program by Machaelle Wright.

Because of our personal experiences with this program (and because we both find it fun and sooo effective) it is quite exciting for us to help others learn and use the MBP. We fondly remember when Machaelle first started teaching us about microbes, and then blew the door to health and balance wide open by introducing the Microbial Balancing Program "way back" in 1996.

This program can be used to address health and environmental issues across the board, including many problems most of us wouldn't associate with viruses, fungi or bacteria. If you have been trying your usually successful approaches but still can't quite clear an issue — often addressing the health of your microbes is the missing piece.

What is the Microbial Balancing Program?

The Microbial Balancing Program (MBP) connects humans and nature in a new, intimate way. In this program, human health and balance are achieved by focusing not on the human, but on the health and balance of the vast and vibrant population of living organisms called microbes. Instead of attempting to dominate and control viruses, fungi, bacteria and protozoa, we can use cooperation and care. We can change our attitude and relationship with microbes. As a result of our changes, we can turn infectious disease on its ear.

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MBP Phase 1 Testing

There is a learning curve that comes with the full Microbial Balancing Program. Based on our own experience and years of feedback from others, it's an exhilarating and worthwhile learning curve. But we get that it may be an investment of time not everyone can commit to at once, to go all in.

You're in luck! There is a brilliant alternative to "all in" with a gentler, less steep curve — MBP Phase 1 Testing. It takes all that "beginner's pressure" off. You can relax about successfully getting into the program. With Phase 1 Testing, the MBP becomes so easy to learn. No marathon testing sessions, just vibrant good health for you and your microbes.

Learn more about the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program here.

Read an introductory excerpt from the MBP Manual here.

And when you're ready to take the plunge, start with the simplified and economical MBP Phase 1 Testing Kit.

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In case you're wondering but too shy to ask,
"Why would I do the MBP?"

The more you learn and understand, the better equipped you are to make the most of what Perelandra has to offer.

Science is only beginning to catch up to what Machaelle and nature have been teaching us for years — that bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa are involved in much more than we might imagine in the body's biosphere. Everything from our mental health and senses, from the insides of our bones and muscles to the topmost layer of our skin is impacted or managed by, maintained with the activity of and even made up of microbes. Check out our Did you know?! Series and expand your thinking when it comes to microbes. These articles show how vital microbial balance is to our health and the environment.

Be Surprised and Enlightened!

We love talking about Microbial Balancing.

If you are interested but unsure of what's involved, if you want to know whether you have all the "pieces" you need, or if you just haven't gotten started and would like a boost over that last hurdle, call us for help.

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