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May 17, 2020

Are you registered?
Use your vote to advocate for nature and the environment.

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Are you as frustrated as us with the significant rollbacks to environmental regulations made by the current U.S. administration in a few short years?

The Trump Administration is Reversing Nearly 100 Environmental Rules.
Here's the Full List.
[The New York Times, April 2020]

Seeing how other nations, some emboldened by this U.S. trend, have also abandoned environmental protections compounded that frustration.

But there is still hope. There is a path forward, even through what feels at times like chaos. It starts with making sure your vote is counted.


Make sure you are registered and ready to vote.

You can still register to vote in November's General Election in every U.S. state, but deadlines are coming up fast. Get the deadline for your state or territory:

U.S. State Election Dates & Deadlines
or   Vote.org: Voter Registration Deadlines

Register now. Don't put this off. Some local and state elections and primaries have been rescheduled due to the coronavirus pandemic. Go to any of the websites we're sharing here and select your state to learn what's happening and when.

If you plan to vote by mail — request your ballot now. Some localities are working to clear the way for full access and safe voting, either by mail or by socially-distanced polling places. A lot will be debated in the next several months and more changes will be made. You'll need to keep tabs on what's happening in your state to ensure your ability to vote.

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Here's one more good resource to help you quickly and easily confirm your registration, get registered and learn about absentee or mail-in voting:

Rock the Vote: Voting Information By State


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If you're registered and ready to vote.

Think about which of your neighbors, friends, family members, extended family and acquaintances could use your help to check their registration, get registered or request an absentee or mail-in ballot. Forward this email to them, then give them a good ol' fashioned phone call to talk them through what they need to do.



What else can you do right now?

Ask your elected officials to represent you.

If nature, the environment, drinking clean water or breathing clean air matter to you, find out how your senators and representative in Congress score when it comes to protecting the environment:

National Environmental Score Card

Then contact them and let them know how you would like them to represent you when environmental issues are involved.


Note: Many of you know that besides helping you take personal responsibility for your health and the environment, at Perelandra we also encourage taking individual responsibility for the government and military systems that impact each of our lives daily. To learn why this is a part of the work we do, read Machaelle's autobiographies, The Mount Shasta Mission, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon and Pivot.


The current global crisis is an excellent demonstration of what we humans don't know about interfacing with nature's planet . . . How about allowing nature to join us in equal partnership to give us the input we need to make new decisions? ~ Machaelle Wright, Celebrating the Power of the Individual

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