Essences and MAP

I "found" the Perelandra Essences after reading Machaelle's books and visiting her garden with my mother one summer. I brought home as many of the essences as I could afford, which was all of them — I couldn't afford not to!

I did a daily routine with them as suggested in her books. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I was having a problem with migraine headaches, and I slowly noticed over the course of a year, that I had fewer and fewer. I also noticed that during a MAP session, the headache would go away faster. At first, it took about the same amount of time as I usually had a migraine, about 24 hours. About six months into MAP, my migraines were going away by the end of the day or within a few hours of the session. By the end of the year, I was experiencing a phenomenon that I call "shattering," which is to say that I could feel healing energy course up and down my body and then my migraine would "shatter" into pieces. I could feel each piece kind of melt or slide away, like clouds dissipating. This would happen within the hour that I did my MAP session.

I had always read about this healing energy that rolled up and down a person's body, and now I had experienced it! It was subtle, but noticeable. Have you ever had that "hair on end" feeling? It is something like that, only warmer. It rolls up and down the body, generating a kind of prickly feeling but not electrical like the "hair on end" feeling. I am so thankful and appreciative! I love my MAP team, and they are still with me today. I know if I ever need an emergency MAP session, I can do one wherever I am, and they will help.

— D.P., Nevada