MBP Balancing Solutions
by Jorge Luis Vargas

Two weeks ago I had neuralgia, part of the symptoms of my Multiple Sclerosis. Neuralgia feels like someone nailing into the ear or close to the ear zone with a hammer — extremely painful.

Now, I take the MBP Nervous System Balancing Solution in the morning and night. I was taking the night dosage, and I still had the pain. So, instead of taking vitamins B1, B6, B12, I decided to take my Nervous System Balancing Solution again, and in less than a minute the pain I was experiencing for more than one hour disappeared completely. Since then, I haven't had any more neuralgia and I continue taking my MBP Solutions and my regular dosage of vitamins.

My blood pressure, which was really low, has been regulated since I've been taking the Cardiovascular System Balancing Solution. My weight and throat pain are improving. I am beginning to feel more muscle strength, 90 percent less muscle pain, and so on, by taking the respective Microbial Balancing Solutions and having MAP sessions once a week. Thank you, Machaelle, nature and Perelandra staff!