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Deborah's Question: Loving my sense of strength and balance from the new EOP Infusion Pump! I have been using it night and day since it arrived. It has helped me breeze through things that would have unsettled me and helped me maintain in situations that would have toppled me over. Thanks Machaelle! I had a question about pump size, is a 1/2 oz bottle "stronger" than a dram? I got the dram size and it's very convenient. Thanks also to Beth and Jeanette who generously and competently field my questions on the help line. Y'all are the best!
Machaelle's Answer: This is the case where size does not matter. The dram size is equally effective as a 1/2-oz. or 2-oz. bottle. What it has over those other sizes is convenience! Glad the EoP Pump has helped. Thanks for your kind words.

JoAnn's Question: Thank you Machaelle for your amazing gifts to life! Feeling terribly overwhelmed by the revelations of the depth of corruption in our UNdemocratic Nation and the western world. Doing everything I can as an individual. From your experience, can you please share a tidbit of hope?
Machaelle's Answer: At this point, what I can say is: VOTE. It's a vote of a lifetime. This time, I feel, instead of voting for a new administration, we are voting to save the country. We really do not have the luxury of sitting this one out. We have to vote in huge numbers so that the results say loudly and clearly, "We are not going to allow this country to be taken over by deranged, narcissistic people who are just into life for themselves only and don't care about anyone else." This is the end of the plea. Now for the hope: Getting everybody out to vote is actually easy. Just make sure they get out of their chairs and haul them to the polling station. The hope is that it's not a difficult solution. We can do this.

Faith's Question: No question. Jut thanks for the tremendous tools you have provided for us. PIC + Infusion Pump. Amazing! I have a few regular SLGs and do Map/Cals. The SLG PICs took things to another level though. But you know what's really blowing it out of the water now (in balance of course). I suddenly had a strong nudge to establish personal PICs specifically related to the SLGs that have been stuck in the mud. I responded.. The message was clear. "Wait a minute! I am the one stuck. Not the SLG!" You say it often so we can get it but this thing is like working on an onion. There is always another layer of understanding. Let me just say your work, these tools are cleaning some crud off the proverbial windows. I don't know if I am doing it right so as usual I will talk it out with Jeannette. But to you I say grateful grateful thanks.
Machaelle's Answer: Congratulations on getting probably one of the most important insights one can receive: "Oh! I'm the one causing the problem." I'm pleased that you're getting this so well. I agree that it is like working on an onion. Glad to hear you keep talking it out with Jeannette.

Nigel's Question: Hi Machaelle First of all thanks for everything you have gifted us with here. MAP has changed my life and others and SLG also. Was wondering if you may be able to help with a question . For a person doing shamanic work in the spiritual realm (using plant medicines) what would you suggest would be a good tool set. The body feels very different on the plane gravity wise . I notice ets plus aids clients . I was wondering if there was anything you would recommend to maintain overall well being when journeying there. Sometimes we are in for 6 to 8 hours. Hope this isn't too much of a big question or out there. I was thinking EOP not sure how the infusion pump works. Any suggestions would be be great.
Machaelle's Answer: I think the EoP Pump would be perfect in this situation. It's something you can provide to your clients. It's easy. It's inexpensive. They only need to keep it close to their body (within 1 inch) for the whole duration of the time that you are working with them. It's something that would benefit you as well. Learn more about the EoP Pump here.

Nyree's Question: Could you give some (more? ~ I think perhaps there are some in the PGW) examples of "Direction" when writing the DDP (Definition, Direction and Purpose) for a garden? (Or SLG) And thank-you for all you've done!! :)
Machaelle's Answer: A lot of times when you replace "definition, direction and purpose" with the word "goals" it helps you out. People understand the word "goals" more easily. For this situation or project, it will help you to ask yourself, "What are my goals?"

Linda's Question: Continuing to use MBP, Seasonal, & ETS, Otherwise, shelved MAP & full array of essences. Lost confidence in my kinesiology self-testing & my competence with former Perelandra practices except those mentioned. Feel intimidated by PIC. Is there a goof-proof lifeline to the next higher/better place?
Machaelle's Answer: I suggest you continue doing what you're doing until you feel up to trying something else. In light of how you worded your question, in which you asked for a "goof proof" lifeline tells me that you're not really ready to put the effort needed into going to the "next higher/better" place. Take that as a hint from yourself. Evolution is not a free ride. It requires effort.

Martin's Question: Dear Machaelle, Again and again I am still hit by the awesomeness of PIC. What an amazing, awesome development of yours!!! Currently I am facing a dilemma in some aspect of my life – a choice between two undesired options. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t; that sort of thing. I want to address it with a personal PIC for my stress and as a SLG PIC also for the actual situation – to get natures support and input to hopefully find a better solution. In how much detail do I need to describe the situation to PIC? E.G. if I were to describe it in a bit of detail to a friend it would fill at least half a page. How much does nature need to know for PIC / how much does it know already? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: If you're talking about using PIC for the stress that you have around your situation, your focus would be to address the stress you're experiencing around the situation. You don't need to describe it any further than that. The SLG that you want to include has to have a DDP. That's where you define your goals. What are your goals? Once you do that, it's as if you've registered the detail. Then you can set up the PIC in light of that DDP, using just two or three words to reference it. Good luck!

Carolyn's Question: Thank you all for your support and time today and helping me simplify things in my situation. Are any of your books on audio?
Machaelle's Answer: I'm sorry to say not at this time, but thanks for asking.

Karen's Question: When I take my evening MPB balancing solutions, I take the Seasonal Balancing solution first because I remember reading this somewhere. So, when I take the morning solutions, should I still take the Seasonal Balancing first, before the MPB Balancing Solution?
Machaelle's Answer: In the morning, do the opposite. Start by taking your MBP Solutions first and then take the Seasonal Balancing Solution.

Machaelle: Forum submissions are closed, but I'll keep responding to the questions that were submitted before 4 PM today.

Catherine's Question: Thanks for the ongoing stream over the years of insights, tools, wisdom & humor. They all mean so much to me. I put them to use in all kinds of mundane and nutty ways--even the humor once in a while!. On a good day I don't get in my own way and get the follow up right--tricky because there are lots of areas where I include nature, even when not in one of my "official" SLG projects. Keep these great developments coming. Greetings and thanks to all the wonderful Perelandra staff, too. I feel their input and care as well as nature's when my parcels arrive, or when I have a question.
Machaelle's Answer: I passed on your kind words to the staff. Glad we've been able to help.

Chris's Question: Hello Machaelle - My dream is to have a sanctuary and farm for homeless senior dogs, growing and selling produce to feed me and the animals and also to sell to help support the organization. I have very little experience other than my own small vegetable garden several years ago. Is there something that you and/or Perelandra offers that would be a good starting point? I read Behaving... many years ago and loved it. Thanks for all you do!
Machaelle's Answer: You might want to read the latest edition of The Perelandra Garden Workbook and the Perelandra Soil-less Garden Companion. That should help you get started.

Alison's Question: In regards to #18 ~ As well as a soul, is there not a Deva of the Body for each human body?
Machaelle's Answer: The deva of "Burpee's Big Boy" tomato holds the entire architecture and structural guideline for that tomato. The deva of the human body, works in conjunction with each person's soul because the body has to reflect the guidelines and the impulses of the soul. There is not a deva of an individual's body that holds all of the architectural structure and guidelines for the individual. That's provided to the deva by the soul.

Update to Question 16!
Agustín: If you were looking for a Spanish translation of today's forum, try: Google Translate and put the address of the forum into the box.

Lynn's Question: I like The idea of PIC and have had some success both physically and emotionally. However, it is unwieldy for me to have to test ALL that is on the test list. It is draining to me. Any suggestions for holding focus with ease as I go through the checklist?
Machaelle's Answer: If you're using the PIC List, you have to test every line. Just make sure you're well rested and that you're not hungry or thirsty before you get started.

Joy's Question: No question, just a thank you. I went into Addison's Crisis on Tuesday. In the past a crisis lasts 5 to 14 days of misery and it happens 5-7 times per year. I have been wearing the EofP Pump for a couple of weeks now. The crisis started on Tuesday morning, was mild and faded away on Wednesday. Amazing. Thank you so much for bringing us the EofP pump. I use it along with a combination of the other process and products like Seasonal Balancing, etc., but this product really tips me into balance. Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: That's terrific news. I'm glad it helped and thank you for letting me know!

Aidawedo's Question: I just watched your splendid video, Lessons from a New Kind of Garden. It brought me to tears for some reason. Can you reflect on the biggest lesson you got from this garden? It seems to be about the cooperation of all of the life there, even in the midst of drought, heat, and planetary changes. I could be wrong, but it was moving. Beautiful work. I am inspired!
Machaelle's Answer: The most interesting thing for me was seeing how mimicking the "randomness" of a natural meadow promotes such a high level of strength and balance. When plants were allowed to germinate and grow according to their optimal location (this includes ratio and what is growing next to what and how close the plants were growing), it completely upended our expectation of how to plant a garden and what's best for the plants. And you're right, it enhanced the cooperation of all life in the garden. I'm very pleased you got so much from the "Lessons from a New Kind of Garden" slide show.

Pam's Question: I'm confused about what PIC does. We have an issue, we state it asking what products will give us support for that issue. Then we take the products twice a day. Are the products themselves curative or are they a tool to give us insights on what else to do to be cured?
Machaelle's Answer: The products balance, stabilize and repair the electric system around the issue. And within that process you will also get insight and information on what else you can do to strengthen yourself.

Rob's Question: One more question please! Apologies, don't mean to hog your time. Can and should I administer essences to my 1-month old using an NS application? I put 10 drops of ETS on his forehead and he totally freaked out :) Also - if an NS should used, until what age? Sometimes PIC testing reveals the need for many drops... Thanks!!! Rob
Machaelle's Answer: Rob, relax. Let Talon have the joy of developing naturally. Something he's fully skilled to do. And only intervene when you see something out of the ordinary happening. Really, Rob, I think that after the third or fourth time Talon throws up on you, you'll be willing to give him some space. The NS application is not to be used. When you do need to administer ETS for Humans, put it on his forehead until he is 9 months old. Put 1 or 2 drops on at a time and gently rub them in each time until you've given him the right number of drops. Also, it helps to warm the bottle in your hand so that the drops aren't so cold or startling. But if he's freaking out, take that as a hint that he doesn't need it. I will say that you are in the running for "Father of the Year." Now go and have a coffee or a beer and relax.

Maggie's Question: Hi Machaelle, I recently had a c-section and am wondering if you have any wisdom to offer as how to best support his microbiome because he didn't go through my vaginal canal. Thanks so much!!! Maggie
Machaelle's Answer: I've just consulted with our in-house former nurse and mother of seven and we agree that as long as you hold your child close to you (the child's skin against your skin), that you are having an automatic support and building of his microbiome. Also, having members of the family holding him on a regular basis will help as well. Nothing in addition to this is really needed. Let nature and the microbes do their job naturally. And congratulations on your new son!

Lila's Question: After much consideration and an Animal Healing Coning I decided to go ahead and have microchips inserted in my dogs I followed the advice of what to give after insertion which included ETS for Animals, but wonder if there is something else I should do since they now have a foreign body permanently inserted in their bodies. Lila
Machaelle's Answer: The ETS for Animals should cover it. If you notice something changing in the area around the insertion, put them through an Animal Healing Process, give them ETS for Animals again and take them to the vet to have it checked out.

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks again for your time insight! Ok: I have a 1-month old lovely baby boy, Talon. He was born with microtia ("little ear" in Greek), basically he has a bud that didn't unfurl and has no ear canal externally. I'm curious about several things: 1) is this his soul's "purpose" or was it from being breech, or genetic or whatever - it's not from the medication that causes it which neither of us ever took... 2) is this something we should do processes with? MAP, PIC, etc.? 3) how should we determine if we should intervene so to speak When he's old enough he can decide on a prosthetic or surgery... Or can we grow him an ear just as you can manifest a like manure? Thanks! I know you may not know the cause per se... So very appreciative for everything, Rob
Machaelle's Answer: First of all, congratulations on your new baby boy! And secondly, take a moment to step back and recognize that you are in "dad wants to heal his kid now" mode. Talon is just one month old. As you go through the process of dealing with this issue with him, get the medical input and all the way through the journey, talk about your part of the process with your MAP team. Follow your intuition at each step of the process as to what's best. You really don't need to know Talon's soul purpose. That's Talon's business and not yours. You have a journey in front of you with this challenge and you really need to let the journey unfold and stay out of the way. So don't feel you need to take control or take charge.

Eve's Question: I love the EoP pump, I wear it on a string around my neck in a small pouch I sewed. Sometimes I forget to take it off at night, is that too much of a good thing, or is it alright? Thank you!
Machaelle's Answer: It's a balanced, slow release. You're doing fine. Some people with sleep problems find that keeping the EoP Pump close to them at night is helpful.

Laura's Question: Does this years Seasonal Balancing solution include help us to not get the Zika Virus?
Machaelle's Answer: Due to FDA regulations, I actually can't answer your question directly. But when the Seasonal Balancing pattern was developed, newly emerging microbial issues were taken into consideration and included. My suggestion is that you continue taking this year's Seasonal Balancing Solution twice daily.

Pam's Question: I added my EoP Infusion Pump to a pouch around my neck that holds a couple of personal healing crystals. Will the crystal energies interfere with the EoP since they are within one inch of each other?
Machaelle's Answer: The EoP Pump is most effective when it's worn within 1 inch of your body, and when it's not having to work its way through a bunch of crystal vibrations to get to your skin. You want to keep the EoP energy clean.

Kathy's Question: I've been having problems with the hard water (county water) out here in the country. With the "efficient" new washer, my clothes are not getting clean and there is always a detergent residue, causing allergies. I was using so much water re-washing, allergies were so bad with the residue, plus I kept having to buy new clothes. So I got a water softener (hated to do it). It's only slightly better. What do you suggest? ETS for Water but for what? The county water supply? The hot water tank that might have a mineral layer in it? Not sure where to go with this.
Machaelle's Answer: Kathy, you may need to do fewer PICs so you have time to logically solve your water problem using common sense and solid thinking. You need to open up more time in your day so you can think these problems through. (For people who don't understand my reply, I refer you to question 17.)

Laura's Question: Could you please clarify what is our role in the partnership. It might seem a stupid question but I know something (big) is 'missing' in my understanding of our role and therefore in my attitude. I know I'm ready/need to change perspective and 'they' pointed at you to help me 'click'. Thank you
Machaelle's Answer: Your role in a partnership is to provide the goal of what you want by supplying the definition, direction and purpose. Then your job is to respond to the input and opportunity that nature provides you in order to achieve your goal. I describe the partnership better and more fully in the latest edition of The Perelandra Garden Workbook.

Yov's Question: In your writings you have referred to a deva as a light body of a plant or a plant intelligence. Do human beings have a deva? Do human beings have a light body? Thanks for all that you have taught us.
Machaelle's Answer: Let me answer your questions one at a time. 1: Human beings don't have devas, they have souls. 2: I suspect a "light body" is only in the eye of the beholder . . . Or if the person has swallowed a flashlight!

Kathy's Question: I LOVE PIC, but now I'm wndering about that "overly ambitious" list from an earlier question. I've got 16 PIC lists going right now. I always check to make sure they are "valid" PIC lists before I test for them (sometimes they are not valid). Is 16 PICs overly ambitious? I don't feel like it is... but maybe I should make that a PIC list. (HA)
Machaelle's Answer: Okay Kathy! I just fainted there for just a moment at the idea you're doing 16 PIC Lists! But if you are handling this and you don't feel overwhelmed, you're doing fine. I tip my hat to you. I don't think I could keep with that many PICs simulatneously, but if you're okay, go for it girl.

Agustín's Question: Hello and thanks for being there... It's possible that one of these years we have Spanish translation? :)
Machaelle's Answer: Hello back! We have two Spanish translations available now: Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered and MAP.

NJ's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thank you and your staff and Nature for all you do for us! I've been benefitting from Perelandra processes and essences since 1992. I now, use the Balancing Solutions exclusively. Usually dosing once a day, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes before bed, sometimes late afternoon. Am I missing out on anything by not taking them at the same time everyday? I don't do any tests before taking them. Thank you again! Happy Equinox in a few weeks.
Machaelle's Answer: If you mean the MBP Balancing Solutions, the primary dose you take each day should be last thing at night. You may choose to take a second dose of them first thing in the morning. Now, if you're referring to any of the other Perelandra Solutions, you have more wiggle room on when to take them. Just follow the guidelines as set for them in the brochures. And by the way, that's pretty special that you've been with us for 24 years. Thanks for your kind words.

Jane's Question: For brevity's sake, I have "issues." I don't ask my MAP, "Am I dying." If I am on a fast-track terminal decline, I am nervous about death. Can I keep my coning open through the death and will I retain awareness of my identity and my entire earthly life as I transition and will my MAP team be with me on the other side if I request it prior to croaking? I am a little unclear about "creating our own reality" as it applies to the "after-life" (for lack of a better word) and I don't want my fears to create a nightmarish realm. Any suggestions on how to die without fear and info on what's going to specifically happen? Thank you and much love to you.
Machaelle's Answer: People have been dying successfully for centuries. It's not something you need to create or control. When it's time, just let go and enjoy the surprise. And to help you with your fear, read Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon.

Aurora's Question: Hi Machaelle, I been using the EoP Infusion Pump, so I was wondering if I place these bottles all over my home/patio will they be beneficial in this way too? I thank you for this forum and your answers.
Machaelle's Answer: No. The EoP Pump is designed as a slow-release infusion for the human body only. Placing a bottle in the room isn't going give you what you're looking for.

Carol's Question: I have hip replacement surgery coming up in two weeks, and value the sense of continuous support (through post-surgery especially) suggested by your EOP "infusion pump". I'm late 60s and my emotional and physical health is quite good, and I'm well-prepared, but also want to be well prepared to let go of all the life experiences that localized in the deterioration of this hip. I want to honor the loss of this piece of my self, and yet let go and welcome and adapt to what is coming next. The surgery is Sept 21st. Can you comment on this.
Machaelle's Answer: You know, my thought is that you don't have to do anything. You're already doing it. You're going to let go when they take your hip out. That piece of yourself is coming out and you're getting a whole new hip. So really, just keep moving forward. You're in a good frame of mind. And take ETS for Humans before and after the surgery. If you use MAP, you can set up an emergency MAP session for support throughout the surgery and your recovery in the hospital (see page 150 of the 3rd edition of MAP). The EoP Infusion Pump is a good idea for you as you recover from this surgery. The only other thing I can suggest is to look at your diet. Have you been eating something that has exacerbated the deteriorating hip issue. And stop playing football on the weekends!

Toni's Question: I have MS, awful nerve pains and IBS. Have been taking Immune, Lymphatic and Seasonal, plus the ETS for years. What else do you recommend? Toni
Machaelle's Answer: I recommend you add the MBP Nervous System Balancing Solution. Get the EoP Infusion Pump and keep that in a pocket or next to your body throughout the day to help strengthen and soothe you. And I recommend that when you feel up to having an adventure, read the information on PIC with the goal of addressing MS in your PIC focus. You do not need to learn, nor do you need to do muscle testing for PIC. But you do need to read the information to know how to set it up. If I managed to overwhelm you, call the Question Hot Line today or any Wednesday and talk this over (1-540-937-3679). Jeannette or Beth will be happy to help you set up and talk you through this. (By the way, it's important that you continue taking Immune, Lymphatic, Seasonal and ETS as well. What I'm suggesting here is adding to that group.)

Lois's Question: In addition to MAP, MPBs, ETS, EoP that I do, what benefit does the Seasonal Balancing Solution do for me?
Machaelle's Answer: Seasonal Balancing contains the combination of electric patterns that address the collection of microbial activity. Its benefit lies in the specific and specialized focus (Seasonal Balancing changes every year). The other things that you're using can be beneficial for those things that are swirling around, but they are not as immediate and directly focused as the Seasonal Balancing Solution.

Peggy's Question: I developed what appears to be a bacterial skin infection while traveling in June. I have had 2 types of antibiotics and a prescription topical. Although it's better than it was in June or July, I still have places popping out. A couple are having trouble healing. Had a biopsy taken finally yesterday. Waiting for results. Meanwhile what is best treatment to help heal this now and prevent something like this happening again. Also any recommendations for healing scarring. I have never had skin problems before.
Machaelle's Answer: You need to talk this through with someone. There are a number of options and you need to determine the best approach. Jeannette is answering the Question Line until 5 PM today at 1-540-937-3679. If you're unable to get through, try again on any Wednesday. Seriously, your questions require a discussion that goes beyond the limitations of this forum.

Helka's Question: I'd like to do a 2.1 Troubleshooting remotely for my garden in the town of Harjavalta located 160 miles away from Hanko, where I'm now. Is it possible? There are still plenty of moles there, and the maples there now have black spots on their leaves, meaning that are suffering from some kind of a plant disease, probably due to the record-rainy summer we had this year. I'd like to include the maples in the 2.1. troubleshooting. I'll be in Harjavalta again in November, but would like to do the troubleshooting process before the garden ‘goes to bed'.
Machaelle's Answer: Hi Helka! Hope you're doing well. You can do the 2.1 Troubleshooting, but you need assistance. You need someone who can put any needed drops or balancers in the bowl(s) for release, and then refresh them or change them out whenever needed (for example, if it rains). So if you know somebody who'd be happy to do this for you, then you're okay. If not, you might as well wait until November so you can do the whole process yourself. (Don't get overly excited about those moles because they do aerate your soil and your soil may need that if you've had a lot of rain.)

Sandra's Question: I'm looking for the virtual garden tour, assuming it's today in 2016. Can't find access to that. Seems only a Q & A forum is in the here & now? Thanks
Machaelle's Answer: Oh, sorry for the confusion. You'll find full details on today's Virtual Open House here. And you'll find a virtual tour of the garden from a few years ago here.

Carla's Question: Do you have anything for the adrenal glands?
Machaelle's Answer: Carla, I'm afraid that this is one of those questions that's so broad I don't know where to begin. It needs a conversation, so I recommend you call the Question Hot Line today and explain more of what you're talking about to Jeannette. Call 1-540-937-3679. Then we can give you the best suggestion.

Mark's Question: Good afternoon firstly thank you for all the excellent products you have developed over the years well done! My question is are there any plans to write anymore books on your extraordinary live experiences!
Machaelle's Answer: Oh Mark, congratulations! You've managed to pick the one question I'm not going to answer. You win the brass ring on the merry-go-round! I can give you half an answer. I never know when I'm going to write a book. It's always a surprise to me. And when I do know, I never talk about it. So you're just going to have to live on pins and needles. In the mean time, thank you for your kind words.

Kathleen's Question: PEMS for me feels totally wonky. MAP has helped, inch by inch, but I feel like I'm on a precipice, and that's scary and sad. I've been taking lots of ETS+ and EOP. Is the vibrational shift the planet is experiencing right now at the heart of things?
Machaelle's Answer: I would first suggest the EoP Infusion Pump. I don't know what to give as a reason behind this situation for you, but no matter what is the underlying issue, you could use more support now. And that's where the EoP Pump comes in because you'll keep it right next to you all the time and it's constantly infusing a strengthening balance. Since you're indicating that you already use MAP, be sure you have sessions on a regular basis (once or twice weekly) and talk out everything you're feeling and sensing at each session.

Naomi's Question: I'm not sure how to join the forum. I'd like to listen a bit before asking a question.
Machaelle's Answer: You did it! Just submit a question through the green button below and watch this page as new questions and answers are posted. Welcome!

Sue's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have several goals that I'm ready to work toward but am not sure which of the tools are appropriate to use. Here they are: To stop caring and thinking about other people's opinions. To learn how to still or ignore mind chatter. Learning how to speak Spanish Opening my sensory system to more easily see/hear/sense nature's input. Should I set up SLG's for each of them? Or go more in depth with my MAP Team? Also, I have three PIC lists going, Daily General Health, Eliminating Hot Flashes, & Eliminating recurring diarrhea. (any suggestions for better PIC Focuses would be appreciated) I have no retest on the digestive issue (YAY!!) but it had been ongoing for 5 years until recently, 4 months ago. Should I do some sort of a follow up and if so, what should the focus be? Thanks so much, Sue R
Machaelle's Answer: This is an extensive and overly ambitious list. Choose the one thing that's most important to you in this list. If it's not evident what Perelandra tools to use, call Jeannette on the Question Hot Line today at 1-540-937-3679. She'll help you keep things simple.

Machaelle: Here we go! Let's have a great day together!


PIC = Perelandra Information Center
PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels