Flower Essences

I recently used an essence to assist my cat, and was thrilled with the results.

After being relocated repeatedly within a relatively short time, my neutered, male cat M.C. began to exhibit nightly episodes of aggressive mating behavior from which he could not be distracted. Since I linked it to stress, I just gave him a lot of love and waited for it to pass. After several months, however, I consulted my veterinarian, who prescribed estrogen. M.C.'s response to this approach was to stop using the litter box. I didn't think of the essences all this time, although I use them daily. Then one day, I was leafing through Flower Essences and came across the chapter on the use of essences with animals.

Since I have not been able to master kinesiology, I relied on my usual method of selecting the essence that "jumps out at me." In this case, it was Chives. I began to administer it to M.C. according to the instructions in the book.

I'm sure you won't be surprised that the results were nothing short of amazing! The objectionable behavior was completely eliminated from the very first day and has not recurred. There were no untoward side effects or other negative consequences.

I'm so grateful that I was guided to the awareness of flower essences; I share them whenever I can!

I.B., Maryland