March 21, 2015

That's it folks. Glad to see so many of you are using PIC and finding it helpful. See you next Virtual Open House! — Machaelle

P.S. We're getting phone calls from people who are worried about my health because of how I answered question #37. Just to put everybody's mind at ease: Although I'm 70, I'm healthy as a horse (a healthy horse!) and will probably be around longer than any of us want . . . annoying and harassing all. Thank you for your concern, but it's misplaced! — Machaelle

Damien's Question: Hello. At what point during the soil-less garden troubleshooting list should I test to use EoP. Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: You can add Essence of Perelandra as a choice under the Energy Process Troubleshooting List and test it along with the rest of the list. Apply it using an NS shift for the focus of the troubleshooting.

CK's Question: Machaelle, I could not be more grateful for all you do. Finding your books and all things Perelandra has been a most wonderful thing for me. Even though I fear my question may sound stupid, I still want to ask you about about the issue of evil in general, including evil entities, people using this information to harm other people...

Machaelle's Answer: Well you didn't actually ask a question. This is a question that's probably not going to be the most appropriate for a forum of limited length, so I recommend you call our Question Hot Line today and talk to Jeannette about it. She's answering the Question Line until 5 p.m., eastern, today at 1-540-937-3679. If you're not able to get through today, you can try the line again on Wednesday.

Karen's Question: Machaelle, PIC came to me on a very dark night of the soul, indeed. I jumped right in and am sooo grateful for the help of it. When we activate PIC, to whom are we speaking? Nature? You? Pan? Also, if we ARE out of an essence, can we tell PIC, and ask her to choose from the essences we do have, just for that one unit of time, to give us time to replace any missing essence, and yet not have to miss any time without the essences? If that doesn''t work, during the intervening time as we wait for the missing essences to arrive, may we test daily for supportive essences until we can activate PIC again, with the full set of essences?

Machaelle's Answer: To answer your question, I refer you to my answer in question #2 below. As to who's speaking in PIC, you are connected to the nature that oversees the full range of all of the patterns we offer in our bottles.

Moonspun's Question: Machaelle, What happens when/if you die and we all need these Solutions? What's the plan? Much love, and sorry to ask a weird question.

Machaelle's Answer: Don't worry. I'm conducting myself in a socially-responsible way and preparing Perelandra for a post-Machaelle lifespan that will go on hopefully forever. That includes still offering all these bottles.

Marlene's Question: I was very drawn to PIC after reading the initial release e-mail. After testing the PIC checklist for myself & my husband, I needed to place an order for more Perelandra products. I placed the order 3/02/15 and have not received the order to date. Is this a reasonable waiting time period, considering the interest in this new system?

Machaelle's Answer: It sounds like your order never reached us. Be sure to call the Order Line (1-800-960-8806) and we'll help you figure out what happened and get your order processed right away. The Order Line is open today until 5 p.m., eastern.

Ann's Question: I have taken in a mother feral cat and her 5 kittens (now around 6 months old) given the severity of weather this winter. They are quite wild and though I have managed to trap 3 of them while in the house and had them spayed, it has been very traumatic for all of us. I have been doing a SLG to help with accomplishing this with a minimum of trauma for all of us. It has helped me emotionally but I am beginning to despair of ever being able to neuter/spay the remaining three. Is this an appropriate use of SLG? Any thoughts, tips would be most appreciated!

Machaelle's Answer: This is fine to continue with your SLG, but I recommend that you work with the PIC List for yourself and the focus would be: "the difficulty and emotions I'm experiencing around trying to get these animals neutered." Your emotions and frustrations are probably a major block in this process with the kittens at this point.

Dianne's Question: Hi Machaelle, I would like to know what to use to clear up sugar cravings. Thanks! Dianne

Machaelle's Answer: First of all, I don't think Red Bull will help! So I think you could take this to the PIC List. Your focus would be "my sugar cravings."

Wendy's Question: I work in the medical field and employers are becoming less accepting of my refusal to receive a yearly Flu shot. Have you heard of employers accepting the seasonal balancing blend as a alternative for the flu shot?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, we have had in the past employers who offer their employees the Seasonal Balancing Solution. I just don't think that in light of what you are saying, your employer would be interested. Good luck with this issue.

Elizabeth's Question: Re: PIC – can you test the list for a focus that is not specifically a health issue, such as a relationship [i.e.: My relationship with person/organization/thing]? Thank you.

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, you can test these kinds of things in PIC because they are an expansion of health issues. Be sure to clearly define your focus and keep it simple.

Amy's Question: Would it be appropriate to test PIC in a Companion Animal Session (similar to PIC in MAP for us 2-legged animals) or should I test PIC for an animal completely stand-alone? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: Test PIC for an animal completely stand alone, and then put the animal through the coning if still needed.

Elizabeth's Question: PIC is wonderful! So sophisticated, easy and freeing. We love it. Thank you so much. Especially love the recent suggestion to set up a focus for “season prep.” Great idea. Thanks again.

Machaelle's Answer: Really glad you picked up on the Season Prep suggestion. I thought that would be helpful for a lot of people (myself included). And thanks for the good words about PIC.

Amy's Question: Thank you for PIC! Your #2 answer indicated the dram bottles aren't useful for the 2 oz. solutions. For "liquid limits" for air travel, I've found the dram bottles squeeze nicely into the cracks between travel-sized toiletries, and I can get at least 3 doses of most of the solutions, from a dram bottle. This has made using dram bottles perfect for short business trips. My question: Is there any reason not to use the smaller drops for the Perelandra Solutions, ETSs and MBPs? Thanks, Machaelle!

Machaelle's Answer: No, the smaller drops in the dram bottles work equally well with the correct number. It's perfectly fine to use the dram-size bottles — it's just that we're not going to fill them for folks. But we do sell the empty dram-size bottles for those who'd like to use them.

Henrietta's Question: Hi and thank you for doing these open houses and the generosity of your offers. I have been doing a SLG for some time now to increase my money income for various things. I have had no success at all despite being stringent about troubleshooting, follow ups and being careful to carry out what is coming up in the sessions. It has been taken to MAP/calibration but still no results. The testing I do seems accurate. Do you have any suggestions? I was wondering if it is part of my Karma not to have this money and no amount of SLG will help? There is a lot of success in other SLG I have carried out in the past so I just feel a bit stumped here. You're a real source of inspiration so thank you for all you have done Machaelle.

Machaelle's Answer: Take this issue to PIC and test the PIC List to find out what in you is blocking this process.

Susan's Question: I work inside a coning while writing (my my soilless garden) and have trouble remembering to close at the end of a session. I know staying connected to one's higher self can be draining. Is there any kind of fail-safe switch I can employ? I've put up post-it notes and still forget. Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: When you open a soil-less garden coning, you are not just connecting to your higher self — you're engaging a full coning and that's what's draining. My suggestion is write bigger notes and put them where you can't miss them.

Reggie's Question: Hi Machaelle , Thank you, thank you, I love PIC. My PIC testing didn't need a retest date but needed a 10 day dosage. After completing this PIC dosage for "My Daily General Health", how soon can I repeat this same focus. Is there a "resting day". Thanks again,you are marvelous and so is everything Perelandra. Hugs, Reggie

Machaelle's Answer: Wait 24 hours before you repeat the same focus. If you need nothing, then you're testing too quickly. Wait a couple of weeks and test again. Glad you're liking PIC.

Janet's Question: Hi Machaelle and team! My dog is a rescue and has a severe case of mange (over half his body). Naturally, veterinary solution have not helped at all. what do you suggest? A big thank-you to you and nature xx

Machaelle's Answer: This is a perfect situation for PIC. The focus will be simple: "_____'s mange" (write your dog's name). You'll need to make sure you test the entire PIC List to find out just what your dog needs for the mange issue. If what you need is extensive, it probably means the mange is connected to the dog's experience requiring rescue, so you'll be dealing with the larger picture (but still just one PIC List). This is probably why the vet's solutions haven't worked.

Margie's Question: No question, just a heart felt thank you to Machaelle and all for PIC. My dear sweet companion Kenzie ( terrier ) died 10 days ago. I was in no condition to do a Basic Telegraph test protocol or even basic essence testing for the grief -- but I was able to open PIC and ask for help. I got more than I expected -- not only the physical help I needed, but also insights about letting go. Nature is helping me keep my balance on all levels as I move through this experience. Many thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: That's very smart of you. I'm glad you received help in this time of need.

Lila's Question: Just a quick thank you to all at Perlandra, Nature, the MBP, Perelandra Essences, kinesology, Nature Healing Program and ETS for animals. My new puppy got into something, I still don't know what, got a no to everything I asked. She was sick for three days. I got a no, she does not need to go to the vet, if it was a yes we would have gone in a heartbeat. We did get yes on ETS for Animals, MBP, Essences. Today she is eating again and galloping through the house at full throttle, annoying the cats and older dogs to no end and making me smile. My deepest gratitude for including animals in your books and products. LIla

Machaelle's Answer: Glad it worked. Give your puppy a hug for me!

Joshua's Question: What is Nature's definition of a human being? Thanks.

Machaelle's Answer: Beats me. You're going to have to ask nature that question. You're welcome!

Rob's Question: Hi Machaelle, Thanks for fielding all these questions. What are your thoughts on people being biased while using muscle testing? And do you have any recommendations for making sure the true answers arise as opposed to those we think that should? Thanks! Rob

Machaelle's Answer: Well Rob, the bottom line is that a person's bias can skew anything. A bias can make medication work and it can make medication not work. A bias can make a person hate and it can make a person not hate. So it really boils down to the individual's commitment when they are muscle testing to accept the true or correct answer, no matter where it may lead. When they can't make that commitment, they shouldn't be muscle testing.

Kat's Question: Hi Machaelle, No questions, just a heartfelt thank you for the amazing work you've made accessible to all of us. It truly has been life changing for me and my loved ones, both 2 legged and 4 legged. Sometimes it's truly miraculous - I wouldn't believe it if I didn't experience it. Can't wait to see what's next!

Machaelle's Answer: Kat, if you want miraculous, PIC's the thing that's next! So have fun with PIC.

Kim's Question: Just wanted to thank you, Perelandra and nature! I use Perelandra tools in so many aspects of my life and I enjoy what I am learning and what I am seeing. Just recently, my SLG for my small business saw some rumbling of change all the way to corporate restructuring, which will impact the profitability of my business as well as how we do business. As I reread the DDP to see that the wording could address the whole corporate structure when my monkey mind was thinking the DDP would only impact local change. Thank you for sharing these powerful tools. I am so grateful... Perelandra has changed my life ... from down right boring to vast and everchanging! Much gratitiude!!!

Machaelle's Answer: Thank you for your kind words. I wish you well with your business changes.

Carol's Question: I partnered with nature for my garden and for my postmenopausal symptoms and with good success. I am now attempting to partner for a change in jobs with a soil-less garden. Changing from registered nursing to co-creative gardening as an occupation is what I want. My question is What kind of things should I be looking for as ways to partner with nature for this change? I have already activated this soil-less garden and done the troubleshooting. Thanks

Machaelle's Answer: The question you're asking is precisely the kind of question you would ask your soil-less garden coning. Your answers are going to need to be in light of where you are located and what is possible commercially. I can't answer that for you. But I do wish you well.

Mary's Question: Dear Machaelle, Historically I have used only Rose 1 & 2, the Garden Essences, Soul Ray Essences, ETS for Humans and Soil, and Essesnce of Perelandra. When the information about PIC came out, my understanding was that I could work within PIC with the essences that I normally work with, but that each set of essences that I was going to use had to be complete and available for the testing process. I then went ahead and ordered a mixed bag of essences that would top all of the sets just listed. In short, I am not working with everything Perelandra has to offer, but my sets are now complete. Can I proceed with PIC with this understaning?

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, but you need to understand that you will using the PIC library and information department only. You must be willing to include all of the bottles in order to test a PIC List.

Ellie's Question: Happy Spring! I am enjoying PIC very much, thank you! I have a question regarding the timing of taking the essences with PIC. You were pretty specific about the hours (6 am to noon, 6 pm to midnight) and I want to make sure that those of us who keep odd hours can tweak to whatever hours our Mornings and Evenings might be. Thank you!!

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it's okay to adjust the PIC dosage timing to whatever "6 am to noon" and "6 pm to midnight" would be for your work schedule and sleep rhythm.

Diane's Question: Wow, thanks for PIC!! However, I got out some solutions I hadn't used in a while and found ALL the bottles of ETS Soil had rotted rubber tops. The droppers now don't function. The other ETS purchased at the same time were all fine, including the other vinegar ones. All my essence bottles, MBP bottles, and other Perelandra solutions are fine. Did this happen to anybody else?

Machaelle's Answer: It happens from time-to-time. All we recommend you do is call our Order Line to purchase 2-oz. replacement droppers. Then you'll be back on track. Glad you like PIC. I like it too!

Sue's Question: Would you consider creating a travel-size PIC kit? I know the Essences and MBPs come in small sizes - but perhaps you could also miniaturize the ETS and animal formulas? Thanks so much for all you do towards global health!

Machaelle's Answer: We are considering different options for this. We have to bribe our production department to expand to include these first. So, when they return from their around-the-world trip, we'll be discussing options.

Ann's Question: Hi Machaelle, Hope all is well! Can you please recommend some formulas to help with a lipoma (a benign fatty tumor) it's located on my scapula? I have been experiencing a burning sensation, which is probably due to the lipoma pressing against nerve endings. Can you also recommend a formula to heal a non-displaced fracture on my hand, resulting from a fall. What formula would you recommend for liver cleansing? I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I greatly appreciate you and your product line. Have a great weekend! Ann

Machaelle's Answer: Okay Ann, you sound like the perfect candidate for PIC. So the formula I recommend is that you read about PIC and test the PIC List for each of your concerns.

Colleen's Question: Hello Machaelle and thank you. If 'Deva' is sanskrit for Angel, then does the Overlighting Deva of Healing supersede Archangel Raphael (who is the Archangel of Healing)? Also, I had a reconstructive knee surgery in 2011 and because of my emotional and mental state at the time, I wasn't able to take care of it by dong the necessary physio afterwards. Through the years I have tried hypnotherapy, somatoemotional release, and bio-energy healing, all to kick my butt to awaken the drive in order to release the block that is still keeping me from doing my physio. My walk has changed and I am sore often. I recently did a calibration for the first time using ETS+ as I was told it helps with blocks. I think the answer came to me in the way that I need to work on my 3rd chakra to 'take action'. Do you have any thoughts on this or recomendations? Thanks so much!

Machaelle's Answer: Just because "deva" is sanskrit for "angel" doesn't mean that devas are angels. To the rest of it, you might want to read about PIC and test the PIC List.

Laighne's Question: No questions today. I want to express my deep gratitude to you and all at Perelandra. I doubt I would have remained sane through the last few years without your essences, solutions and programs! THANK YOU!!! You provide us with what is so needed beyond allopathic medicine.

Machaelle's Answer: I appreciate your kind words. I'm glad to hear from you. And am especially glad to know our products are helpful to you.

Deborah's Question: I have worked with the post death essence procedure, and have called the Question Line about what to tell folks who are passing on, post essence testing. The question line experts tell me to pass on, "just ask anyone if you need help". This makes me think of materializing at the mall and asking for directions to Macey's. So now I am curious, what is going on there? Do you know of any books or material you feel accurately describe "the next step" Is this ok to ask on the question forum? Thanks for the PIC, I have only looked it over briefly, but am looking forward delving into it this week. Machaelle you amaze me, you have done it again! What a poetic solution to crazy situation. Hat's off to you Gal! Thanks Deborah

Machaelle's Answer: In light of your questions, Dancing in the Shadows of the Moon might be just the book for you! Glad you like PIC.

Julie's Question: I am loving PIC. Thanks so much for bringing this to us. I have chronic Lyme disease. I do pretty well considering. Thanks in large part to years of using the Perelandra MBP, MAP and now PIC. My question is how to approach this with PIC. Do I focus on my current (but ever changing) symptoms or do I just have it be "chronic Lyme disease". That is my diagnosis, but who knows what else is undiagnosed but needs addressing as well. So to clarify my question - do I do it by symptom or by the bigger picture of chronic lyme + whatever else. Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: Do it by the bigger picture. Because you're not absolutely sure what's included in chronic Lyme Disease, I agree the focus should be, "chronic Lyme Disease, plus whatever else is related."

Shirley's Question: Hi, Machaelle, do you think it's a good idea to have "My daily general health" as an ongoing focal issue, adding specific health issues as separate focus issues rather than going straight for the chronic illness?

Machaelle's Answer: I'm not sure, but it sounds like you're talking about PIC. I definitely suggest doing a "daily general health" focus first. Take the drops from that unit for 2 - 3 weeks to let your body adjust before you add any more PIC List tests. The general health test is probably going to cover a fair number of anomolies you may have wanted to address and now don't need to.

India's Question: Hi Again - I have a question regarding the Women's Reproductive Solution. Does it benefit women who have had full hysterectomies? If so, how? Thank you. Thanks for your answer to my other questions!

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, it does benefit these women. And it's because there's much more included in the woman's reproductive system than just ovaries and a uterus. It would be particularly helpful for those women who have part of the system removed and are in need of balancing the rest of the system.

Sue's Question: Hi Machaelle, I’m really enjoying PIC. It’s so slick and effective. My questions about PIC were answered by my MAP team and PIC connection before the Open House started today. How cool is that? So, I have a tip to offer. To enhance the effectiveness of the PIC work, I periodically review what it is I want to get from the Unit I’m working on. Then I appreciate the elements I am enjoying, about that Unit. It feels good to do this. It lends clarity, and opens the channels for further clarity and health I have just one question for you. Are we still best off to tell the border patrol that these bottles contain homeopathic remedies? I’m comin’ to the States later this month and want to continue my 7 Units of Pic while I’m there. (Yes, this Perelandra veteran is running that many units and it feels right, so I’m sticking with the program.) Love ya, Sue Chruszcz

Machaelle's Answer: Yes, still say they're homeopathic remedies. Saves you a lot of headaches at the border. Glad PIC is working for you, and I'm sure some will appreciate your suggestion.

Yvonne's Question: Good afternoon, my question is about "cracking the code." You may have covered this in your book. I first learned how to communicate with Nature using PKKT. I also find coning conferences to be a great way to have multilevel conversations with many participants. My question is this: for one on one information sharing, e.g. in the garden with one intelligence at a time, is it necessary to also have Nature and Pan connected as mediators? Can I just call up my "friend", the deva or the spirit King Stropharia, and ask about soil amendments with simple yes or no questions? How would you recommend the set up for one on one communications? thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: My suggestion on setting up for getting the information from nature is to use the guidelines that I lay out in The Perelandra Garden Workbook. Those guidelines work the best. There's nobody in any of the conings that I recommend who function as "mediators." They're all integral to a coning.

Diana's Question: Could negative energy (or ghost) held by the land I own be causing my lawnmower to break? (I found out after purchase that the previous owner ordered a hit on some burglars & displayed their bodies in front of the house; he died a month later of a heart attack.) I have already done 2 energy clearings but mowers always break down quickly. The ground cover needs to be low to discourage poisonous snakes; hence the mowing. I don’t have enough faith to just ask the snakes not to bite. I don’t live on the land; can I perform more cleansings from a distance? My daughter asks, “Could it just be that we’re buying sh**y lawnmowers?”

Machaelle's Answer: First, I think your daughter's probably the one who's most right on this! But also you may be having difficulty with a Geopathic Zone. For that you're going to need The Perelandra Garden Workbook and do a Troubleshooting 2.1 Process to address the issue.

Lisa's Question: Hi Machaelle. I was wondering if you have plan to offer all bottled products is smaller packaging to make it easier and mor affordable to jump into PIC. I would LOVE to to see an all essences dram set for cost and portability. And smaller sizes offered in general for the Solutions that only come in 2-oz. size at present. I have accumulated most everything over the years, and was hoping for small bottles to round out my set. Thanks!

Machaelle's Answer: We do have an All Essences Dram Set [here]. For the Solutions, you'll just need to pay more attention. We're offering a lot of specials on these bottles to enable people to jump in without having to mortgage their homes. For example, look at our Buy 1, Get 1 for $5 for All 2-oz. Bottles special happening this weekend. We've also set up a new Points System to help out folks who order 2-oz. bottles regularly. So the answer to your question is no, you're not going to get useless dram-size bottles for the 2-oz. Solutions for PIC! They don't hold enough drops for PIC.

Christine's Question: PIC is fantastic, taking all the essences and solutions that I tested + for as a Unit. What a time saver, especially at night. Q: If I run out of an item, would I then return to the former way of taking everything until the replacement bottle arrives? And when it does, can I return to PIC once it arrives?

Machaelle's Answer: When you run out of one of the unit bottles, I recommend that you order a replacement right away and get it shipped as quickly as possible. When it arrives, open PIC and ask how many days you need to add on to your retest date in light of the break. I don't think reverting back to the old way of doing things in this kind of situation is going to do much of anything except confuse your body. I also recommend that when you test for a new PIC unit, you look at your bottles at that time. You know how long you're going to take those drops because you have a retest date. Make sure you have enough on hand so there isn't a gap in your dosage.

India's Question: Hi Machaelle, I have a kidney transplant and take a lot of immune suppressants to prevent rejections. So I have been very hesitant to take the Immune MBP solution because although I of course want a strong immune system, I am concerned about not triggering antibodies that will attack my beloved kidney partner. What is your knowledge and perspective on this? Thank you!

Machaelle's Answer: This is where the brilliance of PIC comes in. My suggestion is that you test the PIC List and use the focus: "In light of my kidney transplant and the immune suppressants I'm currently taking, what do I need to properly balance and strengthen my immune system?" Then test the PIC List and the things that you'll test positive for will strengthen your immune system without messing up the suppressants and your new kidney. Be sure to test the WHOLE list!

PKTT = Perelandra Kinesiology Testing Technique
SLG = soil-less garden
MBP = Microbial Balancing Program
MBPs = MBP Balancing Solutions
Solutions = MBP Balancing Solutions
EoP = Essence of Perelandra
DDP = definition, direction, purpose
PEMS = physical, emotions, mental & soul levels