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As part of our Virtual Open House, Machaelle was available to answer your questions about all things "Perelandra" during her Online Question & Answer Forum. You'll find questions about gardening, soil-less gardening, Perelandra Essences, PIC, the Microbial Balancing Program and MAP. You can find out how to better use the Perelandra Solutions you have, or are thinking about getting. Everything "Perelandra" was on the table in this forum. If you didn't have any questions of your own, you can read the questions from others and Machaelle's witty, insightful answers.

Well, that's it folks. Thanks for joining and giving us on this
end a good Virtual Open House. Hope you had fun too!

Eadie's Question:
No question, just want to send love gratitude and thanks to you and the teams on all levels.
Machaelle's Answer: You're most welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

JoAnn's Question:
Thank you Machaelle I am currently fostering 5 feral kittens and the mother I was lucky enough to trap/rescue. Will be giving them daily ETS Animals as per Beth. We are making progress over the two months together, so far - hissing and hiding way less. I feed them wet food in bowl on my lap where I pet them very gently. Play with them as well, a group frenzy of joy! Spending as much time as I can with them. Is there any process I could do for them? Or perhaps for my energy? My community like hundreds in the US is overrun with feral cats. If they remain feral they will be put down. Big LOVE GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION to you Machaelle and team for your LIFE/EARTH HEALING contribution! ;)
Machaelle's Answer: If you really want to address the issue you're describing, I suggest you set up a soil-less garden project.

Colleen's Question:
After years of doing conings and creating a relationship with your team do you ever find that the conversation just starts to happen as you think about the coning process and you start downloading information before you even go through the formalities? This happens to me a lot.
Machaelle's Answer: I think the issue may be that you're losing focus as you open the coning. When this starts to happen, stop the process right there and say, "Just a minute. I'm not finished." Then refocus back on the coning.

Andrea's Question:
Hello dear dear Machaelle, I have two challenges. 1) Chipmunks are in my walls. They were coming in through the baseboard heating system and so upset my cat that he was afraid to go in his litter box as they were going after the litter made from corn and he got blocked urethra and had to be catheterized. I love them and do not want them to be harmed or moved What can I do.
Machaelle's Answer: 1) For the chipmunks, see page 329 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook.
2) And for your cat, I suggest you start with the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals.

Susan's Question:
I have been assisting with my husband's health using essences and MBP Solutions for the past 8 years since he had a stroke. Recently, he began to develop blood clots. I have done a PIC test for the thrombosis as well as the pain in his leg, but wonder if there is more than can be done. Thanks for everything!
Machaelle's Answer: No, I think you are responding well. The only other thing I can suggest is that you open up a MAP team for yourself. Explain the situation and ask them if there's anything more that you can or should do in your role as caregiver.

Michael's Question:
I have some ETS and some balancing solutions that have been stored in a cool, dry place. I am about to begin using them again but wanted to know if they need to be replaced after a certain time period. Thanks!
Machaelle's Answer: The Solutions are fine, but if the rubber on the droppers has deteriorated any, you may want to replace the droppers.

Jane's Question:
"An SLG Process has safety nets built in that keep the individual's desire to hang onto control in check (should they go rogue)." OMG, I had no idea. That is wonderful news for this control freak and it motivates me to get on with it! Thanks again. A great Open House. xoxo
Machaelle's Answer: Glad to help!

Shirley's Question:
Machaelle, question #26 is prompting a question for me. A friend of mine is very sick with loss of her immune system and is working on overcoming her allergies one at a time. I gave her the EoP Infusion Pump and she got watery eyes, sneezing and heart palpitations. Is her body clearing (like with the former Seasonal Balancing Solution or is the Pump something for her to avoid?
Machaelle's Answer: It's like the former Seasonal Balancing Solution. It's inevitable that when you start something, the body is going to want to throw imbalances off as a result.

Colin's Question:
MAP sessions #1: I try to stay awake during my MAP sessions - like i read in the MAPbook — but the only way I have managed to do this is by sitting up and watching the wildlife in our lovely bay view. Should I give up on trying to stay awake and lie on my bed and close my eyes and snore my head off for 40 minutes like my wife does (and tells me that her team wanted her to sleep) ???
Machaelle's Answer: It's perfectly fine to sit up during a MAP session and watch the wildlife while they work with you. And it's also perfectly fine to sleep during a MAP session. Go into the MAP session awake and intending to stay awake. If you fall asleep, you fall asleep. If it happens frequently, set an alarm so that you can close the coning in a timely manner.

Elyse's Question:
I am accompanying my ex-husband through a prolonged palliative hospice experience. He is happy to receive ETS when I am there visiting. I am feeling that a cleansing and/or battle energy release process could help him in his suffering/struggling to stay alive. I have done MAP, Phase 1 MBP testing, SLG projects although I still have a lot to learn in relation to all of this. He is cognitively impaired due to many drugs over long periods and also brain surgery for cancer (4th surgery in 8 years).
Machaelle's Answer: You say you've done MAP. Hopefully you mean for yourself as well as your ex-husband. For you, the thing you need to do is to ask your MAP team for advice on the steps you need to take to appropriately function in your role as caregiver for your ex-husband's situation, and if necessary, help him ease into his death process. If he's in hospice, that assumes he's in the last stages of life, so he may need help in facing his fears and relaxing as he goes through that last stage. You may need help also, and that you can get from your MAP team. I would not continue to do any of the Perelandra processes for the purpose of continuing his life. That could be setting up an unneccessary struggle.

Jenny's Question:
Hi Machaelle! Thank you so very much for all your work and your team's work at Perelandra and Cottage levels. I'm a longtime fan/practicer of your processes but have many questions. This is the first set: 1) I have a bad cockroach infestation. I don't want to use poison but am confused/easily overwhelmed re: which process(es) to use. A.Troubleshooting 2.0 Process for Garden Wildlife? When I tested the list, misting tested positive, but I only have three indoor plants so that "stopped" me. B. Microbial Balancing Program? I am equipped/ready to try Phase 1. C. PIC testing? One for the problem and one for my overwhelm/relationship to it? D. Form an SLG and test all these? Thank you SO much for any guidance on this.
Machaelle's Answer: Sounds like you're overthinking it. Start on page 329 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook, and take it from there.

Carol's Question:
Hello Everyone, First off many thanks! Machaelle have you considered creating audio versions of your books? Also most computers no longer have DVD players and for a younger audience downloads would be very helpful, how does that work for you?
Machaelle's Answer: Thanks. We're working on offering downloads of the workshops. It takes time.

Pamela's Question:
Hello Machaelle, Thank you for this amazing work. I have used it to create gardens (amazing!) and am currently using it to help my health. I want to include it in the coaching work I do. I have developed a DDP and team for my business, but want to use it during the actual coaching process with clients. Do I develop a different team or a team for each client, or is it inappropriate to use it to help me help my clients in this way? Ideas welcome. Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: You can choose a soil-less garden and/or also Professional MAP. Both of these are directed to you and how you function, not your clients. Thank you for your kind words.

Ruth's Question:
Good afternoon Machaelle and team! So happy to be able to attend this Open House. I so appreciate all the work you are doing. It always feels so hopeful in these crazy times. I am doing the monthly cleansing on my property space (rented) and grateful for it. Thank you Machaelle.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey Ruthie! Glad to hear from you. And glad to hear all is still going quite well. Thanks for touching in.

Esateys's Question:
I'm a person with an extremely sensitive and fairly continuously irritated gut. Most supplements are very difficult for me to take due to great in my stomach. I have not been able to take probiotics for some time due to the irritation and pain that they cause even the most minute amount which I have tried in the tiniest of doses and have tried to work up and still painful. What be do you suggest to rebalance and heal the gut? I am currently taking l-glutamine and slippery elm which is helping a little. Thank you so much!
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest MAP because there's nothing that you'd have to take orally.

Storm's Question:
No questions just lot of thanks for all you do and a huge shout out for soil-less gardens and their teams. 3 months ago my husband and I wrote a DDP that was very specific because we need to be available for our daughter with autism at all times. We were requesting jobs, with us working specific hours so one of us was always home. We were getting rejected over and over for jobs for 2-1/2 months. Then this past Thursday we both got offered jobs at the hours and the wages we desired. Plus we're both doing things we love. We are grateful for your books and teachings to help us learn to work with our team. And we are so grateful to Nature Intelligences for never giving up on humanity. So again thank you. Much love to you and your perelandra team.
Machaelle's Answer: So glad to hear how the soil-less garden process gave you everything that you needed. I wish you well!

Douglas's Question:
I often ask my inner beings' opinion and test for; such as vitamins etc., I recently completed a TT MBP around digestion and got the hit I could take the TT chart, test the headings and ask for an opinion on which area might be best to consider next for a TTMBP or TT ESENCES process. Symptoms can be subtle, so head them off at the pass so to speak. Thoughts?
Machaelle's Answer: My thoughts are, "Not really." Just continue doing what you think's best, as long as you're not changing any of the steps of the processes.

Barbara's Question:
I've lost my way a bit working in Perelandra. We are devastated in Oz, running out of water in townships. Fires everywhere and little water to fight with. trees dead or dying, I've lost my courage in communication with nature after 20 years. It feels like Nature is rebalancing and humans irrelevant. I can accept that totally but those around me don't. Do you have any insight on this world wide situation of drying and fires. I'm using ETS and EoP. Sorry this is long and feels like a futile desperate question. It feels like change, evolution and human time is up. It's dawn now and birds are calling each other. It's quiet too with smoke everywhere. There has been a tiny bit of rain too. So grateful for that. Much love and respect.
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I think more and more people around the globe will be feeling the kind of desperation and loss that you're feeling as things continue to blow up environmentally. I agree with you that a change is going on and I believe that nature and Perelandra can provide the pathway through this change so that we come out on the other side. Hopefully you have the current Perelandra Garden Workbook. Only now, instead of focusing on a garden, what you want to do is focus on your land as a whole, in light of the challenges and issues that are impacting it. Just as you work with nature in a garden, you are going to be asking (perhaps weekly or even daily), "Okay, what do I do now?" And let nature give you each step of the way through this. I caution you not to expect old patterns, variables and conditions that you have become used to, to apply. You're in a new world. This is a whole new journey. What you want to do is remain very focused on just the step you're taking. Don't project ahead and don't project back. When that step is completed, you ask again, "Okay, what do I do next?" Understand that nature will be giving you each step along the way so that you will end up with a new, balanced land — and world. What Perelandra has to offer for the devastating impact of climate change now and in the future is the path through to the other side. You want to travel along that path without acting in ways that continue to cause the problem. That's why you need to listen to nature very carefully. In a lot of ways — really in every way — you are addressing a situation and starting a journey that is identical to what I faced when I said, "I want to work with nature." back in 1976, and had no idea what the direction was. I never would have come up intellectually with the direction I was led. I just followed each step along the way. Here's a little hint from someone who's been down this path: Take good notes. You will never remember everything. All the way along the path, nature will provide little hints and clues that'll verify to you that it's working and you're going in the right direction. You just have to see it. Now for something you can kick in right away: Be sure to join us for the Biodiversity Process. That will lay the foundation for this journey I'm talking about. Lastly, thank you for asking this question. I've been waiting for it. Keep up using ETS and EoP. That will help stabilize you.

Maggie's Question:
Hi Machaelle! Thanks for holding this forum and offering up all your wisdom! 2 questions if you don't mind. 1) My 1 month old Hunter gets fussy and out of sorts sometimes (probably his belly most of the time). I understand this is completely normal, although I was wondering if you'd recommend PIC testing for any issues that are extreme, or if you'd simply recommend ETS, or neither. I understand that the drops go on his forehead. And if a PIC is done and a Perelandra solution tests, would I use only 5 drops bc of his age as in ETS for children. 2) If I suspect some "foreign", "strange", or "negative energy" has gotten a hold of someone or some place (house, etc.), is there a way I can use the processes to deal with that? Perhaps MAP or PIC testing? Thanks so much! I appreciate it! All the best from me and my family :) Maggie
Machaelle's Answer: 1) With newborns and infants, go simple. Whenever Hunter is feeling discomfort, apply ETS to the forhead. Only worry about PIC if he is diagnosed with something more serious. 2) There are too many variables to that question to know how to answer it here. However, I could stop you in your track if you're talking about someone other than yourself and a location other than the location in which you reside and for which you are responsible. Just because you suspect something, doesn't open the door for you to impose yourself. I suggest you call the Question Hot Line if you have more questions about this.

Vicki's Question:
Hi there. We have recently installed a labyrinth and I would love to insure that all of nature including the Elementals feel welcome and a part of this structure in our yard-any special hints for creating a welcoming situation-I did prepare the Earth before construction but now it is almost complete.thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Since this isn't a nature sanctuary, really all you have to do is go out to your labyrinth and say, "Hey! Everybody's welcome." That'll just about do it.

Anita's Question:
What is SLG?
Machaelle's Answer: "SLG" stands for "soil-less garden." There's a mini-glossary explaining many of our acronyms at the bottom of this page.

Anita's Question:
I can not manage to get the muscle testing to work. I have some luck with a string. Is that okay?
Machaelle's Answer: If by "string" you mean a pendulum (i.e., something hanging on the end of that string), that's fine. But at a certain point, you're going to notice that the pendulum isn't working well for you, and you're going to need to go back to kinesiology. I suggest set up with MAP and work with your team for getting you over your blocks and developing the skill of kinesiology.

Jane's Question:
I neglected to say: the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals is a must for everyone with pets! I used it for years with my feline buddy, Dominique, and during the final week of her life last month, at twenty years old, the process moved her through her passing in a most remarkable and supportive way for us both. I cannot imagine if I had not had the process for her as well as for me. Also, the Biodiversity Process is another one. The absolute solidarity and strength that is felt during the few minutes on the first of every month should be part of everyone's life now. It is huge. Thank you again. I have no words to express my love.
Machaelle's Answer: Hey, I'm really happy to hear your comments about how Perelandra is working for you. Thank you for taking the time to write them.

Linda's Question:
Because of my heartfelt appreciation for you and my MAP team, I would like to include Perelandra as a sizeable portion of my will. Could you please tell me how to contact you personally to discuss the details. Thank you for all you do.
Machaelle's Answer: Well you just managed to shut me up! I don't know what to say except — Really? That's amazing. The person to talk to is Jeannette. She'll have the answers to the questions you have. (She answers the Question Line today until 5 PM, and every Wednesday. Or you can send an email.) You get the "Gobsmacked the Scientist" Award for the day, because I am gobsmacked! Gosh.

Rob's Question:
Hi Machaelle! Some general questions. I read that leaf blowers are terrible for the insect population and soil ecosystem which makes total sense. So I'll stop that for sure. Now, I'm also reading that leaves should be left alone right where they fall. Considering I would like to tidy up the yard, would you say that nature prefers I dump leaves into a different area of my yard, or should I bag them up for the town to cart away? And after raking leaves, is it recommended to use ETS for Soil (and other ETS solutions) for the "disturbance" that may have been caused? And should that be on a spoon or just left in a cup for 24 hours outside if needed? 2 more :) Would you recommend adding ETS for Water to a drip water filter (Berkey)? Or is that use not recommended? Lastly, what shall we do if these crazy "geniuses" decide to blanket every molecule on Earth with WiFi? I use the EOP pump now. Any other ideas for mitigating the stress of EMFs, like the new 5G signals that are going up everywhere? Thanks! I hope that isn't too many questions. We can consider it one for each season! :) Thanks for all you do! Rob
Machaelle's Answer: These are all questions that are asked and answered within the context of your environment and your present-day situation. I have no opinion. You're going to have to ask nature. Again, nature is going to give you answers based on your situation and your environment, and your capacity to respond.

MaryAnn's Question:
I read the response to the Animal Question. What essences are best to support injured horses? Thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: ETS for Animals

Shirley's Question:
Hi, Machaelle. Earlier this week Perelandra's Duo sent out an email: "Navigating Financial Challenges with Nature." Would this concept apply to other areas as well? e.g. Finding a good dentist. A lot easier than a SLG, but does it go into as much depth?
Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you could use that same set up. But I would caution you from always using this setup for your soil-less gardens. It's easier for the indvidual to overlay personal control in a gut garden. An SLG Process has safety nets built in that keep the individual's desire to hang onto control in check (should they go rogue).

Charlotte's Question:
I have a new DDP for revamping my business. I have a question re the DevS of my business. Can I open a short coning just to ask a question? I tried to use the cards to ask the question but found that I had to be in a coning to do so.
Machaelle's Answer: You can open a coning at any time to ask any short question. If the answer is still unclear, then use the cards while in the coning.

Suzanne's Question:
Hello. I'm fairly new to the work. I have the MAP book and ETS. I was in a car accident late August and often have headaches or insomnia. I sleep better but not so well. I feel I'm ready to do MAP and some other flower essences but not sure where to start for the essences. Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: My first suggestion is the EoP Infusion Pump. Then I suggest that you call the Question Line to talk this over (1-540-937-3679). We can give you better direction for your situation. You may need to up your daily dosage of ETS to three times a day to give your body the support needed to heal from the accident. I still recommend you call the Question Line.

Theresa's Question:
Hello Machaelle and all at Perelandra, I would especially like to thank Beth who helped me last Wednesday with a SLG question. In Pivot, Machelle, where did you first meet Hyperithon? Thanks T
Machaelle's Answer: The answer to your question is included in Pivot!

Catherine's Question:
Not so much a question. More, a thank you. Missed my opportunity to visit Perelandra years ago. Would love to hear more about your work on a global level, if you'd care to share.
Machaelle's Answer: I just spent 3 years of my life writing an 848 page book that Beth says you should read now: Pivot, A Memoir.

Colin's Question:
MAP & PIC List Testing #2: When testing the list at the end of the session do I need to test for the number of days to take the ones that test positive or assume that I take them until my next MAP session (usually twice per week)?
Machaelle's Answer: You test for the recheck date, and that gives you the number of days you're to take that PIC Unit. It doesn't matter if you're doing MAP sessions in between.

Sharon's Question:
Hello!!! I’m listening to the MAP download (Part 2). In it you mentioned having given a workshop (back in the day) on “asking good questions.” Was that recorded? Available for purchase? If not, I’m putting in my request for a book/paper/tips. And I know you’re gonna say “ask your MAP team for help”. Yes, good reminder for myself. Heartfelt thanks to you Machelle (and crew).
Machaelle's Answer: I included a lot of that information in Chapter 3 of The Perelandra Garden Workbook. And yes, I agree, you can always ask your MAP team for help.

Steve's Question:
Hi Machaelle, I have been using your processes since the beginning, with the first Garden Workbook set. I just recently purchased the updated Garden Workbookand I see that the processes have been reworked (simplified), such as not calling for the Green and Gold cords in the Energy Cleansing Process. Is it OK to still use the old processes or do you recommend making the change to the new protocols? Thank you for all that you have and are doing on all levels. You have moved my life in so many ways with your work.
Machaelle's Answer: You're welcome to use the old protocols, but understand that nature's going to think you're operating off of a VHS instead of a DVR. But they will not have any problem working with you. Thank you for your kind words.

Brynn's Question:
I am excited to be participating in the Biodiversity process on the first day of each month! Thank so much for inviting us all to be part of that effort. Are there any recent insights or information from Nature or from you regarding that process/project?
Machaelle's Answer: Right now we're getting feedback from participants who notice changes in their environment. Sometimes dramatic changes. It provides evidence that indeed the EoP Biodiversity Process is strengthening and balancing the person's environment for biodiversity and wildlife, and that's the goal. It's a long-term project, and I expect we'll be seeing more results as time goes on.

Colin's Question:
MAP & PIC List Testing #1: At the end of the session should I close the MAP session first and then open PIC to test the list or open PIC and test before closing the MAP session?
Machaelle's Answer: If the questions I have for PIC are directly related to what I'm addressing in MAP, then I'll connect to both MAP and PIC. If the PIC Testing stands on its own, independent of managing symptoms, I find it easier to close the MAP coning and then activate PIC to do the testing.

Pat's Question:
I had a spinal cord stroke 3 years ago and use a manual wheelchair. Working on recovery from nerve damage. Would my best strategy be to use “serious health issues” guide? How best use PIC?
Machaelle's Answer: First of all — MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions twice daily. You could use ETS for Humans, one dose three times daily to provide support for the healing you want. I recommend working with MAP. We need more information from you before making any other suggestions. I recommend you call the Question Line (1-540-937-3679) either today before 5 PM, or on any Wednesday from 10 AM to 8 PM.

Dorothea 's Question:
Need to stop working with SLG team for few months. Can you suggest best way to stay in touch with them during this hiatus? Health related hiatus. Thanks for being there.
Machaelle's Answer: Open an SLG coning and let your team know that you need to step away. Give them an estimate of the length of time that you need to step away. Ask them if there is anything you need to do now to prepare your SLG for the hiatus. You don't need to stay in touch with them during this time, unless you just feel like opening the coning and saying, "Hi." When you're ready to resume the SLG, open the coning and continue on from there.

MaryAnn's Question:
Two years ago I bought a house in Vallejo, CA. The soil is mostly dry and hard clay until the winter rains come. I bought the Soil Balancing Kit and the ETS for water, plants, soil, atmosphere, animals. How can I best help balance and nourish the soil?
Machaelle's Answer: You really need to get into The Perelandra Garden Workbook, and allow nature to lead you through the steps required to balance your soil. It may be a lengthy process, so you'll need a little patience. The key is to let nature lead the way.

Sherry's Question:
What is Nature's take on hydroponic gardening? Seems like it may be the preferred option for growing Bibb lettuce, which I love.
Machaelle's Answer: I honestly cannot answer this question. This is something that you'll need to take to nature. The answer to your question will take into consideration your location, your lifestyle, your environment and other factors. For getting the answer to your question, see The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

Karen's Question:
If you mistakenly wash your EoP Infusion Pump (in pocket of pants) and it is empty can you refill it from another EOP bottle and reuse the Infusion Pump?
Machaelle's Answer: Sure. Just make sure you don't have a soap residue in the pump. Make sure it's rinsed out well.

Sara's Question:
THANK YOU for all that you are. Am new to the Essences this year since the Summer, and am so thankful to your question team on a Wednesday, Beth and Jeannette who have been so helpful. They have answered the practical questions and are extremely supportive. My MAP team have been a Godsend, and am on day 40 of Phase 1 MBP, and daily Essences Sweeps. I read Pivot  and was fascinated by your 'astral traveling' and the Group. Felt reassuring, and will re-read it. You are an inspiration Blessings and Gratitude Sara UK
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, know that I'm on the sidelines cheering you on. This is all terrific! And I thank you for letting me know how you've successfully worked Perelandra into your life.

Robin's Question:
I'm celebrating the recent completion of an incredibly successful SLG for the rehab and sale of an investment property. Now I want to set up a DDP for my role in readying my mother for a move to a memory care unit. She's on a wait list, and doesn't need to be admitted right now. Can I include intentions about appropriate timing, how to prepare her for a smooth transition? I'm not sure about correctly framing a DDP on a project that affects someone else.
Machaelle's Answer: You can include intentions about appropriate timing, but it should be about appropriate timing for your mother, not you. You could also include in the DDP what you need to do to prepare her for a smooth transition. And congratulations on your successful SLG!

Barbara's Question:
Is there a way that I can stay focused? Just recently I have had a hard time. I open a coning, then I am playing with the cat.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. See pp. 80-81 of The Perelandra Essences for the Telegraph Testing Steps for Focus. But if you want to play with your cat after you open a coning, it begs the obvious question. Do you really want to do the process that you opened the coning for. Playing with your cat might be nature's way of saying, "This is not a good time for you."

Hilary's Question:
I find myself overwhelmed by the work involved in my nature partnership. Every year, when I sit down to get the seed and planting information, I beg the team to make things simpler, but every year they come up with a planting plan of stunning complexity. Every year my DDP contains the maximum number of hours I can work in the garden each week but every year I have to make the same choice: put in way more gardening hours than I said I could do and feel terrible about the other things I'm not getting done, or feel terrible about not being able to get everything done in the garden as planting deadlines whoosh by! Last year there were five varieties of cabbage and six of lettuce on my seed list, to take just two examples, and there’s only two of us to feed. There’s clearly something I’m missing here. What is it?
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, nature's plans are always going to take balance into consideration. So no matter what your DDP is, nature is coming in with a plan that reflects balance in light of your DDP. If you feel that it is way outside the guidelines of what you want, you need to step back and consider doing some repair work on your land and the soil you're putting your garden in (ask nature what's to be done). The problem could rest in the foundation of your garden, that is the land, environment and soil. Review your gardening process, and question if there were times when you overruled nature and did something because that's what you wanted. When that happens, then nature has to repair the ramifications of your choice. It will not stop you from making that decision, but it will deal with the decision in balance.

Victoria's Question:
Question: 1) PIC or MAP - Which one to start with first? 2) Is there a Deva of the Electrical System? 3) RE: Soiless Gardens - is there a Deva of Money, Checking or Savings Accounts? THANK YOU AND YOUR STAFF.
Machaelle's Answer: 1) The best thing is whatever attracts you first. MAP is easier.
2) Yes.
3) Yes. There's a Deva of Money, and a Deva of Checking, and a Deva of Savings. And they all come under the Deva of Finance.

Nancy's Question:
My 5-yr. old neutered male cat has yeast infection in ears. Is there a simpler process than the surrogate or animal healing conings from the Workbook?
Machaelle's Answer: The processes in The Perelandra Garden Workbook are not for companion animals, they are for garden wildlife. The process you need to use is the Nature Healing Process for Companion Animals.

Alyss's Question:
Do the Perelandra Solutions (Urinary, etc) have a cumulative effect over time, or do they only work while you are taking them? Can you take them for a while and then take a break or will all the issues come back as they were before?
Machaelle's Answer: They do have a cumulative effect. I can't imagine why you would want to stop taking them when they are helping you, but if you do choose to stop you'll find out if your symptoms come back.

Jyoti's Question:
Hi Machaelle, I am very appreciative for the SLG process. With it, I have written and illustrated a children's book and I am working on an art quilt. Using the SLG, I find qustions are answered and energy flow and I feel supported. This is my first quilt and book. Thank you, Jyoti
Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words. And good luck with your book.

Cynthia's Question:
First thank you for all that you do and I want you to know you are a real inspiration and you are changing the world. I am curious, I am a bit awkward with my coning, always feel awkward in my conversation. I believe it is working. I tried the sense of humor, but could not remember a joke long enough to tell my team (Moss, Lichen) I think they are ok with that. Do you have any advice for me?
Machaelle's Answer: Just talk to them as if they're sitting right next to you. Over time this will smooth out. And thank you for your kind words.

Pat's Question:
I have a Gut Garden. Can I use Gut Garden format on a soil-less garden DDP? Many, many thanks for your products & wisdom.
Machaelle's Answer: Yes. This article that we wrote earlier this year I think will answer your questions: Be a Change Maker with Nature.

Uma's Question:
Hi Machaelle, Do you have any solutions/essences for eyes/vision and ears/hearing? I find these senses diminishing as I age (I am 78). Thank you.
Machaelle's Answer: When I'm asked this question and someone wants a simple answer, I suggest the MBP Immune, Lymphatic and Nervous Systems Balancing Solutions. The nervous system includes vision and hearing. You may consider also taking Natural Aging.

Marian's Question:
Any thoughts on using PIC for extreme sleep apnea? I'd like to avoid a cpap machine.
Machaelle's Answer: Give it a shot and see if it works for you! If you're having trouble with the wording, just write "sleep apnea" as the focus.

Jane's Question:
Hi Machaelle and everyone! Thanks for all you guys do! Could you please detail when it is best to use a personal calibration versus a MAP versus a MAP-Calibration combo. Thanks and happy holidays!
Machaelle's Answer: The best thing when you need a calibration is to use the Basic Telegraph Test for Emotional and Mental Issues on pp. 214-215 of The Perelandra Essences. This is an update of the old Calibration Process. If you don't use essences, a combined 70-minute MAP Calibration is more comprehensive. And everyone says "Hi!" back.

From Machaelle:
Welcome. It's time to play "Stump the Co-Creative Scientist!"
Also, Beth asked me to remind everyone that we're big fans of capitalization and punctuation, and brevity! ;-)


Machaelle Wright and Toby


PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
ETS = Emergency Solution
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
Solutions = ETS, EoP, MBPs, other Perelandra Solutions
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels