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December 15, 2018

Machaelle was here to help you learn about, enjoy and flourish from your partnership with nature for your health and environment.


That's all folks!
The forum is officially over. Thank you for all of your comments about Pivot. I wish all of you a wonderful solstice and happy holidays. Machaelle Wright signing off now. . . .

Theresa's Question:
Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul! I have been using your work since 1995 via a homeopathic vet who helped me with my very sick cat. She used the coning process as well as flower essences. The vet told me I was responsible for the health of my animals, a new concept for me. Your work came at an opportune time in my life and your products have been with me daily. Thanks for Pivot and all you have done and continue to do. Blessings Always, Theresa
Machaelle's Answer: Your animals and I appreciate your having made this leap. Congratulations!


Ellen's Question:
How do you suggest using the EoP Infusion Pump at night? Daytimes I live with it against my body easily. Nights I do take EoP drops before bed. Does Perelandra have suggestions for safe use of a glass bottle against the body during sleep? Thank you so much for Pivot. Reading it the first time through allowed me to see my version, in my life, of pivots. Adding my thanks to the others for your life''s work and that you share it with us through Perelandra. Your sharing has changed my life over the years.
Machaelle's Answer: We're coming to the end of my forum and I just had a chocolate cookie so I'd have the energy to get through the end of the forum. You're going to have to forgive my cheekiness. Unless you're going to have wild sex with a 400 pound man slamming against your body and wedging the EoP bottle between you, I think you can safely sleep with the EoP Pump in a PJ pocket or on a string around your neck without it breaking. If your sexual activity is too frequent, just take the drops before you go to bed. You'll be fine.


Catherine's Question:
Thank you for Pivot and everything else you share so generously. The Foundation Coning concept has been very relevant helpful for me personally (using the coning members appropriate for the things I'm working with). Best wishes to you for the holiday/solstice season! Thanks to all the Perelandra staff as well who do so much to help your work get out there in appropriate ways.
Machaelle's Answer: Holiday wishes to you too!


Diana's Question:
Hi Machaelle and everyone at Perelandra! I LOVED your book, Pivot. As soon as I got it I put it on my table and I thought when am I going to make time to read this huge book! Then one Saturday night I was moved to pick up and I read and read into the wee hours - I couldn't put it down! And then Sunday, Monday and Tuesday ( around my work schedule) and I finished it Wednesday night! You, your soul, your team are such a blessing to all of us and your will power to get through all of the challenges in your life is inspiring! Whenever I take EoP or ETS or the Virus or Bacteria Solutions or one of the Rose Essences (love!), I feel so connected to life for days. I've always had a strong connection to nature, but these essences have magnified my connection - thank you. The first time I used EoP in my yard to restore balance and harmony was very interesting. The following day I had gotten out of the show and went outside to turn off the hot water breaker and I was surprised by a huge turkey vulture in my driveway just a few feet away from me. It flew up to the neighbors roof in a big woosh of black wings - they are never in our neighborhood. It was feasting on a dead squirrel but I had the impression that it may have brought it to my yard to eat, not a normal way they eat. Anyway I loved being graced by its presence. I left the squirrel there overnight wondering what to do about the carcass but it was completely gone the next morning like it was never there! I am grateful that you are on our planet during the same lifetime as mine. Happy Holidays to all!
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks. Here's to vulture power! And happy holidays to you too.


Ellen's Question:
Question: I find myself using PKTT, after learning it a few years ago, but I find myself now thinking its a self-fulfilling process. How do I know or make it "realer" than I think I am doing? Also thanks for the trauma drops (ETS). Love, Ellen
Machaelle's Answer: This may be more helpful to talk with Jeannette about on the Question Line today. She'll be answering until 5 PM: 1-540-937-3679. She'll be able to answer your question after you supply a bit more information.


Catherine's Question:
My EoP Infusion Pump accidentally went through a wash cycle & then the dryer. It came out completely empty. Can I re-fill it from my larger EoP bottle & will it still work it's magic, or is there something a little different about the little pump? Sorry, if this is a silly question... I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing, or do I need to order a new Infusion pump bottle? I also want to say "ditto" to what everyone else has been saying regarding your work, your products, your team & what it's done to help me, others & the planet. It's made a HUGE impact on my life! THANK YOU!
Machaelle's Answer: Not a silly question. We get washer/dryer questions on the Pump a lot. Rinse the bottle out well in case there's a residue of soap and softener. Let it dry, then fill it and you're good to go. Thank you for your kind words about Perelandra's work.


Martin's Question:
Dear Machaelle, Like Jackie in Q 15, no question but big appreciation to you and all at Perelandra for the empowerment and positive impact you have brought to health, life and work. I know many, many of people here in Europe (possibly hundreds) who really also enjoy and value the benefits of your work too. I love PIVOT! I am still auto-stopping through Europe with you before page 300. I am not a reader at all, but cant wait to read it in the evening till my eyes shut. What cheered me this morning (weekends I am allowed to read in the morning too), is that we have ‘met’. On your trip from Vienna to Venice with Bruce it is likely that you will have driven past me. At least the 18 month old version of myself at the time, near Klagenfurt. Somehow quite chuffed about that. Those roads will not look the same anymore, knowing you have been there. Keep up the amazingness and the price increases to a minimum (it would not be me if there there was not a bit of of whinge). When you come to Vienna again, to do it properly, let me know. I’d love to show you my favourite coffee house. May your Solstice and Christmas time be light-filled. In gratitude ~ Martin
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Martin, Glad you're enjoying Pivot. I think I remember seeing a chuffed 18-month-old along the side of the road near Klagenfurt. That must have been you! Best wishes back for your Solstice and Christmas as well. Glad you kept the whinging to a minimum.


Tracee's Question:
I have two questions. 1) Is PIC some kind of a coning? I tell PIC a little background on the issue and ask for help wording the PIC focus. I don't know if I am doing that right. 2) I have acquired a half acre of forest (next door to my home) that has never been cleared or pruned and is way overgrown with cactus and dead pine and juniper trees and spindly oaks, you can't even walk through it. How/what is the best co-creative program/technique to use for this forest to become healthy/beautiful/comfortable? Now is my chance. Thank you for sharing partnering with Nature with the world.
Machaelle's Answer: 1) No, PIC is not a coning. It's a structure of information that I set up with nature to facilitate your access to the information you need about all of the Perelandra bottled products. It's perfectly fine to tell PIC about the issue and to ask for the wording for the PIC focus. 2) For your small forest, you need to work with nature in a partnership that is explained and set up for you in The Perelandra Garden Workbook. Your focus will be that area. You'll need to come into the partnership with a clear goal of what you would like to accomplish. So yes, now is your chance!


Cynthia's Question:
Not so much a question as another hello and thank you. We have been using Perelandra since 1990. Testing as you have taught me has saved us lots of time and pain. You all are a blessing to our family. May your Holidays be as full of love and hope as ours are. Thanks for all the work you do. So vital to those of us who are square pegs not fitting in round holes. And it is fun too. Thanks for PIVOT and for all the pivot points in our lives. Sincerely, Cynthia, Larry and family. PS Larry once interviewed to come work with you and even was offered a job. Can't help wondering how different our lives would have been if we had made that big move.
Machaelle's Answer: I feel like I've just gotten a lovely holiday card from you and your family. That's very nice. I'm very pleased to hear that Perelandra has fit into your lives so well.


Pat's Question:
Hi Machaelle... first, thank you for sharing your expertise and the Perelandra products with us over the decades. Also, thank you for maintaining the Perelandra legacy as you transition. Next, the Pivot content deepened my interest in the larger arc of evolution. My interest was caught by the concept of "flipping the coin" on war scenarios. I'm thinking "flipping the coin" is about 'harvesting' evolutionary lessons or soul lessons with the ingredients of free will and behavior. Would you be able to offer any insights on "flipping the coin" on POVERTY or MENTAL ILLNESS, especially as they relate to the incoming Aquarian age themes of cooperation, equality & teamwork? Background for my inquiry: Much of my Earth work involves, what I think is, "flipping the coin" on poverty. I work with many familes in the chronic stress soup of poverty and poor mental health. Linking my work to larger evolutionary trajectories often helps me make sense of the every day work, ease the Earthly load, gather allies, and keep up my resilience. And, we can make evolutionary progress more gently! I, of course, use the PIC with my MAP team. EoP is my favorite. Again, thank you for the high-octane learning environment you have created with Nature and all our allies.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm afraid all I can say to you is that what constitutes "flipping the coin" in areas such as poverty or mental illness, or in any area outside of government/military will need to be put together by the people working in those areas. The government/military coin flipping will not be the same as the poverty coin flipping. I'm glad to see you're using MAP, PIC and EoP. I think this will go a long way to help stabilize you.


Cinda's Question:
First, thank you for continuing to share your insights and experiences with us, supporting a co-creative way of being. That sounds simple but it is most profound in my life. Second, reading Pivot was a joyous immersive experience and one I already want to repeat. Among other things, I was touched numerous times by the references and associations with DC and GW and Washington Circle, at a time when I was going to school and living there from ‘69 until ‘76. I’d felt this when I read Behaving, but it was more pronounced this time. Third, a question: I just did the Post Death ETS Process this week for my mother and in August for my brother. When I finished the process this time I was left with a question about the directions to close and let the person move on. Based on my work as a counselor/therapist working with folks in grief support and my own experience over the years, many people talk about continuing to talk to their person who has died on this level. Is that misguided for the person who has died? Or for the person seeking to maintain connection during this life time? With deep gratitude.
Machaelle's Answer: For the person seeking to maintain connection, that may not be the most advantageous situation for the person who has just died. They are in an intense process on their own and need time to go through it. The person who is seeking to maintain connection can consult you for help. Also, a misguided connection can serve to hold both parties in place and they won't be able to move forward.


Rita's Question:
Machaelle: So appreciate Pivot - how much it's reinspired me. I look forward to curling up with it every evening in bed. And like Otis am benefitting from the nightly strength training sessions - lol! Also received my Perelandra order earlier this week and was touched to receive the laminated gift from the garden. Will treasure it. Thanks - for everything Machaelle. Wish you and everyone at Perelandra a lovely solstice.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm pleased you're enjoying Pivot. And as I said to Otis, the extra strength-training sessions are free!


Ruth's Question:
I love the latest book, Pivot. I've always felt a resonance with Machaelle even though I don't, to my knowledge, also live on a parallel planet. Thanks for Pivot!
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you, Ruth.


Lynn's Question:
With all the manifesting you have been able to accomplish in co-creation with nature, living in two different dimensions, etc., why do you write (if I understand you correctly) that there are times when we should work in cooperation with the allopathic medical field? Why wouldn't it be possible to manifest / heal anything? (By the way, I did a two-year mentorship in multi-dimensional energy healing, and my teacher said the same thing about "integrative medicine"; however, conceptually somehow this still doesn't make sense to me.) Thank you SO much for all you do.
Machaelle's Answer: I say this for several reasons. There are medical conditions and emergencies that are best met right away with allopathic medical treatment, and once stabilized then combined with alternative treatment. Sometimes allopathic treatment is the fastest, most effective tool to use. You can't get away from the fact that you are working with a physical human body. If a person is going to step away from allopathic treatment and depend solely on "multi-dimensional energy healing" or "integrative medicine" for everything, they better be fully trained and they better know how to do it. Most people don't.


Susan's Question:
Machaelle, I've been using your kinesiology method for 20 years and have always tended to second-guess myself, but I had an enormous breakthrough with it when I (finally) worked past my reticence and ventured into PIC. Not sure how to describe other than it was like stepping through a doorway. Mainly today I just wanted to thank you for sharing yourself and your work with the world. PIVOT is a beautiful memoir and a light in the dark. Wishing you well in the returning light and all good things in the coming new year.
Machaelle's Answer: Your description is exactly how I feel about PIC. It's a huge step forward. And I was excited to be able to offer it to others. Thank you for the kind words about Pivot.


Rob's Question:
Hi! Thanks for everything as always! Can't wait to dive into Pivot this weekend! Q: I am a chiropractic kinesiologist and use Professional MAP, SLG, and essences during treatments. Can you recommend anything else to assist my practice and patients? Q: Can I do the energy cleansing process on a room I sublet to another? The room is in my suite but separately leased to and used by another practitioner. I'm not really sure... Q: Last one! I asked my wife what she'd want answered during this amazing opportunity - she smiled and said "What's her (MSW) favorite movie?" So if you wouldn't mind sharing :) Thanks and have a blessed holiday season!
Machaelle's Answer: Okay, I have an answer to that last one. Movie?! What's a movie? Who has time for a movie? What's that life like that you can have time for a movie?! Actually, I recently watched Remember (Netflix). It's not a musical. It's a small, independent movie that has such a surprise ending. When the ending occurred, I actually said out loud, "What the f*&%?" And had to immediately watch it again. Amazing acting. Amazing story. Bet you didn't expect all this as an answer!
Now for your question: I think anything that you need to add now or in the future to your practice or to your treatments ought to come from Professional MAP. That will keep everything in balance. As for the Energy Cleansing, perhaps you should get permission from the other practitioner and ask if it's okay to include his suite when you're doing an Energy Cleansing Process.


Elise's Question:
Thank you for taking the time and energy to write Pivot and, beyond that, for creating the Foundation with Nature that will enable the whole Earth community to continue to benefit from your co-creative partnership long into the future. Such extraordinary gifts -- "thank you" falls short. Still trying to wrap my mind around what "reality" really encompasses -- and what the glimpse you've given us of it in Pivot calls me to shift (pivot!) in my own life and work in the world. My question: In Pivot you write that there are Earth leylines for other areas beyond government/military. Have those other areas (medicine, religion and philosophy, technology, etc.) been updated and programmed to support Aquarian principles? Do we have this "wind at our backs" when consciously engaged in these other areas in alignment with principles of equality, cooperation, teamwork?
Machaelle's Answer: You have the wind at your back when you're working with nature and the White Brotherhood on your projects and goals, and your focus is to strive to reflect the the Aquarian principles. There is some overlap of medicine, religion, philosophy, technology, etc. in the government/military leylines as they relate to government/military. Beyond that I don't know of individual leylines in these areas.


Gita's Question:
Do you find it helpful to receive our experiences with MAP and in the garden? I have wondered whether to write, or the best way to send you an email. I have felt the impulse to share back and let you know...but maybe you're just inundated and my inner gratitude and participation is enough.
Machaelle's Answer: We encourage people to share their experiences with MAP, gardening and other experiences with our other customers. You can submit your story for consideration for our newsletter ( It can be helpful to others.


Camilla's Question:
Thanks for all you do! I was especially glad to read in Pivot that the work of Perelandra has been safeguarded far into the future. My question is how can one approach creating safe drinking water using either essences or Perelandra processes?
Machaelle's Answer: You haven't provided enough specific information for me to provide a specific answer, so I'm going to have to ask you to call the Question Line: 1-540-937-3679.


Anita's Question:
First, thank you for PIVOT. It was very interesting and helpful and I am now rereading parts of it. I was also grateful to hear your take on the present political situation. I hope that you are right that many more of us are waking up to change the course of destruction. My question is about owls. How is it that I hear an owl near me and several days later someone I know begins the dying process or dies?
Machaelle's Answer: I'm glad you found Pivot helpful. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to answer your question.


Doug's Question:
One of the great benefits of my relationship with Perelandra has been extending my facility with muscle testing. From setting up a vitamin regime to checking in whether it is appropriate for me to comment on a family issue at that moment. When bottle testing I seem to know the needed essence before I test for it. I do test though. Is there a way to connect with other Perelandra customers to share these ever broadening experiences with Higher Self and Nature?
Machaelle's Answer: You can post a message to our Facebook page to find others out there who would like to network with you. Also, just a quick side-note: Unless you have a coning open when you're kinesiology testing, you're not connect to your higher self or to nature, you're just connected to yourself. To kick in the higher self and nature you need to have an open coning.


Maria Ximena's Question:
I have immune encephalitis, treated with cortizone... What would you suggest needs to be ordered? I need It urgently delivered in San Francisco, as someone is bringing it to Chile where I live. Thank you. ~ ~ My husband called and Jeannette helped greatly. Hope all we ordered gets fine to California, from there to Chile. Much love.
Machaelle's Answer: Maria, Glad we could help. Hope you feel better sooner. We're going to move heaven and earth to make sure your order gets to California and then to you.


Rhonda's Question:
Hello Machaelle, As an "Oldie-but-Goodie" customer (and fan) since the first garden workbook , I want to thank you for your service to all of us with your nature partnership and products. This path couldn't have been easy, and I appreciate the sacrifices and frustrations you've gone through to help the rest of us! I've sent Pivot e-books to a couple friends who I think are open. Wishing you a happy solstice upcoming, and letting you know this "girl" is most grateful. I couldn't have made it to the good place we're in now without you. Rhonda
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Rhonda! From one grateful girl to another grateful girl, I thank you for your kind words and wish you a happy solstice as well. P.S. The path was interesting.


Mary's Question:
HI, Thanks so much for PIVOT. A wonderful, deeper look at your work. Thank you for all you do!!!!! Question: I have a visual memory and processing disorder. For years I have worked with Energy Cleansing, and cannot maintain the visual focus it requires to feel I do it well. I have tried recording it, but cannot maintain the visual focus. Should I go to MAP for this, or can I add an auditory component to the "lifting of the sheet" (I have great auditory processing, and can hold a mental tone easily). Or should I speak to Jeanette or Beth offline? or something else? Thanks again!
Machaelle's Answer: If you had trouble making your own recording, but you do well with audio directions, you'll find this CD helpful: Perelandra Exercises.


Liz's Question:
Dear Machaelle and Team, I kept trying to come up with a question to take advantage of this opportunity . . . but there was nothing I could ask that wasn't already clearly addressed in the resources you have already provided. (With the answer usually being "Ask nature!") So I'll just join the others THANK YOU for all you and the team have done – and your unwavering belief in the power of the individual. Discovering your work was a true "coming home."
Machaelle's Answer: Liz, I'm glad the work has meant so much to you and you've been able to use it so well. And glad you touched in on the forum.


Lori's Question:
I have experienced a tremendous amount of healing and expansion over the past 18 months. At middle age, I am now in my body fully after completely disconnecting from it at age 3. Pain arises for healing now, and I can meet it with love, and I am supported with blissful healing energy. There is also chronic contraction; a tight-fisted grip on seemingly every muscle in my body. It is separation, and is connected to the belief that "It's so painful" and "It's not safe." Love, safety and support shave off layers of the grip, but then the new baseline settles in and everything is so constricted again. Do you have suggestions that would support my healing process? And specifically the core contraction? A friend recommended Rose II, and my body gave me a "yes" for that recently. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: Take the issue to MAP. Also, don't assume that you already know what the issue is and how it should be addressed, just talk about the problem. And use ETS for Humans following the Extreme Trauma Repair Process explained in this chapter excerpt (p. 108).


Gail's Question:
Pivot: Love having your journey all in one volume. Much better understanding of the co-creative manifestation 'school' you completed. Do you have a suggestion for a closing/saying goodbye to a property? Am moving next month & not sure how to let go cleanly. Thanks in advance for your help!
Machaelle's Answer: My suggestion. Make it simple and let your heart be your guide. And don't forget to say Thank You for the cooperation and lessons you've learned.


Diane's Question:
Thank you for being such an important part of my life. I have learned and grown in so many ways through your books, the Perelandra Essences, and working with my Team. Deep gratitude to you, those at the Cottage, and all who work with you at Perelandra.
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words, Diane. Glad we've been able to help.


Elle's Question:
A big thanks to everyone at Perelandra!!! 1. If ETS solutions show up in PIC do you take them every day with rest of the solutions? My apologies if this is clear somewhere else! 2. I am interested I. Working with SLG but after reading the workbook and watching the DVDs I got overwhelmed. So there is an SLG that I plan on starting when I feel up to the challenge. Since setting this intention I have been getting a lot of inspiration and feel helped towards the would be DDP even though was not formally set up. Is it possible that I formed an SLG without going through the whole formal process? Thank you for your time! Much love, Elle
Machaelle's Answer: We accept your apology, and here's the answer . . . ;-)
You take the ETS along with the rest of the bottles in that PIC Unit. See the bottom of page 13 of the PIC booklet. You're just getting insight on creating a good SLG, but you're going to have to activate it within the SLG process. And as a suggestion for your first SLG, choose something that is small and uncomplicated so you don't get overwhelmed so easily.


Eileen's Question:
What is the significance of the different numbers of drops to be taken with the system balancers? Or is this just given from nature? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: It's the number of drops that nature gave me.


Nancy's Question:
We have 4 cats and a dog. It's time for vet-approved vaccinations and tests, and the estimated cost is beyond our means. I know Finances SLG is one approach and I've been working with it for months. My question is, besides the necessary rabies vaccination, can our pets be protected adequately with Perelandra tools? Thank you. And in case an earlier question did not go through, I mean THANK YOU for everything you have worked so tirelessly to do.
Machaelle's Answer: This is a more complex question and we need more information. Please give Jeannette a call on the Question Hot Line today: 1-540-937-3679.


Colette's Question:
Dear Machaelle, I have been using Perelandra essences and processes for nearly 25 years, and it has made such a huge difference in my life. From the top of my heart, I thank you and nature and everyone at Perelandra. The launching of PIC and the PIC list, however, has taken it to a much more refined level ... and it has made collaborating with nature so much easier! I have struggled with chronic illness for 20 years, and now with the PIC units for my health challenges, plus with MAP, I have experienced great improvements with my energy and ability to enjoy life. I even fulfilled a lifetime dream to travel to Turkey this year! I also use PIC lists for clearing and balancing the energy on our home and property. In the wake of the recent wildfires near our home in California, I have been amazed at how nature has worked to quickly bring the atmosphere in and around our home to balance and strength. Ok, here's my question at long last: When I went to Turkey last summer, I was unable to do my PIC list to maintain the home and property. My husband doesn't have a green thumb and the garden went to hell in three weeks and the energy in the house was awful upon my returnl. It took me many weeks working with nature to restore. I plan to return to Turkey next May... Is there a way to do the PIC work with our property long distance? Ask nature to look after things while I'm away? Thanks for any suggestions! Colette
Machaelle's Answer: Let nature and PIC know now when you plan to be away, and that you won't be shifting PIC Units or doing any garden work during that time. This will then be taken into account and accommodated in your scheduling, and will prepare your house, land and garden for that time when you're away.


Karlta's Question:
Dear Machaelle — Am immensely enjoying Pivot and honor your trail-blazing for all of humanity! I so appreciate your new level of openness in Pivot, for while it potentially brings more hassles for you, there is so little written about the "nuts and bolts" about all of this. If it's not too personal, when you shift to the Cottage, does the Machaelle body "sleep" or does it enter a state of stasis? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: It's probably a combination of the two. Glad you're enjoying Pivot.


Kathleen's Question:
Hello, I do a basic essence test daily and then generally do a telegraph test as well for a specific issue. Right now I am testing for recovery from dental work for two crowns. I am using a lot of celery and sweet bell pepper essence. Is there information available as to what these essences are being used for?
Machaelle's Answer: This is something to ask the PIC Classroom. They can let you know how Celery and Sweet Bell Pepper specifically address your dental work.


Joan's Question:
Good Afternoon! I have been trying to do MAP sessions, and I have a hard time remembering who and when to ask when I am opening and closing a session. I am always grabbing my book, and then seem to get easily distracted. Is the intent the most important part or do I really need to get the names correct! Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: Joan, Relax. Take your time. Refer to the book and get the names correct. It's important.


Mark's Question:
Just a great big thank you for writing a great big book and for signing it for us. Received it yesterday and looking forward to reading it.
Machaelle's Answer: You're very welcome. Hope you enjoy it!


Pat's Question:
For many years, I have been an artist and have trouble getting my head around my art as a "soil-less garden". I receive information through my images and work with intention when I begin in a way similar to how Machaelle addresses Nature. I have understood myself to be addressing the Creative Source. My question is should I be addressing Nature instead?
Machaelle's Answer: No. I would suggest that if what you are doing works for you, continue on. If it starts to not work for you at some point, that's when you might consider working with nature directly.


Jackie's Question:
I do not have a question but I want to thank Machaelle for her impeccable work, and for being fearless, and then for sharing it with the rest of us. The Perelandra information has transformed my life, in every way. It has empowered me to do what I can when I can. Sometimes I feel helpless and hopeless but if I just carry on with what is at hand, that is enough. It must help. Most sincerely, thank you for your life's work - from me, my family, my companion animals, and all the wild critters that fly, creep, swim, and run on four legs in our little corner of the prairie - (and the plants, too!) Your work has transformed my life's work, too.
Machaelle's Answer: Wow! Glad I was able to help. And thanks for applying it to such a broad picture of your life!


Celeste's Question:
I'm in the middle of Pivot, Chapter 17 Marching Through Washington. Magically struck with the synchronicity of having to be in DC (from NY) with family last weekend as I was of reading about your experience in the late 60s. I was born in 1956 and was not tuned in to the bigger picture as it unfolded at that momentous time of our history. Of course I learned about it along the way, however your experience illuminated what I know. Thank you for taking me on your personal journey through that time and place, along with all of the other journeys you share. I love your perspective and I'm moved by your insights.
Machaelle's Answer: Yep, 1968 was definitely an experience for many of us "oldsters." I'm glad that Pivot is helping you understand that part of our history. If nothing else, it reminds us that we can get through particularly crappy times. Something we need to be reminded of today.


Edna's Question:
What product could I use for a chronic sinus infection?
Machaelle's Answer: I'll tell you who's really good at relieving chronic sinus infection — MAP. I suggest that you read MAP, activate your team and tell them, "I have a chronic sinus infection and I want you to take it away." You may also consider the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Respiratory Solutions and see if that gives you relief.


Nancy Ann's Question:
Although it's been said by so many, and so well, I have to try to say it too - THANK YOU for your endless efforts to bring humanity across a bridge into conscious, responsible partnership with Nature. I don't know what we'd do without the tools you have made available - or for me, without the insights from your translations of Universal Light, Pan, the Cottage group and others. My main difficulty [since we have this opportunity to seek help] is maintaining focus, or to set priorities. Suggestions?
Machaelle's Answer: First, thank you for your Pivot comments. And here's my suggestion: You can take your difficulty around maintaining focus and setting priorities to your MAP team and ask them to help you to understand what you need to do to improve. You can also ask them straight out to just help you focus. And if you use essences, see page 80 of The Perelandra Essences for the telegraph test for focus steps.


Barb B.'s Question:
Thank you for all the work you do to help make this world a better place! Pivot is an incredible gift, which helped me re-focus on what I want to do in partnership with nature. My question is I would like to try the Energy Cleansing Process that I received with my last order. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts that came with my order! I dont think I can remember all the directions if I have to close my eyes to focus. Is it okay to close my eyes, focus on the light, and then open them to read the next step? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can close and open your eyes as needed. You can also record the steps so you can listen to them as you move through rather than stopping to read as you go. (Perelandra Exercises) And I'm glad Pivot has been helpful in your refocusing.


Lynn's Question:
First, thank you for the guidance you are providing to me, it is very central in my life. Been working with MAP now almost a year and have started a Professional MAP team as well and now beginning to start opening SLG. have read pretty much all of your books. you are a great inspiration to me. question: I am working with MAP on some dental challenges. do believe my jaws have re-aligned some, however, still working on one major dental pocket. should I consider opening a SLG to help with this as well?
Machaelle's Answer: Keep medical problems and health issues with your personal MAP team.


Linda's Question:
Firstly, huge thanks for your work. Can a bottled product be carried like the EoP Infusion Pump, say like Virus Solution during flu season?
Machaelle's Answer: No. Only EoP can be effective when used as an Infusion Pump. All of the other Perelandra Solutions (and Essences) must be taken orally.


Jansett's Question:
Apologies if you've answered this elsewhere and I haven't discovered it. I had a powerful response when I administered EoP to my home and property. Then I (mis?)read something in an email about doing the "every day." How long does such a transfer really hold; i.e., how often does one do this ritual?
Machaelle's Answer: There are times when you might shift EoP every day and times when you might not. Whatever's needed.


Otis's Question:
Hello, Machaelle! Just wanted to say that I am truly enjoying reading "Pivot" after having read all your other books so many years ago. I'm at the point in the book where carrots are popping up everywhere, LOL. Aside from my gratitude that my forearms are getting pumped up from holding that bad boy up in bed, just wanted to give a huge heartfelt THANK YOU for what you've brought into this world about health, healing, and co-operating with nature. You've worked for many decades now to craft just the antidote that we need for the imbalance in the world today. Including the message that restoring balance starts with each of us. Huge hugs to you, Clarence, and all the amazing folks at Perelandra who make all this possible. Happy Winter's Solstice, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to you all!
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Otis, Hi! Thank you for the kind words. And I just wanted to let you know that I'm not charging extra for the strength training. My arms got stronger too, as I carried on. Glad to hear from you.


Janaki's Question:
Hi Machaelle, I've been doing MAP on and off for a long time now but still feel as though I'm not doing it "right". I believe it is suppose to be a conversation with my team but I still don't trust that I hear or see correctly what they are telling me. Also sometimes I think I am not clear as to my role in the process. There have been times of real clarity and great humor but I want to find a way to consistently feel and hear them. Any tips? Much appreciation for everything, Janaki
Machaelle's Answer: If you really do want to straighten out or improve your MAP routine, you're going to have to stop working with it on and off. You're going to have to work with MAP consistently. It's the only way they're going to be able to successfully course-correct you. But understand that you can successfully work with MAP without ever seeing, hearing or feeling your team.


Jack's Question:
I am experiencing some IBS like digestive issues. I've used the MBP Digestive solution, and done MAP sessions but am not getting relief or further information on how to address the issue. What would you suggest my next steps be? Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: PIC is designed to get to the heart of the matter and move you through a process. Use PIC List Testing. I would also suggest you consider adjusting your diet according to your blood type. For that you'll need to read Eat Right 4 Your Type by Dr. Peter D'Adamo.


Wendy's Question:
Thank you for sharing your amazing journey in Pivot. I"m greatly enjoying reading it. I hope to jump into some of the MAP work. Can we see the questions and answers to this forum?
Machaelle's Answer: As you're reading this now — Yes, you can see the answers. And we'll keep this forum up long after we're done.
I'm glad you're enjoying Pivot!


Elizabeth's Question:
Three questions here about war, humanity and nature. I am reflecting on nature saying that up to this time war has been an appropriate structure in which humans can grow, change and move forward. Could you address more about why war is no longer appropriate and what we can do to make a shift away from war? I live in Santa Fe not far from Los Alamos National Laboratory and in New Mexico where our land/atmosphere was effected by the detonation of the first nuclear explosion. I’m wondering if there is energy clearing work that would be appropriate to take on in the areas the labs and White Sands, the sight of the explosion? Can you talk about the shift the Cottage team experienced in their work as a result of the clearing you did at the Gettysburg Battlefield?
Machaelle's Answer: I think if you read the entire Battle Energy Release transcripts and the Gettysburg Battlefield work again, you'll get the answers to your questions. I'm reluctant to rewrite those papers right here in the forum. Also, it's not appropriate to do any cleansing work on the Los Alamos National Laboratory and White Sands unless you own or are responsible for that land area. See page 774 in Pivot — A Note On Current Politics, for what's available for us to work with to get us out of this mess.


Lauri 's Question:
Dear Machaelle, Pivot is a gift! Thank you for sharing your unimaginable childhood challenges, Mud Angel & other adventures, amazing work with Nature & the White Brotherhood, your two-body existence(!), and altogether wonderful and inspiring life. I love you and I love your dog, Toby. I cried at the overwhelming gifts you have given me, and what your life has meant to me. I am ashamed of my feeble efforts to develop a solid co-creative partnership with Nature--something I want more than anything--and mistrusting my ability. Questions: 1) Is the subconscious the same as the Higher Self or a function of it? 2) Are dreams messages from the Higher Self? 3) How do we integrate more of our Higher Self with our small self? 4) The growing neo-fascist tendencies appearing globally are counter to the Aquarian Era ley-line design, as you noted in Pivot. Is it possible that someone you are working with is not who they appear to be, or that their intentions are not in accordance with the ley-line plan? Could the ley-lines have been sabotaged? 5) Is there hope for slackers? Are Nature & the White Brotherhood always happy to work with us and teach us, even though we’ve been slackers in our co-creative partnership, or do they give up on us after years of false starts? 6) Is the Cottage Level in a parallel universe or in our same universe? 7) Is it possible to learn and work with you on the Cottage Level while I sleep? Thank you for everything! Love, Lauri Z.
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for the kind words about Pivot. Glad you enjoyed it.
1. A function of it.
2. No.
3. Focus on what's right in front of you and it'll take care of itself. Also, Beth knows what you ordered recently and she says test a PIC List for this.
4. It's not the people we're working with that's the problem, it's the people voting these assholes in that are the problem. No, the ley-lines don't need to be sabotaged because we do that to ourselves perfectly well on our own.
5. Much to my relief and surprise in my 45 years of working with them, they have tremendous patience. And they don't give up. Our job is to wake up.
6. Unless you're planning to visit, don't ask this question.
7. No.


From Machaelle:
Happy Holidays! Let's get started. It's been a while, so be gentle on me . . .
Also, Beth asked me to remind everyone that we greatly appreciate capitalization and punctuation. It makes life easier. :-)


Machaelle Wright

PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
ETS = Emergency Solution
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
Solutions = ETS, EoP, MBPs, other Perelandra Solutions
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels