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October 11, 2020


Making Plans With Nature

Nature knows balance. Add balance to your holiday plans.

We understand that many of you have barely smoothed out the latest kinks in your pandemic routines — cooler weather, school, various stages of quarantine, the upcoming election, voting . . . Now here we are talking about what?! The holidays.

It may seem too soon to talk about this. It's really not. Our Canadian friends are celebrating their Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, and many will forego traditionally large gatherings this year. (Canadian Thanksgiving and Coronavirus, Washington Post, 10/11/20)

We're already having the conversations here at Perelandra, asking ourselves and each other how we plan to navigate the holidays during this pandemic. Everyone's needs and concerns are different. You may feel as stumped as some of us on ways to celebrate the holidays with friends and family while not risking the health or life of those you love. How do you celebrate "together" while maintaining a safe physical distance, not travelling or leaving the house for anything other than essential trips for work and basic necessities.

If you're struggling with what to do and would like to come up with new, smart, creative ways to safely enjoy the holidays, here's an idea! Ask for nature's help.

No bottles, no accoutrements, nothing to buy. Anyone can do this. Yes, even you.

It's called a "Gut Garden." Machaelle has already set us up for working with nature in this way to make small, gradual changes in our individual homes and lives to address environmental crisis. (Be A Change Maker with Nature)

Here, we have adjusted those instructions slightly to give you an uncomplicated way to include nature's input and experience the spirit of your holidays in ways you never could have imagined.


It's This Simple

The easiest thing for you to do is:

1. Sit down and focus your attention on nature. Say, "Hello nature. I need help in coming up with way to safely celebrate Thanksgiving during this pandemic with my family — without being in the same room with them."

Or say, "Hello nature. I need to come up with a fun way to let all of my friends and family know I love and am thinking of them during the holidays, while also not ever leaving my apartment."

Or, "Hello nature. I usually have a huge New Year's party. In this pandemic year, I need ideas of ways to bring my friends 'together' in celebration that won't include anyone coming to my house."

Or, "Hello nature. I would like some ideas on how to safely enjoy _____________ [name the holiday] and celebrate with just those in my household (or celebrate on my own)."

Or, "Hello nature. I would like ideas on how to make the Christmas holiday special for my parents/grandparents without putting them at risk during this pandemic."

That's it. After saying this to nature, you may wish to say thank you.

2. Then, in your daily life, pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that come your way. Nature will respond and communicate, offer suggestions and ideas in a myriad of ways. You just need to pay attention.

3. Act on those options and ideas nature sends your way and get to planning!

SLG Solutions

If you want to add another layer of support to your plans:

Use EoP, ETS for Soil-less Gardens and/or ETS for Soil to bring balance to projects and goals. In this article we give specific ways you can partner with nature using one, two or all three of these Solutions.

Easy Steps for Working with Nature using ETS and EoP

mix branches

If you would like to expand your partnership with nature
into other parts of your life:

Machaelle suggests you approach this simply and consider your life a Gut Garden. The Perelandra Garden Workbook tells you how to set up your Gut Garden, and how to begin working with nature. It is the easiest partnership setup she offers.

Although the Workbook steps for Gut Gardening are set up for plants, you can take the Gut Gardening approach and principles and apply them to any aspect of your life. It's not the more complex structure used for "soil-less gardening."

When gently weaving nature into the various aspects of daily life in an ongoing basis, Gut Gardening is one easy way to go.