As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions about the Perelandra programs and processes!




Maggie's Question: No question, just a big thanks for PIC! I've used the processes since 2009, but PIC is a whole different level. Recently, I experienced a major family crisis. I immediately took ETS [for Humans] and it helped, but the change was big enough that it felt like I was a boat being spun about in choppy seas. I went to PIC and set up a focus. Within minutes of taking the first dose, I could feel my emotional boat starting to right itself. By the evening of the first full day, the sensation of being ‘spun around’ had completely stopped and was replaced by a sensation of clarity, calm and balance. I literally felt a profound sense of balance. It was amazing. Although the seas ahead are still choppy, I feel that I have Nature’s help in navigating them to the shore. So thank you for all your work through the many years. Thank you for PIC. It all has changed my life in powerful ways.
Machaelle's Answer: Awesome. It pleases me deeply to see someone like you describing how you're using the products, and especially PIC. This is why I go through the effort of putting it together. I'm glad this issue has smoothed out a little bit for you, and I wish you well. Your post is a perfect way to end the forum. Leaves me with a smile on my face.

Joleene's Question: I need to know how to use EoP to shift fleas my cats brought home so the fleas are out of my home and off my cats. Thanks. I'm new to EoP.
Machaelle's Answer: This deserves a discussion, so please call us this Wednesday on the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679) and we'll help you work this out.

Christina's Question: Hello Machaelle, thank you for your Work ('W' on purpose). We use Perelandra products and they have made such remarkable differences in our lives, as has MAP. I also read Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, Mt. Shasta Mission, and am now reading Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon. We use PIC and have not taken a deep dive yet into Soilless Gardens (use process B). You have developed an amazing transformational body of work and I have two related questions – of your existing publications, do you have a recommendation that contextualizes your work? To clarify – I am following the themes and learning though your narration and am seeking your perspective on enhancing understanding through continued exploration of your work. The follow-on question – have you considered a new publication that updates readers on your perspectives and continued insights in your ongoing collaboration with nature? Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you next read the book that piques your interest.

Martin's Question: Sorry Machaelle, one more question (this is a Question Forum, right?): I often fret about the wording for PIC. How critical is it? Tx!
Machaelle's Answer: Martin, I can't image you not fretting about something! This takes some practice and trial-and-error for you to learn when it's better to be really succint about the focus, or expand it a bit to include more of the picture. That comes with time.

Martin's Question: Dear Machaelle, I have some PIC technicality questions: 1) I often go to bed around one or two in the morning. This is when I do my second lot of the PICs for the day. When I start a new PIC at that time and then go to sleep, is the next morning a ‘new day’ and I administer two PIC dosages that day, or is it the same day and I do no more till the clock strikes midnight again? 2) On my ‘off day', the day before the PIC recheck, would it be wrong to take other Perelandra solutions to support the same issue? I.e. would that be confusing PIC about the state and ability of my body? 3) Is my understanding correct: all the solutions you created, I can now either take them as they are (e.g. Joint Health, Seasonal Balancing, Immune Balancing, Internal Parasites,...), or, if I am not happy with the results, I open PIC and address the issue that way (e.g. Joint Health, Seasonal Balancing, Immune Balancing, Internal Parasites,...). Is that correct? Thank you! PIC is awesome! And btw you are not kidding regarding the PIC Overwhelm Factor....!!! Why is that happening?
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Martin: 1) Your new day starts when you get up in the morning. You're taking 2 doses that day. 2) It's unnecessary. And, with PIC that day that you're not taking the unit is clearing out the body in order to get an accurate testing for the retest. 3) That's correct. I think you're going to find that you'll save time if you test the PIC List to begin with on certain long-term issues. 4) Overwhelm is the result of people trying to do more PIC units than comfortably fit into their life.

Theresa's Question: My 16 year old grey Maine Coon Cat, Sparkle, was recently diagnosed with nasal carcinoma (left side) She just started an injectable chemo two weeks ago (targeting every 3 weeks). I have opened MAP many times and talked with her team. I give her various flower essences as well as ETS for Animals. Anything else I should consider? She is such a trooper through this. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Use the updated Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals and stop using MAP. They are medical doctors, not vets. So for your best treatment, work with the Nature Healing Process set up for animals. You can take Sparkle's nasal carcinoma and use it as a focus for PIC. You'll get a comprehensive combination that would address her issue well.

Rosemary's Question: Hi Machaelle. I have been a big fan of yours for a while even though I have been too busy to use your products for quite a while. I have read and own almost all of your books. I'm very curious, do you still meet with David on a daily basis, and if so, is he (or you) involved with the cosmic disclosure many are talking about?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, I am still involved with that level on a daily basis. For over 30 years we have made it a point to not discuss the ins and outs and day-to-day operation that occurs there. And regarding the "cosmic disclosure" — it hasn't been disclosed to us either.

Kimberly's Question: Which essence should I take for adrenal stress and increased cortisol levels? I gained 10 pounds in one month during weight training and it seemed to do something irreversible. I haven't been able to get back to my normal weight since. Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: I'm sure you already know this, but just in case: When you weight train you do gain weight because your muscles weigh more than your fat. From my perspective, the question here is "How do I get to my ideal weight?" I would disregard my perceptions of my "normal" weight. For this kind of weight adjustment, I recommend that you take the issue to PIC (the Perelandra Information Center) and check the PIC List with the focus on achieving and maintaining optimal weight.

Sherry's Question: Hi Machaelle, Is it possible to protect Ash trees from being affected by the emerald ash borer? If so, what process would be best? It is just hitting our community and pesticide injections and sprays are the only options being suggested. Thank you you for all you do and share!
Machaelle's Answer: You're dealing with an environmental balance issue that is attracting the emerald ash borer. As I stated in my answer to question #14, you will be much more successful focusing on the underlying environmental balance issue that is drawing in the insects rather than trying to kill all the insects (which solves nothing). So I would recommend that you do a troubleshooting from The Perelandra Garden Workbook with the focus on what's needed to adjust the ash trees and their environment so that the emerald ash borer is no longer attracted. This may take time for you to move through the entire process, but you're looking for a long-range solution. This will give you the long-range solution.

Kay's Question: I send thanks to all at Perelandra for the great work done by you guys. I work with MAP, PIC, ETS & EoP. When "stuff" happens it helps to have those available. I seem to move through issues quicker & easier. So thanks again. It has been spring here early. Today it is sunny, breezy & in the 60's. K
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your very kind words. We've had an early spring too. Except for the snow that's forecast for tonight and tomorrow. Other than that, it's been a nice start to spring.

It's 4 p.m. We're going to take a quick break, then I'll
come back and answer the remaining questions. — Machaelle
Tracee's Question: With my husband having a few pic lists going too, each drop has become valuable. So, I have these questions. 1) when a drop hits my lip and runs down my chin, does that count as a drop? 2) those foamy bubbles on the end of the dropper that still has enough weight to drip down, does that count as a drop? 3) when you accidentally take one drop from the wrong bottle, can I spit it out or say 'cancel' then continue on with the correct bottle? Other than that, my 9 PIC Lists are going well. I appreciate their help and am grateful for you sharing your relationship with nature with us.
Machaelle's Answer: I can understand why you're asking these questions, so here goes! 1) It only counts as a drop if it lands inside your mouth. A drippy chin doesn't count! 2) If the foamy bubble has enough weight that it can drop into your mouth, that counts as a drop. 3) The unfortunate reality with this scenario is that no matter how much you spit out and how much you say "cancel," that accidental drop has already gone into your system and it has already "corrupted" your PIC platform. In order to keep that PIC test clean, we recommend you start over. Knowing that you're going to have to start over will function as a little assist when keeping your focus while take the drops. I extend a pat on the back to you for juggling 9 PIC Lists at the same time. I encourage you to keep up the good work!

Milena's Question: Following up on Robin's question... I have hesitated to make a spray for external application because of the directions to take 10 drops exactly... Which wouldn't work so well with a spray... Could you say something about this issue? External application as described seems like it might be really helpful at times, along with the regular internal drops. Thanks,!
Machaelle's Answer: You're correct to notice this. That's why we say to always start with the oral application of 10 drops. Then using the spray becomes an effective add-on.

Carla's Question: Hi Machaelle, My wee doggie is pretty unwell with gastroenteritis. I had her at the vet and done the mainstream stuff. However, I am also using the animal coning and have done before. The problem is I have never been able to get her to take ets plus for animals in either brandy or vinegar! Same goes for essences. I've tried putting it on bits of tasty food but it's a big no no. My question is to ask if it's acceptable to put it on her fur or do a nature shift application? Also, she's a feisty wee thing and rarely sits still unless it's on my lap. Is it okay to do an animal healing coning with her on my lap or is it better to let her roam as we do it? Thanks a lot Machaelle.
Machaelle's Answer: Buy a plastic dropper, put one Solution at a time in the plastic dropper and put it in the side of her mouth. She doesn't have the choice but to take it. If you do it quickly she won't know what hit her. (Use a clean dropper with each Solution.) With the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals, open that up when she is asleep and not on your lap or roaming around the room. Also, in these situations the nature shift application is not what you want to use.

Tania's Question: When you apply the Essence of Perelandra to a business project do you muscle test how many days it needs to be applied and after putting it in the spoon and stating your intention, what do you do with the solution in the spoon?
Machaelle's Answer: You don't lose anything by testing how many days it needs to be applied. Once EoP is shifted, whatever's left in your spoon is useless. I've been known to just toss it out of the spoon over my shoulder.

Myra's Question: Another question. So, I get it, Polyester is nature, by definition. This would also mean that GMO are as well, correct?
Machaelle's Answer: Polyester is a combination of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon that has been put together to create a different substance we call polyester. So yes, it is nature. However, the question is should we put those three things together in that specific way to create something we call polyester in the first place? Nature is not going to answer that question for us. It's just going to give us what our intent and our definition is. Here's the big surprise: Nature actually doesn't argue with us. GMO would fall under the same concept as polyester. It raises the question, should we do this at all? If so, when? And then we allow nature to give us the guidelines on that, because the guidelines will automatically reflect balance.

Daniel's Question: Hello There, Which solution do you recommend for eye care? Much Love
Machaelle's Answer: The baseline, simple answer to this would be the MBP Balancing Solutions for the immune, lymphatic and nervous systems. For more complex situations, I recommend you take the issue to PIC: The Perelandra Information Center.

TK's Question: How do I attract Purple Martins? Twenty years ago, we put up a martini house and they came right away. The following year, they returned; however, smoke from burning wood went right to their home and they left. We have tried placing new purple martin houses in other locations on the farm and still they have not come. Please help! We love them. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: In light of your question, "we put up a martini house" — I'm thinking that 20 years ago you served them vodka and that might be what's missing now! ;-)

I am assuming based on your long experience with this that you are installing new houses in the recommended locations for Martins. For example: out in the clear and x number of feet from a tree line. They need a long, unobstructed runway in order to land on a house properly. Since my work includes working with nature, I would recommend that you actually ask nature where a good location is for Purple Martins. If you're new to this concept, then I suggest you call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679). They'll tell you how to set it up.

Kim's Question: Can I take all the MBP Solutions in one glass at the same time? Also, what is the meaning behind the number of drops for each one? What happens if by accident there is one more drop?!
Machaelle's Answer: No, as I say in the brochure — you cannot mix them into one glass. Each Solution is its own complex combination of electric patterns with a specific purpose. The dosage for each is the number of drops needed to get that full pattern. It doesn't matter if you take more drops than needed, but don't take less drops or you won't get the full pattern for that Solution.

Myra's Question: Thank you for your interview with HomeGrown. Grateful to have attended your live presentation many years ago now at Perelandra. Any idea on how to enlist Nature to assist with healing nature? The national effort to house Vets is underway. New community housing solutions, like Tiny House are cropping up. Intuitively, I sense that clearing the soils will assist the myriad levels of healing needed. Any ideas?
Machaelle's Answer: When you're working to rebalance an environment, the procedures and processes are all given in The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

By the way, since a number of you in your questions are dancing around this issue, I want to say the following and give all of you something more to think about. We don't need to heal nature. It's not broken. Nature functions on inherent balance. Whatever the implied DDP is for an environment, nature automatically adjusts to that DDP and creates a "natural environment" that supports the goals of that DDP. So if your backyard resembles the neighborhood dump, this is what your implied DDP is for your backyard. And you can't be surprised if different flora and wildlife that you would normally find in your neighborhood dump show up in your backyard! This is nature functioning in balance. If you want to change your backyard from a dump to a patio seating area with flowers you are going to need to change how you are thinking and how you are seeing your backyard, and what you are defining. Nature automatically adjusts to that definition. So in actuality, work on healing yourself and not nature.

Casey's Question: Hey Machaelle! I'm a little confused on taking the Joint Solution when I'm also using the Immune and Lymphatic. Need I wait [15 minutes] before and after taking the Joint to consume food or liquids? Can all three solutions be taken a few seconds apart or must the Joint be taken separately? I'm currently taking these morning and evening. Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: The MBP Immune and Lymphatic Solutions can be taken one after the other first thing in the morning and last thing at night. The Human Joint Health Solution can be taken at any other time in the morning and evening, waiting 15 minutes before and after to eat or drink. You can, for example: Wake up, take Immune and Lymphatic, wait 15 minutes, take the Joint Solution, wait 15 minutes and . . . brush your teeth.

Saki's Question: I'm new to your work Machaelle and have to say its just awesome what you have done! I've just begun to work with the various processes you have set up and have started by doing some MAP sessions, using gut gardening and learning to muscle test by testing all the flower essences each morning. So far I don't trust myself using PKTT. It always seems I am throwing the test with my thoughts. Will it get clearer by trial and error alone? I've got PKTT anxiety as I really want to get busy using the processes for gardening and SLGs but its hard to be patient!
Machaelle's Answer: This is one of those situations where the old axiom "practice makes perfect" holds true. You cannot think yourself out of the PKTT anxiety. You need to keep testing with PKTT and experiencing the results. It's this experience that will get you over the anxiety, because you'll see that it is actually working. You don't have to be perfect with PKTT testing to do the gardening processes. This is another area where you can just plunge in, test with PKTT and then look at the results. Over time, you'll realize your confidence has grown tremendously.

Barbara's Question: Can I do a DDP to look younger (I have to look for work). Or would it be a soil-less garden?
Machaelle's Answer: You don't lose anything by creating a DDP and activating it as a soil-less garden. If you're 50 years old and you end up looking like you're 25, I suggest you write a book — tell them what you've done and tell them about soil-less gardens. You'll make a fortune . . . and then you won't have to worry about how you look! ;-)

Susan's Question: Machaelle, I'm about to shift my gut garden to a 2.0 garden and am formulating my DDP. The existing garden, which I share with the owner of the property, is a long rectangle surrounded by a deer fence. My issue is this: the owner plants flowers every year, and is eye-rolling skeptical about co-creative gardening. I plan to ask him to step aside this year and let me ask Nature where his flowers should go. But the bigger issue for me is my DDP. I've formed it around the constraints of the existing location, asking Nature to create balance in the garden within the larger biosphere of woodland and open fields around it. I stated my intention out loud and got a wonderful rush up my back, not to mention a lovely serenade from a male cardinal. I'm very excited about this forward step, and I guess I'm looking for some hand-holding, so if there's something I'm missing, or might need to add to my DDP, I'd appreciate your feedback.
Machaelle's Answer: You have my good thoughts and support for changing from gut gardening to 2.0. I think that's terrific! And I think you're going to find this is a lot easier that you've imagined. If the owner always plants his flowers in the same location, just define your garden minus his flower area. Let him have his own area where he can roll his eyes peacefully. You don't want to get into an unnecessary battle with him. Nature will create balance in your garden in light of whatever he's doing with his flowers. So you don't have to worry about his flowers adversely impacting your garden. Nature has already taken that into consideration. Just from what you've said, I don't think you need to add anything to your DDP, but if you want to talk it over, call the Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679). And again, I congratulate you on making this step. I think you're going to love working with the 2.0 garden!

Pamela's Question: Still deeply appreciative of your work since I found Behaving&nbsp in the early 90s. I write and would like to share Perelandra. How do you feel about that? Shall I send it to you first?
Machaelle's Answer: We welcome any word-of-mouth (or "word-of-hand"), but encourage peole to send a review copy before publication to Jeannette and Beth. They will check for accuracy and copyright issues. Thank you for your consideration in this.

Robin's Question: Also, one more quick share... I discovered another way to utilize ETS for Humans -- I put the solution in a spray bottle, and spray it topically -- applying it on areas in need, be it stiffness, pain, cuts, sprains and general discomfort. It works great topically as well for unease/anxiety sprayed on the solar plexus and bottoms of the feet. Bottoms of feet seems to be the cure all, IMO; great for sleep issues, nightmares, stress, etc., etc. My Grand kids absolutely love it, and know to ask, and use for it often without contaminating the dropper.. Sent from my iPad
Machaelle's Answer: Excellent. You get a pat on the back too. Just a quick reminder: Always be sure to start with an oral dose before applying ETS for Humans topically for any reason(s).

Toni's Question: I take the Seasonal, Immune, Lymphatic and Muscular Solutions; how much time should I space them each?
Machaelle's Answer: Wait about 10 seconds between each dose. Also, take the Seasonal Solution first in the evenings and last in the mornings.

Peggy's Question: Hi Machaelle, What suggestions do you have for working with what are often called "invasive species" on the land? We have both autumn olive bushes (that sometime are small trees) and multiflora roses that have taken over areas of the land and that seem to propagate overnight. Wherever one is pruned out it seems that 10 pop up in its place. Would appreciate having a way to work with them other than the "spray them with chemicals" that the extension service offers! Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest that you switch how you're looking at this and consider that the olive bushes and roses are telling you something. Most likely about your soil. So instead of trying to solve the issue by controling the bushes and roses, look for the underlying causes that are creating such a remarkable growing environment for your bushes and roses. If you wish to use your land for something specific (i.e., garden, grazing pasture, polo field . . .), work with nature to create the comprehensive environment that will support the new intent for that land. By applying chemicals on the unwanted plants, you're actually not solving anything. So I'm really pleased that you are considering a different direction. If you would like guidelines for working with nature in this situation, I recommend The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

If you have further questions, don't hesitate to call our Question Hot Line.

Carol's Question: Fantastic New Life of Spring slide show today. What is the sound track name. Also, will you be sharing what research learning has been received from scattering the mixture of fall plant seeds. Thank you for your work.
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks! The slide-show team appreciates your note. The music is from the album "Celtic Garden" by David Arkenstone. The piece is called "Amarantine."

Not yet, we're still in observation mode. I can tell you that the fall/winter garden made it through the winter very nicely.

Cinda's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have received many benefits of your uniquely powerful work over the years, including grad school to get a masters' in mental health counseling. Now that I'm nearing the end, doing an internship with clients in a community mental health agency, I am wondering about how my SLG for grad school needs to shift or integrate something new and when to begin work with a professional MAP team for work with clients. Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you ask your current SLG coning for insight, and then make the adjustments. It may also help you to call our Question Hot Line (1-540-937-3679).

Theresa's Question: I have been using your Perelandra processes and essences since 1995 and have relied on it immensely. You once had an article about trauma and the need to fuse body and soul using your flower essences. That was the first time I had heard of that process and use it a lot. I have not seen that process discussed anymore. Can you tell me the status? Thanks! Theresa
Machaelle's Answer: That process has been updated in the latest edition of The Perelandra Essences. It has been renamed the "Extreme Trauma Repair Process." That chapter excerpt is available free online here.

Mike's Question: What tools do you have at Perelandra for dealing with heavy metals toxicity in the human body?
Machaelle's Answer: For something like heavy-metal toxicity in the human body, I recommend that the person use PIC and test the PIC List. What is needed is going to vary from one person to another. PIC can pick up on the individual's needs. (Learn more here.)

Sara's Question: I'm getting even more out of Essence of Perelandra after re-reading the brochure and more carefully following the directions! (This is a great way to have a renaissance in any Perelandra product, I think!) I understand that for taking EoP for human health, it's key to always first take it for general health and wellbeing, then for the specific issue. However, at work I often have so many projects going on at once, I've taken starting with job title down to specifics, but then when a new project comes up to work on, I just mention where it fits in the hierarchy as I send EoP rather than starting sending again from the top category. I feel like otherwise I'm going to need to buy additional sets of spoons so I can always have a bunch clean and handy. Thanks! (P.S. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING us all hope to move into a future of win-win human/nature partnerships and a sustainable world.)
Machaelle's Answer: Your approach sounds good. Kudos for following the directions! You get a pat on the back too! (Note: If you only use the spoon for EoP, you can always use the same spoon. Just wipe it off between shifts.)

Yvonne's Question: Hi Machaelle, thank you for your great products. Can you recommend something for a home vermiculture-compost project? I know that Nature is not sentimental, but I just love these worms. Which products or processes would you recommend? I can see that this involves microbes, soil, and the worms themselves. Any suggestions on how to proceed?
Machaelle's Answer: You're going to have to ask nature this question. I have no clue what the best compost project is for you, in your environment with your specific variables. See The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

MK's Question: Hello Machaelle, I have been working with both SLG and more recently PIC to bring balance and resolution to litigation that arose following my father's death. I believe it has been helpful in ways beyond what I could do. Would it be helpful to have a new PIC focus for specific legal hearings in addition to my ongoing balancing work for the larger legal case? ( I realize I can bring this question to PIC, I would appreciate any insights from you) with great appreciation for your work and co-creative science!
Machaelle's Answer: I don't think you need different PIC focuses for each of the hearings. But what you can do when you have a hearing coming up, or anything else that's arising in this, is open your soil-less garden (SLG) coning — tell them what's coming up and what your goals are in this, and ask them to support you and the process leading to those goals. You can also do a basic shift of ETS for Soil-less Gardens or Essence of Perelandra (EoP).

Diana's Question: I would like to refer to an article your Garden Workbook(Volume I) called “Honoring Melvin” which seemed to suggest a way of dealing with unwelcome natural visitors like rats. I applied a similar approach to moths in my home, making a deal with the Deva of Moths that I would not whack or poison any moths and they could eat any food they could find, but in return they would not eat the clothes. This arrangement has worked well. However, I cannot think of a good way to coexist with mosquitoes. It seems that we have a total conflict of interest. They want my blood, but I can’t stand the bites. I don’t see how I can “talk” to nature on this issue. I know you have a Bites & Stings solution. If I took it, would the bites be less painful or last a shorter time? Here, bites from mosquitoes in May-June are very painful and last more than 3 days (in contrast, fall mosquito bites last only an hour; obviously a different species).
Machaelle's Answer: It seems like you're bound and determined to make your house into a wildlife sanctuary and it's not quite in balance at this point. So I recommend that you add a 50 gallon tank with fish to eat your mosquito larva, a bathouse with a couple of bats to fly around at night to catch your moths and other mosquitoes, and some lizards, geckos and frogs for any other insects that might want to come in . . . If this doesn't tickle your fancy, then I suggest that you shore up your definition of your home that includes the decision to eliminate all of the wildlife that belongs outside and not in your house. To do this, I suggest you read The Perelandra Garden Workbook on creating a DDP (definition, direction and purpose). To refer you back to question #3: Nature doesn't need your house to exist. However, it's clear you've invited them in and you need to change that invitation. Yes, the Bites & Stings Solution works. You probably should start taking it now to build yourself up.

Barb's Question: Last year I had a major infestation of it at least four different grasshoppers. I live at the beach between the highways. Never saw such amount of insects ever before. I tried everything holistically to get rid of them and I'm so afraid they're going to destroy my garden again this year what can I do.
Machaelle's Answer: This type of in-depth question would be best answered on the Question Hot Line. Call 1-540-937-3679 today before 5 p.m., eastern (or on any Wednesday). If the line is busy, check out our Environment & Gardening information here while you wait to get through.

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle, Is there a process we can do (or one you can come up with :)) that can help protect us and our homes from harmful electromagnetic frequencies? Thanks, Rob
Machaelle's Answer: I've dealt with this question before (usually by telling folks to move!), but now I recommend that you test the PIC List for the impact of harmful electromagnetic frequencies on your health, and another PIC List with the focus, "the impact of harmful electromagnetic frequencies on my home environment." You can learn more about PIC here.

Cathie's Question: Hi Machaelle I enjoyed your online presentation at the Home Grown Food Summit and the slides were just wonderful. My question is: Does Nature need humans? cathie
Machaelle's Answer: No, but humans need nature. Nature can completely function on its own. But if we want to build a sky scraper or come up with all of these meshugenah things we want to do, we need nature. If you consider pristine wilds and mountain ranges and places where we humans haven't quite gotten to, nature's doing just fine. Since you mentioned the Summit interview, I might point out that nature doesn't need us to exist, but if we want to put in a garden we absolutely have to work in partnership with nature. If you walk out into the wild, you're not going to run across an area where nature has, on its own, grown tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant and kale in a human-organized garden.

Christine's Question: Thank you for everything you are doing Machaelle. Working with a MAP team has been absolutely amazing in ways I would not have imagined. I often feel they know me better than I know myself. It has been nearly two years and so much has changed in my life and relationships. Thank you for making the MAP book available and the supports like ETS which hardly leaves my side.
Machaelle's Answer: I'm really pleased to see how well you're using MAP and how good the results have been for you. You have just gotten one of today's "pats on the back" from me!

Susan's Question: On the first day for a PIC solution [Unit], I take it once. On a PIC retest, on the first day I take the solution one time. Correct? & Thanks to all for being there.
Machaelle's Answer: On the testing day, you take it one time. The reason you're taking it one time is so you can get the proper retest date for that group of solutions. Then the next day you start the two times a day rhythm.

It's raining and snowing here, so it seems like a good time to have a spring forum.
Let's get started! — Machaelle



PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels