Miasms Process

Thank you Machaelle for your work. The Miasm Process is great! For as long as I can remember, I have had this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. No matter how great things were, I was always waiting for it to get bad, because the good just couldn't last. Well, I saw that you had a paper on miasms and it just hit me that I should get it. I did. I used it to identify my feeling which it turns out had a miasm at its core.

I listed 35 symptoms and did the testing for all of them. It took about three weeks to undo something that has held me down for 41 years. Now I feel like I've awaken from a nightmare. The world is no longer scary and I'm not waiting for the bad guy around every corner. I live in the safe, sane world of a sunny morning. Awake and confident. Able to enjoy the good things thoroughly without thinking of the bad that has to come. I ordered more essences testing charts. There's more work to be done! The grappling hooks that have tethered me down are about to be loosed. I am inspired by the ease and effectiveness of using flower essences. And I'm overjoyed at the prospect of being able to take care of myself and get my freedom. Thank you all for your work. You can go to bed at night and think of my liberation. It is not a small thing. It's a great thing when a person is free to be their best self. And I am grateful to you. Best wishes in all you do.

— S.A., Missourri