Last winter I read all of Machaelle's books and began to work with nature to plan the spring garden. This garden is small, almost 400 square feet. But the amount and variety of vegetables to be planted was extensive. I have an active three-and-a-half-year old son who likes to dig, but I have little time for physical garden work. However, as others reported, nature did more than it's share. Produce was beautiful, except for one area about 10 x 4 feet. According to the master plan, five different kinds of melons were needed here for balancing. I guess just the seeds were necessary because nothing grew there. Only one of the melon seedlings planted indoors survived and when I planted it in the garden with the seeds, it died. Plants bordering the melon space did marvelously — tomatoes (twenty-five), marigolds, beans and nasturtiums were all green and lush. The melon plot remained without even a weed all summer. The rest of my garden had four-foot-tall weeds at one place and thistles everywhere. But there was not one green thing in the melon plot. I had done the Energy Cleansing, Soil Balancing and Battle Energy Release Processes once in the spring, after consulting with the devas of the garden and soil.

I cleared the property again (house, house borders and garden). Amazingly, during the next week ten of the nasturtiums began reaching into the melon plot, and weeds sprouted. The purpose of the growing hiatus there, I was told in a consultation with the devas of the garden and soil, was that the area needed a rest. That experience provided me with a very clear and graphic message about the power of nature, the devas and the clearing processes.

— P.B., Illinois