Post: February 29, 2020

Message from Machaelle



So many of you have been reaching out to us this week, worried, asking for some direction on how to prepare for the outbreak we are facing worldwide. It's reasonable to be worried right now, but more important to focus on preparing and thinking about how you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and safe in the coming months.

I'm paying close attention to what has been happening and as soon as I get information, I'm asking Beth and Jeannette to send that in emails to you. My goal is to keep you well informed. So, I have made sure that what I feel has been important for you to know has been included in the messages we've been sending.

I hope the tips and links to emergency preparedness and trustworthy sources of information have helped you gear up early and made you mindful of what is needed in your household should you or someone in your family be exposed or become ill.

On Friday morning, we sent suggestions on how to use the Perelandra products you are familiar with and already have on hand. If you missed that information, you'll find it here. It includes links to practical tips and preparedness information at the bottom of the page.

It is crystal clear, this week in particular, that we have no government leadership on this issue, and it's going to be up to each of us to get ourselves through this. At Perelandra, we've been setting up to do just that. We have procedures in place, and in early January we kicked into gear to secure our essential supplies.

We have also set plans and procedures to address staff absences, temporary closures, new work shifts to minimize exposure, school closures, and working from home. We have also addressed possible shipper and supplier delays.

Perhaps knowing this will help you to relax a bit about being able to get the Perelandra products you rely on, should we find ourselves in a difficult pandemic situation. It may take us a little longer to get your order to you, but we have the framework in place to keep operating.

One thing I do suggest: Be sure you are stocked for at least a month and reorder your supplies at least a month in advance of running out.

An important key to getting through a pandemic and sequestering is to make your new routine feel special.

Here are some mental health tips: When supplying yourself with essentials, add in some fun things. Gather games, puzzles, coloring books, special art and craft projects, books and magazines you never have time for, funny DVDs . . . things you've always wanted to learn or do, but never had the time. And besides stocking your pantry and freezer with extra food, stock something that is a special treat. A jar of your favorite jam, a homemade pot pie, a pint of your favorite ice cream, etc.

We'll all be functioning in new ways this year but it will eventually settle and we'll be able to resume our "normal" patterns again. Until then, be smart, stay informed, and remain calm and safe out there. Together we can do this.

With best wishes,