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That's all folks! It's been a pleasure.
Have a lovely weekend and summer! — Machaelle

Carol's Question: Due to success of the Duo's Just One Bite suggestions, I added a printed copy along with bottles of Soil-less and Soil to my disaster tote.
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, that's interesting. Thanks for sharing this. I'm sure there will be others who will find this helpful.

Nancy's Question: I maintained my health for many years with your balancing solutions. I started with MAP then added daily testing for essences and finally added the solutions. Then you expanded into soilless gardens & detailed microbial balancing program & my mom developed Alzheimer''s & I became her caregiver while continuing to work full time in a busy law firm. She lived for ten more years! I stopped using the products towards the last few years - too busy & overwhelmed to order when there was a special. When she was in her final week of life I received strong impulses to use MAP & essense with her. It was as if I had never stopped. I knew exactly what to do. Our MAP teams guided us through a beautiful death experience. I was guided to giver her an essence at what turned out to be the moment of her last breath. Her full spirit left her body and went very, very high. Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful helpers and products! Now, I have lost the stress weight that I had gained and my mind is clear again. I am ready for an intimate relationship with a man. I want to have a strong sense of community in my life. Any suggestions beyond working with my MAP team (which I have been reminded of from an earlier question)?
Machaelle's Answer: Wow, what a journey you've had! With your experience with the products, you might consider reading the information on PIC and using the PIC List testing. A good focus for you would be, "achieving and maintaning a strong sense of community in my life now." Working with your MAP team would be good as well. I think using PIC with MAP will give you a strong base as you move forward.

Rose's Question: Other than taking it to MAP, would it be appropriate to do a PIC for 'clarity in testing' to help in muscle testing.
Machaelle's Answer: Perfectly appropriate and a really fine way to go.

Tess's Question: Hi again Machaelle! I had luck for a few days using EOP to deter scrub turkeys from my garden, now they are back. Can you tell me how I can a good way, or do use a wild animal coning. Thanks Tess
Machaelle's Answer: I'm not sure you want to hear this, but I think you need to get a copy of The Perelandra Garden Workbook and use it to change how you are approaching your garden and working with nature. The return of the scrub turkeys is saying to you that maintaining the balance in your garden is a little trickier than you thought.

Tess's Question: Hi Machaelle, I am very grateful for the wonderful benefits I have gained from you and nature at Perelandra, thank you, in particularly the Medical Assistance Programme (MAP). Just getting halted on page 30 of the Companion, step 8, no matter how many times I read it, I can't go any further, right now the lines are busy, anyhow how to phrase my question is pretty long, would be better off talking over the phone, well signing off, Tess
Machaelle's Answer: The line is open right now. And if it's busy, keep trying. Jeannette will be answering until 5 p.m., eastern today: 1-540-937-3679.

Alasdair C's Question: I'm 62 and have a molar that X-rays show has decay at the bone. I don't mind losing a tooth, and I hear it is risky to leave infection at that location. I have been taking Mouth Balancing daily for months now. Would you recommend having it extracted, or trying to save it with PIC?
Machaelle's Answer: The choice of having it extracted and which way to go with treatment is up to you. I would just recommend that you continue taking Mouth Balancing throughout the entire process. No matter what you choose it will help. Also, the focus of the PIC List test in this case is: "Molar decay and related infection." In this case you're not trying to save anything, you're trying to support the process that's needed.

Rhonda's Question: Hi Machaelle! Thank you for your suggestion to use MAP, a few open houses ago! Working great! My question today is what to do about chemical spraying via airplane in our neighborhood? We opted out, but neighbors did not. I thought of using ETS for atmosphere, but read not to use it on it's own. What do you recommend? Thanks again!
Machaelle's Answer: I think a lot people are going to be dealing with this situation because of Zika spraying. Here are my suggestions:
1) Take ETS for Humans daily from the day spraying starts until one month after spraying stops. Take it 5 times daily for the first 2 weeks and 2 times daily for the remainder of time.
2) Take the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions 2 times daily from the day spraying starts (or sooner if you can) until one month after spraying stops.
3) This would be your most comprehensive response: Find out what chemical they're spraying. When you find out, even before spraying starts, do a PIC List test with the focus: "The health effects of _______ (insert name of chemical) during this spraying." Continue all of the retests for this focus until you test clear. You will need to do a separate PIC test for each member of your family as well.

Susan J's Question: I do not remember the term "PIC pathogen." Please explain. & Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: The person asking the earlier question picked up that from a PIC Update I wrote addressing using PIC for sudden disease outbreaks. You can read the post here.

Joan M's Question: I was really feeling sick recently and the ETS was the thing that pulled me through. My intuition told me it was a blood sugar issue and since I have been having dry mouth and frequent urination recently, and almost everyone in my family has Diabetes, I have decided to go off sugar totally, except fruit. Is there a remedy that would help with this? Thank you, joan McGovern,Santa Fe,NM
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you test the PIC List. The focus would be, "sugar addiction."

Susan J's Question: For years I have been talking to my MAP team about the lenses in my eyes. Now am scheduled for cataract surgery. I am questioning how/if I could have done a better job working with this issue. I know you can't 'see' into the past but thought you might have suggestions for how to view/gain clarity about this. & many thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: There's more behind cataract development than just the development of cataracts. In order for the situation to be fully addressed, all of these other underlying issues must be addressed and changed. If there are changes we don't want to make, that gets in the way of the process. Oftentimes, the best thing to do at that point is to have the external fix which in this case is cataract surgery. We can then go back and address the other issues as we are willing to let them come up.

Margarite's Question: Hi and thanks for answering our questions. I hope it's okay to structure my questions as follows: 1) I have a 5 yr old rescue dog who gets repeated parasite gut infections due to eating poop! I'm struggling to get her to overcome this poop eating. Would an animal healing coning be able to help? If not, any ideas? I don't have all Perelandra solutions to do PIC. 2) Would canine internal solution help with giardia? 3) Is there a waiting time after food or water to take canine solutions? What is the waiting time between taking each solutions? 4) Can I use animal healing coning solutions to help with dog training? My thanks to you in advance for your help.
Machaelle's Answer: 1) I guess the easiest reply I can give you is what came from the mother of 7 sitting behind me right now who shouted, "Pick it up before she eats it." I think she has a lot of experience in this area, so I pass this along. From another person sitting behind me who has dealt with this problem, they suggest you sprinkle a little cayenne pepper on the fresh poop. They swear you only have to do it 2 or 3 times and the dog gets it.
2) It's an internal parasite, so yes.
3) There's no waiting time for animals.
4) Based on most people's experiences and the experience of people who are professional dog trainers, it's the dog owner who needs the Solutions and not the dog! You might want to test what you need for yourself in order to facilitate your dog's training.

Kathleen M's Question: Is ETS+ like rescue remedy which loses effect if used too often?
Machaelle's Answer: No, the ETS for Humans functions in a different way. It doesn't lose effectiveness.

Nancy's Question: In Mt Shasta Mission, you use essences that are not of Perelandra. Could you explain their source and how you knew of them and that they were needed? Thanks, Nancy
Machaelle's Answer: At the time the only Essences that we had developed was the Perelandra Rose Essences set. In Appendix B of The Mount Shasta Mission, I explain what other essences I was using and where they came from.

Harry's Question: Greetings to you from England. I'm a big fan of your products and use them for my whole family, with their consent. We have a one yr old dog and he gets a lot of ticks and fleas as we live near fields and wooded areas. I have to check twice a day for them! I'd like to use the MBS, canine solutions and ETS for Animals on him but am concerned the total number of drops may be a bit much. Do you think it is safe to administer these drops daily? You are doing a great job and keep it up.
Machaelle's Answer: We've given our companion animals daily drops for years with no adverse reactions. If we're having a particularly bad tick year, we administer the MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions in addition the Canine External Parasites, so the animal can maintain its strength. Another approach is to do a PIC List test for your animal for flea and tick exposure. With PIC, you wouldn't be administering the drops orally. Instructions for this are in the PIC Brochure.

Amy's Question: Machaelle, your Open House Forums provide so many helpful answers and tips. Thank you for holding them several times a year! I've had great success with PIC, especially in resolving Lyme, Bartonella, Babesia and Epstein Barr that had all been lingering for years. The "PIC Pathogen" steps were the brilliant answer to my prayers. With more than a handful of PIC Lists going, I'd been hoping for some kind of a frequent shopper discount - especially for the times I test for an item I don't have a ready supply of and have to order 1 bottle, yet pay full price shipping. The new Bottle Buyers Club will help reduce shipping costs. Yay! Is it possible for Perelandra to offer set annual sale dates for things like ETS+ and EoP (kind of like certain stores offer semi-annual sales that we can all count on)?
Machaelle's Answer: So glad we have helped you out with the Club! And we will consider your suggestion for those annual sales.

Helka's Question: My two-month old granddaughter suffers from colic almost every day after having been fed by her mother. The baby seems to feel better, when she is carried after meals so that she is lying on her stomach. Is there anything else we can do to make her feel better?
Machaelle's Answer: You might want to take the child to a child development specialist who knows how to adjust the axis balance of the baby's head while eating. There are people who have had tremendous success with this.

Carol's Question: With taking ETS+ and EoP 'regular daily doses' is there a waiting time for food/drink before and after the drops? The Buyers Club Membership is a GREAT offer, Thank You.
Machaelle's Answer: ETS for Humans and EoP are the most flexible. There aren't any guidelines on timing for these Solutions, but a good general rule (except in emergencies) is to not eat or drink 10 minutes before and wait at least a minute after taking them.

Sharon B's Question: Just wanted to pass along a HUGE THANKS to the Mighty Duo for all their helpful suggestions for working with ETS Soil, ETS SLG and EOP a while back. I've used them with all the goals I could think of and I have definitely noticed an overall shift in my life experiences. Feeling the full support of Nature to-be-sure!!!!! I check them weekly to see if any of them need other solutions. I'm just floored at the difference it has made and the clarity of when life opens a door directly related to the goal. i highly value these extras in addition to the amazing support of PIC! Thanks to EVERYONE there (including you Machaelle and Nature) for all the books, processes, essences and solutions, The interesting this is only ONE person in my entire life even mentioned Perelandra to me. WOW am I forever grateful!!!!! I hope you will continue to offer your specials...I LOVE and prefer those prices!!!!!
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks for your kind words and support. We all really appreciate it. Regarding your massive lobbying effort for more specials and special prices, be sure to check out Perelandra Bottle Buyers Club. You sound like you're someone who could benefit from this.

Sue R's Question: When working with 2 separate PIC lists for 2 fairly big projects (issues) and also doing regular MAP/CAL sessions, would it be appropriate to also test for essences or do a third PIC list just for overall general good health? I've already been taking the 2 PIC units for over a month and don't want to neglect the rest of my PEMS systems if this turns out to be an extended process. Thank you ever so much for all your hard work and dedication – it is immensely appreciated.
Machaelle's Answer: It's always a good idea to include a PIC List test for daily general health, no matter the other issues you may be working with.

Laura F's Question: Can I do a coning for support for keeping an animal safe on our property? An SLG? Would it be the Deva of the animal?
Machaelle's Answer: I can't answer this question because I don't have enough information. Is the animal a companion, livestock or wild? Is it in danger of being attacked by a wolf, a raccoon or a semi-trailer-truck on the highway? Generally, when I have dealt with the safety of my own animals, I take responsibility for my animal's safety.

Alyss's Question: I am feeling uncertain where to go next with Perelandra products, and I can't seem to get sufficient clarity from Conings and MAP. I did PIC for about a year, taking nearly everything bar a few. Before that, for about a year before, I was taking a similar quantity, though there was variation. This is for wellbeing and health issues. When I test, it comes out that I should keep taking all of these. However in the past few months it keeps on happening that I "forget" to take them, I don't want to take them, I feel sluggish and resistant about taking them. I was wondering if I could find a way to take less, I think I feel burdened by the sheer quantity of essence my body has to process, it feels too much. Has anyone ever experienced this? I am only asking because I am unable to get clarity any other way. I am puzzled by the difference in the reaction of my body and what PIC says. I am on the verge of giving up. Any insights into this would be greatly appreciated, apart from the fact I am somehow being lazy or something.
Machaelle's Answer: Usually when someone comes up with these kinds of comments, it's a result of just being overwhelmed. I suggest you give yourself a break and just do one weekly MAP session. You don't even have to take any drops with MAP. Talk about your feelings and what you're going through. Talk about how you feel about "all those Perelandra drops." Just do this until you feel like you're ready to test PIC again.

Helka's Question: My husband has had shingles on his back for two weeks, and he is going to visit a skin specialist next week. I have very little faith in mainstream medicine as far as curing shingles is concerned. I’ve been giving him 6 drops of the immune SBS twice daily and it seems to me that the rash on his back is drying up. The rash is still very painful, he told me today. It also seems to spreading to his right side now. I hope to be able to persuade him to do a PIC test. What else do you recommend?
Machaelle's Answer: Boy, Helka, sorry to hear about your husband's shingles. I know that's painful. In this situation, because there are so many elements involved in shingles, I recommend highly that he use PIC. If he won't do the test himself, I'm hoping he'll let you surrogate test the PIC List for him. Otherwise, he might find an occasional ETS bath soothing and helpful with the pain. Also, taking a dose of ETS for Humans orally whenever he experiences pain would be helpful. I hope he gets through this quickly.

Vicki H's Question: There are over 200 members in the MAP Group now. All your new updates get posted. Normally, when someone posts something, 2 or 3 people respond, altho a great many more see the post. However, a post about the VALUE of the Bottle Buyer's Club really roused a lot of interest and comments, and 90% were negative, in that people much prefer the specials and don't find value in the new offer - in fact, with the $75 fee they would lose money. Did you anticipate that many of your regular customers might feel let down by this?
Machaelle's Answer: The Buyers Club is for people who order many bottles often. It is not meant for, nor does it benefit people who order an occasional single bottle. For non-Club members we continue our regular combo special pricing. I’m not sure what’s going on with your group, but we’ve got a whole bunch of people who are very happy with the Club. Between the continuous 10% discount and the shipping break, they save money all year round. To keep things into perspective: Your group of 200 is but a fraction of the number we have as regular customers. You’ll need to consider your group in a minority in this issue. Here’s hoping they can embrace the change and be happy again.

Jan's Question: Which essences would be best for treating Lyme disease in an almost 3 year old? Is being treated with antibiotics currently.
Machaelle's Answer: I recommend that you test your child for Lyme disease within PIC. What is needed for her will test positive on the PIC List.

Devona's Question: How do you know the name of the deva Martha when you were talking to the deva of the hay?
Machaelle's Answer: You might be talking to the wrong person. I've never named a deva "Martha." However, if I did say something like "the deva Martha," it was just a random example. When I'm talking to the Deva of Hay, I'm talking to the Deva of Hay and not giving it a formal name.

expresspeace's Question: I would appreciate your insights about the relationship between working with an issue with a soilless garden and PIC. I have been working to bring balance to a lawsuit that has been going on for 7 years. I worked with an SLG with this for many years, I now find I am working with PIC on the unfolding issues in the legal case, but am not working so actively with the SLG protocol with the same issue. it is wonderful to have both protocols and I am wondering if I should be working more with the SLG team in addition to PIC for the emerging issues in the case? This might be insightful for anyone who was working with SLG and is now doing more with PIC for a particular focus. Thanks so much for any insights!
Machaelle's Answer: I think the way you are juggling these two processes is working very nicely. Just keep your SLG active and when you need an overview for the progress of your lawsuit, and help with the overview, I think working in the SLG format would serve well. Continue to use PIC for individual unfolding issues. In reality, what you are doing is using the SLG as the umbrella for the lawsuit and within that you are using PIC for the individual unfolding issues. So you're not using two separated processes, but rather two complementary processes under the one umbrella.

Jan B's Question: First year bee keeper. Interested in using essences to give my girls an assist in their natural defenses in dealing with Varroa mites, hive beetles etc. As they are building comb I am supplementing with sugar syrup and I can easily add appropriate essences. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.
Machaelle's Answer: I have a great suggestion for you. Today's Question Line person, Jeannette, has several bee hives and she uses the Perelandra stuff with them, for maintaining their strength and health. My suggestion is that you call her today and talk to her about it: 1-540-937-3679.

Jennifer's Question: I have been using Perelandra regularly since 1991. I have read a little bit about PIC and haven't quite seemed to "get it". What is the best way to get started. I take essences every day I just don't do pic.Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: You are in luck today! Our Question Hot Line folks are really good about helping people get started who are a little shy about PIC. So call our Question Line today at 1-540-937-3679 and let Jeannette help you. PIC is easy and if you work with essences every day this is going to be a snap for you. I think you're going to be impressed with the results from using PIC.

Rob's Question: On page 29 of Dancing, there is an image of the "Individuated Soul". The small rectangle on one soul ray pinpoints "Estimated time within a single soul ray in which one may spend an Earth Cycle". Where is the rest of the time spent? Other planets? Other dimension? Both? Also, are these rays finite? Is there a time when the soul exists through all the rays and then somehow "recedes" into something else, or is the soul infinite? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: An individuated soul can exist wherever there is form. (See the definition of form.) Rob, it really sounds like you're hankerin' for a "Big Bang" experience, or perhaps being sucked into one of those nova black holes. The only time that an individuated soul does not exist is when it is impacted by a Big Bang, and then it becomes a big mass of nothingness. As far as I know, that hasn't happened yet. The individuated soul always reflects through all of the rays all of the time. Hope this helps.

Lynne's Question: After one does an Energy Cleansing, do you close the session immediately after you put out the balancers and stabilizers, or do you wait until the required number of days are over to close the session?
Machaelle's Answer: The very last step that is included in the process is to close the coning. You close the coning right away.

Anna G's Question: Thank you for reading my question. It is 3:00am in Australia and I am a night owl!! Will you be writing any more books. I love your books and have read them all. I am waiting waiting waiting for more books!! With love and respect, I wish you a great open house and summer. Anna
Machaelle's Answer: I make it a policy not to talk about what I may or may not be doing in the future. I just say to people: Hang on. Whenever something new comes out, we'll notify you right away. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Pam's Question: When I do the PIC list to get which products will support my PIC issue and EOP is NOT part of the unit, can I incorporate EOP in some way to kick it up a notch?
Machaelle's Answer: A PIC Unit doesn't need to be kicked up a notch. If EoP was needed, you would have tested for it.

Machaelle: Okay, this is going to be a big open house. I'm excited about introducing the Club. So give me your questions and I'll do my best to answer them. And if I don't know the answer I'll just make it up!
Let's get started!


PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels