Flower Essences and MAP
by Jane Roscoe

I hope you will bear with me as I develop and expand this process and journey. I was pleased to learn that you, Machaelle, have taken flower essences for 13 years. As a beginner, I find this process puzzling and pleasing. For example, my gynecologist put me on estrogen therapy about two years ago. A competent physician, and respectful, he suggested I kinesiology test the regimen — the frequency, not the dosage. I am unhappy taking manufactured hormones. So I asked my MAP team, "Do I need to take the hormone today?", and got a positive. Now I check every day. I record when the answer is negative and when it turns positive. The hormone has a palpable effect. I always feel better, but I just hate taking medicine. My team indicated I would be on this regimen for months. So I set up a log to keep track.

Prior to involving my MAP team, my physician proposed two weeks on and two weeks off. But I became grumpy and miserable on the two weeks off. Since I teach, I didn't want to take it out on my students. So I tried it two weeks on, one week off. No luck. After day three, I was miserable. Finally, the light dawned. I asked my team; and behold, I got help. My most sincere thanks to you, your associates and the Perelandra Staff for making access to these new dimensions.