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As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions during her Online Question & Answer Forum.

We've come to the end of the forum.
I just want to wish all of you a warm, thoughtful, kind holiday season.
— Machaelle

Allison's Question: I just want to say thank you and that I've loved you for a long time. If you need a 51 year old Wagnerian Opera singer friend, I'm your girl.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, this made me laugh. It's a wonderful way to end the forum. Thank you for the smile. :D

P.S. I just googled you and you actually are a Wagnerian Opera singer!! So now, if I consider expanding into Perelandra Wagner performances (which is not an easy thing for a Jewish person to say), I am calling you first! In the meantime, I wish you all the luck and best of fortune.

Rose's Question: I’m almost 70 with probably many years left – it has been a great life on many levels, really do recognize the preciousness of life. Now exploring more ways to be of service as a way to bring joy to others and to myself! Does ‘Natural Aging” help with bringing joy and appreciation when one feels like they’re just waiting to die? Or a PIC list ‘bringing joy to life’? Suggestions? Thank you everyone at Perelandra for everything you are. P.S. The slideshow “lessons from a new garden” gave a whole new gut understanding of what nature might mean by “balance.” Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: The Natural Aging Solution helps you to recognize and experience what your personal aging process includes, no matter what TV advertising and public opinion imply. Peaceful understanding surely brings joy and appreciation. And a positive outlook about death certainly changes how you feel about it. If you're having difficulty "bringing joy to life," a PIC List can certainly help you with that. How about also adding volunteering in the community in an area that makes your heart sing.

Aida's Question: What do you look like now, Machaelle? Great I bet. Would you post a pic?
Machaelle's Answer: The problem is, I hate having my picture taken. And the people who wield the cameras around here have a hell of a time clicking a photo of me when I'm not flipping them the bird! I don't know how I look, but I feel great. And, I'm going to be 71 next week!

Dagmar's Question: Hi Machaelle! I just want to give my testimonial that MAP and the Calibration processes work. They are my first defense for physical and emotional issues and that's usually all I need. I love the ETS solution and always carry it with me. I have not tried PIC yet, but eventually will. A heartfull thanks for sharing your work with us.
Machaelle's Answer: Well, Dagmar, you're most welcome. I thank you for your supportive words.

Joyce's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you so much for bringing these processes to us! I have enjoyed using MAP and it is so supportive of you to make this forum available. I have been using MAP for about 3 months and it has come in handy, but I have never received a team name and many of the things I bring to them do not improve: Helping me to communicate more clearly with them — helping me learn to do PKTT — I have brought my back injury to them and I feel quite a bit better after a session, but the relief does not last very long. I am feeling very discouraged and while I know it does have effect, I am struggling to get the relief/growth I thought I would. I take ETS before and after the session. Sorry for the long (negative) comment and thank you for your help!
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, open a MAP session and tell your team that since you have not gotten any indication from them about a name, you'd like to name them yourself. Pick your name and tell them what the name is. Voila! Your MAP team will now have a name! So, every time you open a MAP session, you'll use this name you've chosen.

Also, for the time being, tell your MAP team that you just want to focus on your back issues. That's it. Put everything else on the "back burner." I think you've got to many focuses going at one time and it's splintering your MAP sessions. So, in one word, what I'm saying is: Simplify.

Do this for a couple of months at least, and if you still haven't turned the corner, you need to call the Question Hot Line so we can help you figure out where the wall is. Just understand that this should be working for you and all we need to do is make sure all of the right pieces are put into place.

Carolyn's Question: Hi Machaelle & Team, I wanted to ask if you would consider having the PIC as an APP, which would have the benefits of retest date prompts, stop dosage before retest date & dosage prompts etc. Thank you for taking the time to do the open house it's appreciated.
Machaelle's Answer: This is a great suggestion. And hopefully, someday we'll be able to do something like this.

Tracee's Question: I forget to tell my MAP team what PIC units I am currently working with. I have started opening a MAP coning then opening PIC when I determine my PIC units so my MAP team can listen in. I then close PIC first then MAP. What do you think about that? I am grateful for you and all the Perelandra staff. Thank you for helping nature be 'real' in my life.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm sure your process works just fine.

Rose's Question: I’d like to volunteer at a hospital but they require a flu shot to do so. Any way to neutralize the negative effects of the flu shot or just better find somewhere else to volunteer?
Machaelle's Answer: If you get the flu shot, take ETS for Humans right away and then continue to take it twice daily for 5 days after. You might want to also want to take the Seasonal Balancing Solution. Take it twice daily now through next August.

Shirley's Question: In Oct. I had minor surgery (cutting a deep callous from my foot) and did a PIC Unit for "Surgical wound" that is slated for a retest in Jan. Next week I go back to the doc and, if she does more cutting, should I do a second PIC focus or, somehow, incorporate the new info into the original?
Machaelle's Answer: If she does more cutting, just stop the first PIC List test and set up a brand new test with the focus on your foot condition and treatment as it applies now.

Elizabeth's Question: Hi there! Are you planning on writing any more autobiographical books? I'm rereading all of them again am at the end of Mt Shasta Missionand wish there were more. I am engaged in my own projects, and find your stories particularly inspiring and helpful. Anything new coming down the pike I hope? Blessings on you and everyone in the community.
Machaelle's Answer: If I should write another book, you'll know about it when I announce it! Thanks for the good words.

Valerie's Question: Does it change the effectiveness of ETS for Humans to put a dose in a cup of tea & sip it over time vs. taking it all at once? I've heard that some plant essences work better if taken little-by-little, over time vs. all at once. Just wondering if this is true for ETS. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, the Perelandra products work best with the directions that come from Perelandra, and not for other products for other companies. ETS for Humans is not to be diluted.

Maggie's Question: I'd like to echo Patsy in Q #21 and add a heartfelt thank you for the depth and breadth of your work to help us co-create our planet with Nature.
Machaelle's Answer: Terrific! Thanks for your kind words. I'm really glad to see that so many people working with the Perelandra products and processes in practical ways.

Roba's Question: I have had long term health challenges, now having had 3 teeth out my jaw is misaligned and fallen arches in my feet are giving me spinal and neck problems, I'm doing pic for my teeth and my stomach and taking most of the MBP Solutions twice a day also MAP, I ask and at the moment I seem to be needing it every day, any comments or suggestions please Machaelle, many many thanks (I'm hoping for healing of my foot problems and open to anything is possible).
Machaelle's Answer: You really need to call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) today or Wednesday. This is a more complex answer than a forum can handle. And it really requires a direct personal conversation.

Catherine's Question: I want to grow some greens during the winter. For a winter garden, do you ask for the planning/planting information at a different time of year than when you ask about the "regular" garden? (E.g., after the winter solstice coming up?)
Machaelle's Answer: Catherine, really. You've been a customer of Perelandra's for over 20 years and you have this question?! Read chapter 13 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook, "The Fall and Winter Garden." I'm sure that'll answer your questions.

Joan's Question: I am caregiving my significant other I give a variety of Solutions starting with Mouth Balancing, I find him putting some kind of food or drink (coffee) in his mouth forgetting he has to wait 20 min. Am I wasting my time and Solutions or will some good come anyway.
Machaelle's Answer: Definitely continue administering the doses, knowing that he definitely will receive some benefit no matter what. And certainly something is better than nothing. You're not wasting time or your Solutions.

Brice's Question: I'm a user and believer in wonderful Perelandra and feel I need special help now. I've just been diagnosed with breast cancer (stage 1 fortunately) and would like to know what you recommend for me now. Thanks you.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm going to suggest to you that you call our Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) today or Wednesday and talk through what the best steps are for you to take now. And also read question & answer #22 for encouragement, support and an idea of how to combine Perelandra tools and conventional medical treatment. But also, be sure you call the Question Hot Line.

Catherine's Question: Have you considered releasing any of your books as an audio book? MAP and Behavingcome to mind. I've a number a friends who do not take in information well by reading or visually.
Machaelle's Answer: No, Catherine, we're kind of busy with other things. However, all of our ebook PDFs can be opened through the latest version of Adobe Reader which has a "read out loud" function.

Ksenia's Question: Just want to appreciate all the work you all do. We use PIC and MAP at home, and the EoP infusion pumps, and your products and processes have helped hold us together through some tough times over the past years! Lots of thanks and appreciation!
Machaelle's Answer: You're very welcome and I'm very pleased that we were able to help.

Alyssa's Question: Will you be posting responses from "What to do now?" question you sent out after the election?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, we will. Watch for more posts expanding on this in January. We got a lot of good posts that we're excited about sharing.

Valerie's Question: I launched a SLG with a DDP that was partly focused on a specific situation (fixing my working relationship with a client) and partly focused on the bigger picture (attracting clients who value my services and have the desire and means to pay market rates for them). I'm sure you can see this coming. Nature focused on the bigger-picture aspect of my DDP & it looks like I'm probably going to lose that client. I agree, if the client isn't willing to change, parting ways is probably for the best. My question is: How can I modify my DDP to be completely focused on the bigger-picture aspect? Do I need to modify it? I feel like I should, because I no longer want to focus on everything I originally said – I need more help now with creating what works for me than trying to repair what's not working. What do you think?
Machaelle's Answer: Your original DDP had two separate focuses that were not compatible, so the SLG aimed for the part of your DDP that was most applicable to your goals. Rewrite your DDP with the focus only on the bigger picture that you wish to address. Activate it and you're set to go.

Alyssa's Question: When taking ETS after a MAP session, I focus on the MAP session. But when I'm stressed out and taking ETS, do I need to focus on what I'm stressed out about. Or can I take it without thinking about anything or thinking about something else?
Machaelle's Answer: You don't lose anything if you think about the focus of your stress while taking ETS for Humans. However, if you just need to take it and you don't want to deal with thinking about anything, then by all means take it. It will do its job.

Catherine's Question: Can you comment on SLG Calibration as it relates to the involvement of people not physically present? In other words, how broad is "team" in the context of this SLG process? I don't intend to "do anything" to anyone in a manipulative way, but I sense the SLG Calibration can support them functioning in balance within the context of my soil-less garden in line with their own free will. (Context if this clarifies: I think for a long time I didn't "get" the SLG Calibration Process options near the bottom of the troubleshooting chart. I think I mentally "blocked them off" because I assumed it had to involve someone like an employee (formal "team" member) who was also physically present. Now I'm seeing these options turn up more often and I suspect my previous assumptions were a limitation. E.g., once the executor picked the real estate agent to sell my mother's house, my SLG troubleshooting (having to do with preparing the property for sale from my role as beneficiary/family member) told me to do the Calibration to "Add to Team" My feedback from nature is that this relates to both the estate agent, and also that if I ask the executor for his ok to do energy processes to support his role as well as my own smaller one, it could expand the depth of the work I do on the property.)
Machaelle's Answer: For an SLG Calibration, you need to include only the people who are present.

Sean's Question: Hi Machaelle! Question about ETS baths and the 2 oz. - does it matter the size of the tub or the amount of water in the tub? Do I need to add more ETS if there's more water or a bigger tub? THANK YOU!
Machaelle's Answer: Generally speaking, in a regular-size tub you just need the 2 ounces added. However, if you're talking about a tub where you could do laps and hold parties for 15, you're going to have to use more and you'll need to test for the amount.

Jan's Question: Hi! I really like the EoP pump and am using it daily. Is it okay to leave it in my pocket during a MAP session or is it better to do the session without it?
Machaelle's Answer: It's perfectly fine to leave it in your pocket during a MAP session. The team will work with it.

Veronica's Question: Hi Machaelle, I’m suffering some emotional fallout from a verbal exchange with a person, and can’t seem to shift into either facing them again to clear it up, or move on in any other way. Have taken the problem to MAP. Would PIC be good to use in this case? Many thanks, as ever!
Machaelle's Answer: PIC would be an excellent step for you. You've already written your focus for the PIC List: "I’m suffering some emotional fallout from a verbal exchange with a person, and can’t seem to shift into either facing them again to clear it up, or move on in any other way."

Alison's Question: I also forgot to mention that my father died last week.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Alison, the fact that you actually forgot to mention that your father died last week when you asked your previous question (#7) tells me that it is the grief that you're experiencing that is overriding all else, and is the main thing you are addressing. So while you are moving through your grief process, I still recommend that you take ETS for Humans 5 times daily. And carry the EoP Infusion Pump in your pocket at all times. This will help to stabilize and strengthen you as you move through the process. When you feel up to it, I still encourage you to join us as we try to keep the country from going over the cliff!

Cheryl P.'s Question: Just a big thank you, to Machaelle and the Perelandra staff. Ever since I've gone back to school, I've been angst filled. The EoP has calmed my anxiety and helped me refocus to get through this semester. I will be continuing taking the EoP until I graduate. Sincerely, Cheryl P., Beach Park, IL
Machaelle's Answer: It always gives me tremendous satisfaction when I read about how creatively people are applying the products to their life. Have you heard about the EoP Infusion Pump yet? This might assist you easily as well.

Alise's Question: Much gratitude to you and the processes. One year ago today I was diagnosed with Stage III ovarian cancer. I went through 11 rounds of chemo and major surgery. Today I am healed. A BIG part of my healing I attribute to the Perelandra processes: MAP conings, ETS, EoP, PIC, essences, MBP. Used it all. Thank you so much! Wish everyone was open to this.
Machaelle's Answer: Wow. This is impressive. Congratulations on getting through the cancer. I am very pleased that the Perelandra processes helped you through this time. I agree with you. I wish everyone was open to this as well.

Patsy's Question: I, too, don't have a question, simply a word of Thanks: to Machaelle for having and living your life as you do; for sharing your knowledge, understanding, learning, and wisdom with us; to all those who work at and through Perelandra to provide us with access and connection to this world; for the wonderful products and processes to aid in our healing, balance, and evolution; and for the tremendous information about Nature Intelligence which, for me, was a missing piece in my co-creative process. I am eternally, thoroughly grateful... Thank you all!
Machaelle's Answer: Well, goodness Patsy! That's quite a thank you! Thanks for the cheery, positive words.

John's Question: Hi Machaelle, the family cat is spending the weekend at the vet's office for observation. Are any processes appropriate to do while she is staying there? I think most of the animal processes, like MBP or nature healing conings, require the person to be present. I was thinking maybe an EOP shift, or ETS for SLG shift, are processes I could do from home? Thanks so much!
Machaelle's Answer: While your cat is at the vet, test for what would be most helpful to the cat: EoP or ETS for Animals. Whichever one tests positive, that's the one you can shift from home. If both test positive, shift each one separately from home. It is not as quick or effective as giving these Solutions directly to your cat, but it is better than nothing. Test if you are to release it once or twice each day the cat is at the vet. Once the cat it home, test to find out what is to be given directly.

Delyn's Question: I'm curious what Perelandra recommends to support the health of pet fish in bowls or aquariums?
Machaelle's Answer: To assuage your curiosity, I recommend that you read chapter 12 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook. It includes the troubleshooting process for wildlife, but you could use it for fish as well.

Sobby's Question: This is an easy question. Do your products have to be activated by "belief" or "intent" or something within us in order for them to work? Can you explain how exactly this happens? I think it has something to do with the earth's light grid or electric grid. Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: What in the world made you think these were easy questions?! The question that I think will most apply to your life and be helpful is whether or not the products need to be activated by believe or intent in order to work. The easy answer is: No. They're designed to do a job, and whether the person taking them thinks or believes anything they still do their job.

Peggy's Question: What suggestions do you have for how we as individuals can best align/support the aquarian dynamic discussed in the Mount Shasta Mission? Also, feeling that we are likely in for a rather "wild ride" with the incoming national administration, what are your suggestions for ways that we can can maintain balance and take needed action steps for the greater good (Earth, nation, community, etc) as well as for ourselves. I realize these are somewhat global questions - basically how best to work with Nature to support whatever shifts are needed at this time.
Machaelle's Answer: To start, I refer you to my answers in questions #7 and #8. I agree with you about that wild ride. One thing you can do which I haven't suggested so far is to make a soil-less garden with the focus of "how best to work with nature to support whatever government, political, national and international shifts are needed at this time." Activate the soil-less garden and proceed from there.

The main thing I want to get across is that this is a time for participating and not sitting at home expecting everyone else to do the work for us.

Linda's Question: Re PIC, I have one of every product. How to manage duplicate bottles indicated on several pic lists with only one of each bottle. Deep gratitude for you and your staff's work.
Machaelle's Answer: If you have one of each bottle, you put your PIC List down, selects the bottles that go with that unit. After taking that PIC Unit dose, put all of the bottles back. Then put the second PIC List down and select the bottles that go with that unit.

Liz's Question: Recently I have drifted back to the Perelandra resources but my aging brain has not conquered the newer processes. Is the MAP program used anymore and, if so, what shall I use it for?
Machaelle's Answer: MAP (Medical Assistance Program) is still available and remains very popular. All you need is the book. And we now recommend taking ETS for Humans to facilitate the process. If you have any questions about any of the newer processes that might appeal to you, don't hesitate to call the Question Hot Line. Also, you might find this recent "One Bite" article about MAP helpful.

Stefi's Questi'on: Good morning! I don't actually have a question, but while we're waiting for the questions to ramp up, I thought I'd give you a shout out from Washougal, Washington. I love Perelandra. It's magical stuff.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Stefi! Thanks for the shout out, and the kind words.

Elizabeth's Question: We have been using PIC since it was first announced, but we do not feel as strong, healthy or as energetic as we did when we were taking all 14 MBPs twice daily and following the full Dosage Roadmap schedule. Yes, we are older, but that doesn’t seem to account for the diminishing. We do several PICs including the Daily General Health focus and work with MAP. Do you recommend reincorporating the MBPs and/or the full Dosage Roadmap of Solutions? I am 68 and my husband is 75 and we take a lot of medications. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: I've talked to Beth about your situation and we agree that you're probably just doing way too much. With the number of PIC Lists you're testing, how many times that you're working with MAP each week and whatever else you're adding on top of that daily. You need to sit down and honestly prioritize. Each of you, pick no more than 2 PIC Lists. Choose the ones that are the most important to you. And then back away, go out of your house and find something rewarding to volunteer for that will make you happy and raise your spirits. I suspect you'll feel a lot better.

Karen's Question: What do you suggest for facial paralysis. This was a result of the shingles virus that attacked the ear and right side of the face causing paralysis of that side, dry eye and mouth (where the cornea is at risk), residual pain, hearing loss, and inability to smile, speak or eat properly. This is rare and is called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Rash appeared approx. 10/21. Paralysis appeared 10/24 - 10/25. Treatment so far large dose of prednison 10 days total and large dose of antiviral 3000mg per day for 7 days. Very little change except most of rash has cleared up.
Machaelle's Answer: While you're going through the medical treatment, take 5 doses of ETS for Humans per day. There's enough going on both in your body as a result of the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome as well as the treatment, so you don't need to add a boatload of stuff to what's already happening. If you want to go a little bit further right now, add MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Solutions to your daily regimen. Take 2 doses daily. Once you get through this initial round of treatment, give our Question Hot Line a call and we can help you with next step that feels best to you.

Lynn's Question: I’d love to hear your thoughts about the Soul Ray essences. All the descriptions I have read in your pamphlet, etc., are vague and abstract. I recently did a PIC for insight on them (specifically I tested for #4) and what kept popping up in various manners was information about parallel realities/universes. Would you please offer some of your own insight and why you ended up offering the Soul Ray essences?
Machaelle's Answer: Actually, I'm not going to bore myself going through the history of how the Soul Ray Essences were developed. I think the most important thing for you is to continue working with PIC for the insight that is relevant to you.

Eve's Question: Hi Machaelle! Season’s Greetings to you and your wonderful staff (Gail, Suzann, Beth, Jeannette)! I have worked with PIC since it’s release, just as I was coming out of cancer treatment. At this point I have several units that continue to retest, but am hoping to eventually have one “General Health” PIC unit that assembles them all, especially as I am hoping to do some travelling next year. Is it appropriate to request PIC / MAP to combine them all into one unit or do I just initiate that? I want to respect the natural rhythm of the healing process. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Greetings back to you, Eve. I'll refer you to my answer in question #3 regarding how to deal with PIC and travel plans. Do not combine any of your PIC Lists. You have to go through all of the retests on each of them separately until they each test clear.

Chuck's Question: My home/garden is about 100 yards from a 5 lane city street in east Asheville, NC. How do I quiet down the vibe in my garden from this street? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: When you're working in direct cooperation with nature, you will find that the environment that your garden is situated in is taken into consideration. This would include the kinds of plants you put in, how you build your soil, anything you need to plant around the garden for balance.... And since you are the gardener, it would include the impact of those 5 lanes of traffic on you. So, my short answer to this is, you'll need to work with nature to find out how to accommodate the "vibe."

Elizabeth's Question: We very much appreciate your suggestions for re-establishing balance after the election. They really have helped. But now it is not just the election results to recover from but the daily onslaught of insanity and dangerous actions and announcements. I hope I will be able to shift to a sustaining focus before your next Open House. So I ask: What PIC focus would be best to use for maintaining balance over the next 4 years of this crisis? Thanks for always being there for us.
Machaelle's Answer: Your PIC focus could be exactly what you wrote: "Maintaining balance over the next 4 years of this crisis."

Equally important, you will need to commit to action. You'll need to come out of your house and join in the work that's necessary to keep the damage down to a minimum. You won't be working in a vacuum. There are a number of people and organizations that are putting together plans and direction for holding the insanity to a minimum. You might want to look at getting on the mailing list for just to keep up with things. The most important thing is to not sit out the next four years moaning and groaning about how terrible things are. Things are terrible because too many people sat, moaning and groaning, and didn't participate in this election.

Alison's Question: I have been so nervous since the election. Nothing I'm doing seems to help. I've been out of the country since September and am returning December 20. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I don't remember being this affected by anything else, even 9/11.
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, Allison, come on back home. Half the electorate is going to be working very hard to save the country for the next four years, and we could all use your help. I think that this alone will bring you out of your nervousness. So I say come on back and commit to helping as many vulnerable folks, who now suddenly find themselves in the line of fire, as you can. Join in the efforts that are coming together right now to keep the country from going over a cliff. Hint: You may need a good supply of ETS for Humans and EoP to get you through! Also, you might find this Good, Better & Best Tip helpful.

Ann's Question: Hi Machaelle, Which formula would you suggest to boost immune system and to heal myofascial pain from a car accident? Thanks in advance! Have a great holiday! Ann
Machaelle's Answer: Based on how you've worded this question, I would guess that you are new. So I would suggest starting easy and taking MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions to support your immune system. And take ETS for Humans for your myofascial pain. I recommend that you take a dose of ETS 3 times a day and anytime during the day when you're going through a bout of pain. If you need more support, call our Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) on any Wednesday and we can help you with the next step.

Cecile's Question: I have a left over bottle of 2015 -2016 seasonal balance/flu. Should I throw it away or can it still be used?
Machaelle's Answer: Throw it out. The old pattern doesn't apply to seasonal microbial activity.

Williams's Question: We still have Pandemic Preparedness Kits archived for emergencies. We also have several bottles of FSBS+ in addition to the kits. Also, we are using PIC and thus we also have all the Perelandra bottled products on hand for regular testing. Do we still need the kits archived for emergencies? And/or do we just need to keep the bottles of FSBS+ available? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Just keep FSBS+ available if it's needed. Anything else will be covered with the PIC List.

William's Question: We are using PIC. We will be traveling for a month. Cruiseline security gave us a hard time the last time we tried to board with all the Perelandra bottles in our luggage. We need a way to continue with our PIC foci during our trips without carrying a full inventory of Perelandra Solutions. We do have the dram sizes of essences and ½ oz. MBPs. Please suggest how to change our foci or instructions to PIC to help us continue to work with PIC while on vacation. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay William, you sound like you're caught between a rock and a hard place here. You need the bottles available in order to continue your PIC Unit. So what I recommend is that you open PIC, let them know what your schedule is — when you're leaving for vacation and when you're coming back from vacation. Hold PIC in place when you're gone. When you get back, do a PIC List Retest to restart your PIC work and to pick up any changes that might have occurred. While you're on vacation, I recommend that you take MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Digestive, plus the Seasonal Balancing Solution. Aside from this, I wish you a good vacation.

Camilla's Question: Not a question so much as a heartfelt thank you! I recently uncovered a huge missing puzzle piece for me after finally reading the new Perelandra Essences book: trauma circuits and the extended trauma time frame. Since the summer I have been working with MAP, PIC, and taking extra ETS doses daily specifically to heal trauma related to the sudden death of my daughter almost ten years. While I will always carry grief over her loss I can begin to feel a degree of resiliency on many levels that has been beyond my reach until now. Thank you for your work and continued innovation. Much appreciated!
Machaelle's Answer: I am deeply pleased that we have helped you through this traumatic time. It looks like you are using the Perelandra programs and products very well as you are moving through this. The one thing you didn't mention that might be helpful is to put an EoP Infusion Pump in one of your pockets each day and just carry it around with you. I think it will help you stabilize your day better so that you don't have the extreme ups and downs. Just know that my thoughts are with you and if we can help you further or answer any questions, don't hesitate to call us.

Machaelle: Okay folks! Let's get started!

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PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels