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Saturday, December 2nd

As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions about all things "Perelandra" during her Online Question & Answer Forum. You'll find questions about gardening, soil-less gardening, Perelandra Essences, PIC, the Microbial Balancing Program and MAP. You can find out how to better use the Perelandra Solutions you have, or are thinking about getting. Everything "Perelandra" was on the table in this forum. If you didn't have any questions of your own, you can read the questions from others and Machaelle's witty, insightful answers.

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We've come to the end of the forum.
I just want to wish all of you a warm, thoughtful, kind holiday season.
And remember: It's chaos, so be kind.
– Machaelle

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Ruth's Question: Hi Machaelle! Thank you, thank you for the new solutions for Virus and Bacteria. What a difference they are making. I'm using a general PIC chart right now and it is helping me get some balance back with my general health, especially the coping part with all the stress. Thank you. I am turning my attention to Gut Gardening in regards to the birds around here and getting them fed over the winter. I over think it sometimes and have to laugh at some of the results. Happy early solstice!
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, what a nice way to end this forum! Good to hear from you, Ruth. And especially good to hear that you're continuing to move forward. Have a great winter. Schnuggle in and read a good book. Best wishes, Machaelle

Christina's Question: Thank you for all your work and for making the planet a better place! The Perelandra products are part of our lives — my husband and I both integrate MAP and essences into our lives. Given the proliferation of wi-fi and other such 'electronic pollution' is there a go-to essence to provide support on a day-to-day basis? Thank you!!
Machaelle's Answer: Your "go to" for any impact from electrical pollution would be ETS for Humans. Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to hear that you and your husband are using the processes and products so well.

JoAnn's Question: Dear Machaelle, Feeling completely overwhelmed by current intensity as Pa M referenced Q 21. TOO MUCH. My financial resources extremely limited. Doing everything I can PEMS wise. Taking ETS 5x or more a day, EoP Pump, getting daily exercise, eating light & well. Meditation daily. MAP today after forum which helps sleep. Practicing conscious compassion, gratitude & small acts of kindness daily. Doing more than everything within my civic capacity. After last night’s passing of an atrocious genocidal Budget Tax Bill (the actual contents of which have yet to be fully disclosed!!) & being one millions most vulnerable – can essence shifting be done to assist our government through this process, of which we Americans are all a part of? Is it not a SLG? Bill is NOT law yet. At very least, House will have to vote one more time (and possibly Senate too). Deep gratitude for Perelandra, your generosity and the healing you’re giving/teaching us and our treasured Home. Blessings to all.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I'd like to thank you for being one of the few people who are willing to be informed about these things. Secondly, we've been able to control the madness with a massive wave of activism. That's what's critical. There is no magic bullet. We all need to wake up and understand that we have responsibilities as citizens of this country. We need to be much more pro-active in insisting that our family, friends and neighbors get off their asses and vote. This truly is a challenging time, but the good news is that suddenly people in this country decided to wake up and act. That really is good news. People were becoming way too complacent, and look what happened. I'm suggesting to everyone that they take ETS until 2020, 3-5 times a day. It really does help us to not get locked up and to keep moving forward. We have a lot of help, here and beyond to get through this time, but that help cannot and will not occur unless we are willing to function actively to correct the situation. It just means that this help will give us the wind at our backs. Because we have the House vote on this tax bill for the rich, it's important that the activism not let up. Everyone can find the phone number for their representative here.

One more suggestion for maintaining your health and balance:
Take time to laugh.

Ghandi said something that's been helping me:

"The world rests upon the bedrock of satya or truth. Asatya, meaning untruth, also means nonexistent, and satya or truth also means that which is. If untruth does not so much as exist, its victory is out of the question. And truth being that which is, can never be destroyed."

John's Question: Hi there. My wife and I astral project. Is it permitted to come and see Perelandra in the astral? Many thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Oh! There's a great big astral-projection-protection fence with spikes around Perelandra. And you have to be careful of the alligators and the Whomping Willows. So I recommend you don't do that.

Margaret's Question: Greetings to you all. In my job, I have to do a lot of presentations. I suffer dreadfully from nerves. It feels the worst thing in the world. I use MAP, ETS, EoP and even tried SLG and PIC but it isn't getting easier! I literally cannot sleep beforehand! Any help appreciated. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: I literally feel your pain. I know exactly what you're going through. I don't know if it ever gets easier. But you might try picturing your audience in their underwear. That's an age-old solution and it might help! I would take ETS all the way through your prep, presentation and post-presentation decompression 3-5 times a day. At least this will give you some support.

Mark's Question: First off thanks for doing what you do you are quite the inspiration . Just would like to know if you are planing to write any more books ?
Machaelle's Answer: If I ever write anymore books, you'll be one of the first 35,000 people I'll notify! Thanks for asking.

Sally's Question: Dear Machaelle, Thank you for all you've done for so many. Can there be a healing crisis when using the MBP Solutions? Thank you, Sally
Machaelle's Answer: Normally not. But if you need to work through something, the MBP Solutions can facilitate you moving through it.

Ellen 's Question: I live in Santa Rosa, CA. Thankfully I didn't lose my house in the fires, but am heartbroken for our community and the many, many people who lost everything. Thousands of homes burned resulting in massive levels of toxic air, soil and water pollution. 1.) What would you recommend to support my physical & emotional health now and long term. 2.) Is there something I could recommend to friends/family who've lost everything. 3.) How can we heal our soil and water to feel safe to once again eat our organic produce and drink our water? (My experience w/Perelandra is using ETS, EoP & some MBP Solutions the last few years.) Thank you! Ellen
Machaelle's Answer: Taking ETS 3-5 times a day as you go through this (for the next several years) would be an effective response for both you and your neighbors. It will help you maintain the ability to think and continue moving forward. When you're ready and the opportunity avails itself, I would suggest you set up a soil-less garden for providing the necessary action required to restore the quality of your organic produce and your water. If you run into any walls as you move forward, give us a call on the Question Hot Line.

Teresa's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have not worked for a bit due to health issues and have been wanting to come out of my cocoon and start contributing to the world in some way. I have done several MAP sessions and a calibration, as well as having an slg going on this issue. But it feels like there’s a huge wall in front of me. I guess I wanted to ask if you had any thoughts regarding the idea of timing...I can’t figure out whether to just keep doing sessions on the issue until I get unstuck or to assume that the lack of movement means that this is just not the right time and that I should put it aside and focus on continuing to improve the health issues. Do you have any thoughts/suggestions? Thank you again!!!
Machaelle's Answer: Here's my suggestion: continue doing the sessions and understand that sometimes you just have to have the courage to wait. But the sessions will create the foundation that you need in order to make a move when the time's right.

Lois's Question: MAP is a futuristic healing process. I have a productive relationship with my MAP team. I sometimes wonder whether they ever get sick or suffer physical affliction like we humans do or whether they have learned not to get sick. Is that the point, that they are teaching us also how not to get sick in these bodies of ours? I wonder what your perspective is on this Machaelle. Nature is a great teacher after all.
Machaelle's Answer: Really, Lois, you need to take all of these questions to your MAP team. But you might want to consider the purpose of your questions and how practical they are to your life.

Judy-Kay's Question: I'm part of a regional effort that is focused on stopping the spread of imported "invasive species" such as Amur Cork trees from China, which grow & spread so rapidly they choke out the native oaks. Herbicides are used on the cut stumps and seem to be the only way to stop re-growth. There are a lot of other plants/trees of concern as well. Do you have any suggestions? I am sure it is about balance.
Machaelle's Answer: I recommend you start a soil-less garden for your participation in the region effort that is focused on stopping the invasive species including Amur Cork trees and go from there. And yes, it's going to be about balance. But you need guidelines from the soil-less garden coning to achieve that balance.

Pamela's Question: Thank you for your humor and courage, the work you do and for sharing in your writings. I read Behaving... years ago and think it should be required reading for all teachers (and perhaps all students too!) so that they may understand that students are sometimes dealing with far more than they may imagine. In addition, you have continued to share information which helps to stretch our minds and souls to bring us into a more open, loving, integrated relationship with all life in the many varied and blessed forms which surround us. I love coning. I love MAP. I'm even quite fond of Eisenhower! Thanks Machaelle.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for these kind words and insights. I love the idea of teachers using Behaving. So in the spirit of all life, I say to you, "Carry on!"

Jamie's Question: Hi Machaelle. It's been an emotional last year watching my father die of pancreatic cancer. He used MAP for himself but I guess it was his time to go as he passed last month. I used MAP for myself for support. In his last 2 weeks he went into a hospice and was his in agony and pain that the medics couldn't control. He knew he was going to die and begged his team to help with the horrendous pain and to help him die quicker but nothing happened until he passed. What could he have said differently to his team to get them to quicken his passing? It's really made me question MAP and their abilities. I dread if I am at the end of my life and I can't get that help. I hope this doesn't sound ungrateful for MAP.
Machaelle's Answer: What a difficult situation for you and your father. One thing I'd like to point out is that you actually don't know if MAP helped him to die quicker. Without MAP, he may have lingered on for months rather than two weeks. Another point: The MAP team will not override the timing of a person's soul when it comes to death. In essence, the MAP team will not help a person commit suicide. However, it will facilitate as much as possible within the guidelines set by a person's timing. One thing you can do now is to discuss your feelings and thoughts around this with your MAP team and ask them for advice on how to work with them and prepare for your own death. They won't feel you're being ungrateful. They understand the pain involved in the situation. But I can only encourage you not to back away from MAP. While you're going through this grief process, I recommend that you take ETS for Humans three times daily, just so you can maintain optimal functionality.

Pam's Question: It's a wrestling match to get ETS for Animals into my lab's mouth. If I put it on her food, she spits it out. If it's in her water, she won't drink it. Can I put the drops in her ears? On her nose?
Machaelle's Answer: If it's that much of a struggle, then I suggest you use PIC because with PIC List testing you don't have to put anything in her mouth. No matter what, though, do not put ETS or any other Solutions in her ears or her nose.

Nancy's Question: Hi! You can forget that last question if we get only one today! This is what is bothering me even more = I usually doubt the first answer I get w/ kinesiology questions and get an opposite answer on second asking, which when follows, works for me. Am I being dyslexic or a big doubter? Or in a bad habit?
Machaelle's Answer: You're in a bad habit. Stop double-checking yourself. You're sabotaging your kinesiology testing.

Trish's Question: I have been involved with Perelandra for many years. Currently I have only taken various microbial essences. Now I know I need and want to do more, but feel overwhelmed in my life and don't seem to be able to begin. Would you recommend "PIC" which I have never done? Or some other way?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, start with a PIC List test for general health. Then move forward from there. And if you need help with PIC, call our Question Hot Line. We'll talk you through it!

Nancy's Question: Hi - to be brief! I will need cataract surgery sooner than anticipated. I wanted to wait a year after breast cancer treatment, but my right eye seems to be getting worse fast. How to slow it down and prepare for surgery? Thanks - for so much in so many ways, Nancy
Machaelle's Answer: Jeannette's the one you need to talk to. She has cataract experience, and she can ask you the questions that will make our answers more effective. Give her a call on the Question Hot Line before 5 PM today at 1-540-937-3679. Or call any Wednesday from 10 AM to 8 PM, eastern.

Rhonda's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us! I have a DDP for my goal of finding my home in Scotland. Currently, I am in the US, and need to find a better work/live space. Should I continue with the original DDP, or make a new DDP for the current situation, or ...?
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you update your DDP to reflect the current situation.

Selena's Question: Hi there. I wait 10 minutes after food or drink before taking essences and would like to know: A) is there any waiting time after food or water before taking ETS for Humans and do I need to wait before taking food or drink? B) same question as in A but before and after EoP? C) for the animal solutions (joint and parasite) do I need to wait after they drink/eat for any length of time before giving the solutions and how long to wait after they have the solutions before they can drink/eat? Thanks for answering my questions and seasons greetings to all of you at Perelandra.
Machaelle's Answer: A & B) Follow the same timing for ETS and EoP as you do for Essences, except during an emergency. For example: If you just burned your tongue on hot coffee, don't wait 10 minutes to take your first dose of ETS! C) There is no wait time for administering the Solutions to animals.

Ginny's Question: I am transitioning off sleeping meds and it's difficult. I take the Virus and Bacteria Solutions daily. Also ETS when needed. Do you have suggestions for other Solutions?
Machaelle's Answer: Your next step would be to take this situation to PIC and test the PIC List.

Kristina's Question: Hi, I want to say thank you Machaelle and everyone at Perelandra for the Essences and Solutions. I was with my dad (back in 2013) for the last 7 days of his life. On the last day especially I gave him the ETS+ and used it myself. I feel that it helped the transition go gracefully and with peace. Thank you. Fast forward to now, our little dog, age 15 has recently been diagnosed with lymphoma. The vet started her on prednisone, while we decide whether or not to go the chemo route. I started her on the Lymphatic and Immune Solutions along with ETS for Animals, Once a day in the evening. Would you suggest other solutions to add, and/or increase the dosage? The lymph nodes have shrunk in size this week. Thanks once again for all of your help!
Machaelle's Answer: Immune, Lymphatic and ETS for Animals are three helpful Solutions that you're giving her. If her lymph nodes continue shrinking, I would just stay with these Solutions. You can use the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals if you want to add something more, or test the PIC List to expand your assistance. I'm glad that you've found the Perelandra material so helpful in your life.

Teresa's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you so much for all of your work. Working with MAP and with SLGs has had a huge impact on my life and I am extremely grateful. If I am translating the phrases for things like shifting EoP, etc. for someone who doesn’t speak any English... is there a deva I should be checking with to make sure that I am coming up with the best possible phrase in the target language? Or does intent matter more than the specific words? (“Shift”, in particular, is kind of an interesting word to translate!) Thank you! Teresa
Machaelle's Answer: You can request to make the appropriate nature connection to help you accurately translated the phrase, "shift EoP." You should be able to take it from there Teresa. Good luck! (And if not, give us a call.)

Veronica's Question: Hi there Machaelle, in my part of the world on our 20 acre rural plot, we are part of a larger regional problem with a major imbalance in the rabbit population. Not quite plague proportions, but heading that way. The local District Council are planning to release a viral biological control next year. How do I best approach this from a Perelandra/Nature perspective? Connect to Nature and ask the rabbits to take it easy on our patch? Many thanks - Veronica, New Zealand
Machaelle's Answer: This is a situation I would take to the Troubleshooting 2.0 Process in The Perelandra Garden Workbook. The focus of the troubleshooting would be, "providing what is needed on our 20 acres that would include rabbit habitation in balance." It would also be helpful to prepare your land and the wildlife that interact with your land in advance of this potential "human biological control." The goal here is to support and stabilize your environment in balance as it's under attack from an artificially introduced viral control.

Anahata's Question: My sister connected me to MAP in 1990 something and I am still connected, though challenged at times in hearing what I used to get clearly. I am improving my preparation for a MAP session to be more considerate. I am using Virus and Bacteria, which thankfully I had when news of molar to be pulled was given with time to get the Bacteria 2x a day working well. Otherwise ETS is my go to Perelandra item. On Feb. 5th I did a hike that "took me down" and still challenged with arthritis signs/pains--something my life had not delivered up til now, age 75. The groin muscles are my Q as home of my Shakti energy. If I can get them to give in to flexibility again, the rest will fall into place. Suggestions for a sometime user and out-of-date practitioner of your heretofore helpful services. Sending aloha to beautiful everyone and thing at Perelandra and just watched the wonderful day in the life [slide show]. om shanti
Machaelle's Answer: If you want to use any of these tools effectively and get results, you need to use them consistently and you need to follow the instructions. If you need help in updating your skills, call our Queston Hot Line. Aloha back.

Martha's Question: Your answer to Bettiann's question helped with my issue: I'm taking Virus and, as needed, Bacteria, twice each day. I also take MBP solutions in the morning, and I take some of the Perelandra solutions once a day. What is the timing for this? And many, many thanks from my dogs, my plants, my soilless gardens and me for all you and the Perelandra team provide to help us thrive.
Machaelle's Answer: Glad to see you're using the Perelandra products in so many different ways. There are a number of questions we need to ask you in order to answer this. Please give Jeannette a call on the Question Hot Line at 1-540-937-3679. She's not doing anything right now except eating and waiting for the phone to ring! ;-)

Pamela's Question: Would the Virus and Bacteria Solutions help with a parasite (in the skin, lymphatic and mucosal membranes) I picked up in South America?
Machaelle's Answer: You don't lose anything by trying it! Try Virus and Bacteria first. You could try PIC List Testing next.

Deanna's Question: Hi Machaelle, thank you for all that you and your teams do! My question is about the order of approaching projects. I understand the "umbrella" approach to administering EoP — first administer to the whole job, then the client account, then the client project. That makes sense to me. Do I need to take this same approach when working with SLGs? (I have stopped myself from setting up a SLG project for my business website, for example, because I haven''t crafted a DDP for my business overall or done any SLG project for the overall umbrella of my business.) Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Since you haven't set up a DDP for your business website, I don't know how to respond to what you're writing here. How about setting up your DDP and then giving the Question Line a call (1-540-937-3679) for the best way to move forward from that point.

Helen's Question: Soilless Garden Work: I have worked intensely with finding the perfect new home on a spring-fed lake, here in Ontario-near Algonquin Park, with every item on my DDP and accompanying Intents Lists filled to perfection. When I move in to the new location, would it be a good idea to close the home-finding SLG down completed and begin a new SLG for being in that location? There are so many factors environmentally that are bombarding us as we squeeze through various chaotic nodes...I would like to create a SLG that works on all levels...would I use PIC? I used EoP To assist me in setting up both the DDP and the Intents less for myself and for Nature... I used M.A.P. to assist me in the emotional and mental rollercoaster reactions to smooth situations out into a satisfying responsive network.... All of the essences are great partners in transitting into a conscious framework of balance. Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: In trying to figure out what you're actually asking here, let me say that yes you would begin a new SLG once you move into the new location. You can use PIC for SLGs. Based on what you're writing here, I would like to caution you about trying to over-control your life. You might want to loosen your grip and trust that the right thing is going to happen for you.

Sally's Question: I have recently learned through DNA testing that by body can not metabolize alcohol. Would the alcohol based solutions be compromised in any way under this circumstance? Thank you for all your amazing work, I love my MAP Team.
Machaelle's Answer: The pattern will be absorbed. The body is not going to refuse the pattern, just the alcohol. Thank you for your kind words.

Polly's Question: I see no results from my MAP sessions — see no difference in my physical or mental health issues, no matter how hard I look. I have been working with MAP for several years; I guess it's the triumph of hope over experience. What am I doing wrong?
Machaelle's Answer: One of the keys to successful MAP sessions is the quality of how you're speaking to your team is how you are explaining. If you are short-changing what you say, you're limiting your MAP team. The other possibility is that you may be looking hard, but you may be looking in the wrong direction. You may not understand the real internal elements of your physical and mental issues. And you're looking for the things you feel should be changing. Lastly, go to your MAP team and tell them exactly what you wrote here and say, "I need help to make my MAP sessions more effective. Give me suggestions." If you don't hear anything specific during the session, just get on with your day and pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that pop into your head.

Theresa's Question: Machaelle, Thanks for having this forum. I have been doing Perelandra since 1995 and have had life-changing evens for myself and others — people, plants and animals. At that time, I read your Body/Soul Fusion paper which I have used many times. Have you written more on this topic?
Machaelle's Answer: The old Body/Soul Fusion Essences Process was replaced with the Extreme Trauma Repair Process when I published The Perelandra Essences. You can use either process, but the updated one is easier and more deeply effective. You can read about it online here.

Eileen's Question: With all the different (and awesome) processes now, deciding which one/s to use feels more complicated. Is there one entity or group - maybe our MAP team? - that we can ask WHICH process(es) we should use, or start with? There used to be the Perelandra Organizing Process (POP), which was complicated in itself, but at least it was a place to ask the overall questions... I'm not sure if this is a silly question — maybe just intuition/insight is good enough — but I've been wondering.
Machaelle's Answer: If it's for health, yes. Ask your MAP team if it's for health. But if you're talking about what to do with your kumquats, they're not going to be helpful with that one. For that, you'd need to ask nature.

Ruth's Question: Would like some clarity on DDP(s) for my current career and the change to my next career after retirement from the current one. I want my current career to continue pleasantly while the steps for the new/next one unfold. Suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: Just be clear with your intent for each project, and say what you really mean. Or: You can let go of all control and create a DDP that states, "My retirement is coming up soon and I'm looking for the next step that's right for me."

Pa M's Question: Hi. Can you tell if Perelandra's participants are having any influence on the manifestation if the Aquarian priciples of cooperatio, equality & teamwork. It's so intense right now, especially politically in the US. Thanks for the macro perspective. It's helpful.
Machaelle's Answer: Anytime the individual steps closer to and reflects balance, they affect a much larger area around them. It's just natural law.

Cinda's Question: I want to acknowledge you Machaelle and Jeannette and all of Perelandra's staff and Nature's support for the benefits you all bring to so many. Watching the new slide show - A Day in the Life at Perelandra - brought tears of appreciation. Beautifully done and inspiring to feel the balance. About EoP and ETS baths: I find myself not taking as many because I do not want to use so much of the essences at once due to financial concerns. I know that you describe the option of using spray bottle application, which probably would use less essence at a time. It's probably silly question, but is that as effective? I love baths and yet think about conserving the essences; I even choose the ETS+ bath sometimes just because it uses less than the EoP bath (1/4 v. 1/3c). Thanks for this opportunity to connect.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, they're both effective. I'm really pleased to hear how well the baths are working for you.

Lila's Question: Since I started using Perelandra Essences years ago and now even with PIC V1 and less often V2 comes up as needed regardless of what I'm testing. Would just using Virus (and maybe Bacteria) for awhile be okay? I'm not aware of having any virus type symptoms, I actually feel pretty good.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, start with Virus once daily. Then in three or four weeks include Bacteria once daily as well. It's possible that something you're not aware of is going to get kicked up and that's exactly what you want to happen. During those times, take both Solutions two times daily.

Martin K.'s Question: Dear Machaelle, I need a house. But I also need the finances for it. What do I focus on, the house or the money? Tx! Warm advent greetings from Forres, Martin
Machaelle's Answer: Hello Martin, Focus on getting a house that's right for you, and include a price range. A reasonable price range. Greetings right back atcha!

Sean's Question: Hi Machaelle! Thanks for making yourself available. My question has to do with my lil' adorable mixed terrier. She's a rescue and has come with a lot of anxiety (more specifically extreme separation anxiety). We are doing the companion animal coning healing work but in addition to that I was wondering if an ETS for Animals bath would be a good idea? Has anyone ever tried it? Does it make sense to do it? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: I would suggest that you give her an oral dose of ETS for Animals daily, and on particularly bad days give it to her twice a day. I think that will do more for her than a bath.

Debbie's Question: I have an allergic reaction to any type of fruit, even in micro doses like vitamins. I have been taking digestive drops which help with sleep. Is there anything else I could be doing to heal? It's such an odd allergy and it's so limiting. No coconut, avocado, palm or olive oil. Yikes!
Machaelle's Answer: I recommend you try taking this issue to PIC and PIC List Testing. It can help you unravel the allergy.

Bettiann's Question: I am taking the Bacteria & Virus Solutions AM & PM. How long is it necessary to wait before taking my other MBP solutions?
Machaelle's Answer: In the morning: Take the MBP Solutions first, wait 20 minutes. Take the Bacteria Solution and Virus Solution, wait 10 minutes. Get on with your day!
In the evening: Don't eat or drink for 10 minutes, take the Virus Solution and Bacteria Solution. Wait 15 minutes, take your MBP Solutions. Then have a good night's sleep!

Lynn's Question: I engaged with a MAP team about 10 years ago for a while and since then haven't done anything with the team. I am planning on starting up again. Will I create a new MAP team? Or will my original team be good? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Set it up as usual with your old MAP team. If there needs to be a change or an update, that will happen automatically. You'll use the same code. And welcome back to MAP!

Jane's Question: Just a brief comment because it is hard to catch you! The appreciation that I have for you, Machaelle, and everyone at Perelandra and "elsespace," goes beyond words. The stability of myself as I continue to evolve as a human-"being," happens for me because of the reality of the unseen that you and Nature have provided over all these decades. I'm humbled (most of the time :-) and aware of the significance of ALL that supports Perelandra. My baseline emotion (not quite the right word) is FINALLY "happy." Thank you, thank you, thank you...pass that along to every'one' please.
Machaelle's Answer: Glad to see things are going well for you, and that Perelandra has been a part of that journey.

Vicki's Question: Just wanted to express gratitude to you and for everything you all do — have been with you since 2005 off and on — AND the EoP Infusion Pump is very effective--especially in emergency situations, but also in smoothing out the day. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Pleased to hear how well the EoP Infusion Pump is working for you. Thank you for your kind words.

Catherine's Question: I'm relatively new, about one year since I dove in and started to learn. As a holistic healer, I have a background in subtle energies so that has helped soften my Perelandra learning curve. I want to say that I/we are having extremely positive experiences with the virus/bacteria formulas. I already knew that most diseases are caused by these critters, and if a disease isn't directly caused by them, they are always waiting in the wings to attack a vulnerable host. THANK YOU, AND THANK YOU TO NATURE. My question today is about Morgellon's, chemtrail toxins, and nanobots. How can we use Perelandra to combate or disable the nano sized robots and gmo bacteriophages being dropped in our sky with the chemtrails, and then inhaled, along with the metals aluminum, strontium, barium, and the mysterious self-replicating genetic-hybrid "threads" that Morgellon's sufferers are tortured with, and see coming out of their skin. If there isn't a formula/s applicable for this now, might that be coming in the future?
Machaelle's Answer: For each of your concerns, you can work with PIC (the Perelandra Information Center).

Eva's Question: Hello Machaelle, Thank you for your witty and insightful answers to our questions. I want to ask about SLG and MAP. I have been using your wonderful tools and processes for about 10 years now and they never fail. Given that that the holiday season is coming, please tell me: what is the greatest gift that I can give my teams, and in particular, my hardworking selfless WB friends? What is an appropriate gift, other than my gratitude?
Machaelle's Answer: The best thing you can do in your partnerships is be there. Show up and continue to participate and grow in the different partnerships.

Ellen's Question: A thank you to Machaelle and all of Perelandra. A little over a year ago my husband of 42 years, who had not been an essence user up until then, was diagnosed with cancer. At my request he began carrying an EoP Infusion Pump. He took it to chemo, he had it in his sock during surgery and in hospital, he took ETS+. Needless to say I was taking my own set of the Perelandra essences and solutions. He recovered and went back to a full life. Late this summer the cancer returned metastasizing in such a way that in-home, end of life hospice care was the next step. He'd been carrying EoP infusion pump all this time and was open to, and even asked for, essences. I believe that the Perelandra essences and solutions made his last weeks and passing the moments of grace and ease they were. They have supported me in the months past his passing in a similar manner. I grieve, yet there is much grace, love and comfort involved. Thank you Machaelle. Thank you Perelandra and the whole team. Thank you to all those who support the work of Perelandra so their products are available when I want.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I think you did a really good job in supporting him with the Perelandra products. And he did a good job in accepting that support. I know that the grief you are experiencing is not easy, but I want to remind you that you will be going through this process for a year or two. So I recommend that you take ETS two times daily, and on particularly rough days take it 3-5 times that day. It will keep you moving gracefully through life. Let us know if we can help you in any other way.

Shirley's Question: Hello, I have a mare that has Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Every December it starts to get worse. It is like Diabetes in human. I feel it has to do with thyroid and pituitary gland. The vets have no cure only pain management. Any solution appreciated. Thanks, Shirley
Machaelle's Answer: I would suggest trying a daily dose of ETS for Animals. And I would also suggest reading up on and doing a PIC test for your horse's "Equine Metabolic Syndrome." It might be a long process, but it sounds like your horse has had this syndrome for a long time. Stay with it through all of the retests.

Vicki's Question: Hey there Machaelle! Is physically visiting Perelandra totally off the table?
Machaelle's Answer: We all are very busy here and simply cannot accommodate visitors. Also, if we were going to open for on-site visits it would completely change the focus of the laboratory work in the Perelandra garden. So, yes it is totally off the table.

Colleen's Question: I have, what is believed to be, a very deep-seated Epstein Barr virus. Will the Virus solution help me? If so, should I follow the directions as indicated or is there a different dose for me to take? And last, will there be a 'healing crisis' as I begin the protocol? Thank you so much for your help. It has taken me a long time to get to this place and I have faith I am finally going to be able to heal.
Machaelle's Answer: The Virus Solution will help. I recommend you start with one dose daily for three weeks to give your body time to adjust to the Solution. Then increase it to two times daily. After two months, include the Bacteria Solution one time daily to help create the proper microbial body balance.

Aida's Question: What's up with President Eisenhower and the Dancing in the Shadows... folks? Is a book coming? Do you still go there every day? Love you.
Machaelle's Answer: Hold on to your seat. Humor coming your way: No, I've joined a bowling team instead. It's so much more interesting. ~ That was sarcasm. ~ Of course I'm still involved in this daily, and have been for 35 years. If you've been thinking about Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon so much, it might be a hint to you that it might be important for you to re-read it.

Chuck's Question: Thank you for being available, Machaelle! how important is it to use both left and right hands when doing pkk? I meant general kinesiology testing. not necessarily Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique.
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Chuck, I'm a little lost on this question. When you're doing PKTT, you have to use both hands. One hand creates the circuit, the other is the circuit breaker. If you are asking can you use other methods for kinesiology testing, the answer is yes. But over 40 years I've found that the most reliable method is using both hands.

Anne's Question: I did a Soil Balancing and critter [animal] balancing focusing on abundance of squirrels and moles. Worked - but now all the birds are gone. What to do??
Machaelle's Answer: First, look at this as a lesson. You do one thing, it's going to have an impact on many other things. My suggestion is that you connect with nature, clearly articulate your goals of what you want, and go from there. You can consider being open to options for dealing with the abundance of squirrels and moles. But really, I recommend that you concentrate on creating balance. When you do that, there won't be an "abundance" of anything and there will be an inclusion of everything, but it will be in balance.

Doug's Question: Can my 13 month old granddaughter slip into an ETS bath with her mom or grandfather for that matter? If not what ETS bath would be right for her?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, that's absolutely fine. She'll be fine.

Machaelle's Answer: Hello folks! Let's get started!


PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
ETS = Emergency Solution
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
Solutions = ETS, EoP, MBPs, other Perelandra Solutions
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels