We're giving you a private look into our personalities — our chocolate personalities, that is. . . .

Machaelle, Captain of the Ship
The one who makes it all possible, whose work brought you here, Captain of the Ship, Our Fearless Leader. Or, as Aunt Dorothy dubbed her, "Boss-Lady."
Fran’s Chocolate is absolutely the Final Word where
chocolate is concerned. Favorite: Gray Salt Caramel.


Clarence, Garden Assistant
Photographer, Miles' Best Bud, aka "The Clarence"
Favorite Chocolate? Fran's, Any Dark Chocolate.


Jeannette, Garden Assistant, DIRFINPERCUSSER
Mucks the pond, answers the question line, and has declared herself the Official baked goods taster.
Fran's Double Chocolate Figs are beyond the best.


Beth, Publishing, Web, Tech, "Geek Girl"
You know her best from the question hot line and email. The rest of her work is embedded in our web site and behind the scenes.
Plain ol' chocolate chips.


Ryan, Data Entry/Inventory/Production/Mailroom
Quickest study we've ever seen. Learns it, does it, and is ready for the next assignment — wherever he's needed.
Ryan's favorite is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups — good choice!


Paul, Production, recycling manager and more
Practices weight lifting with Boxes and Bottles, assembles your five-packs and nine-packs and kits, and then feeds the birds! And keeps us all informed of the latest and greatest sports news and statistics.
M&Ms are Paul's favorite.