Miasms Process

I have been meaning to write you for a long time about the miracle your flower essences have done.

My son Sean (one of twins) at three years began to develop worse and worse asthma. At first a homeopathic remedy would control it, or flower essences, or Reiki. Then not. Then we went to prescription medicines, stronger and stronger. Even they stopped working. I spent many nights sitting on his bed, holding him all night as he coughed and struggled with every breath, despite breathing treatments, oral steroids, and so on. It was terrifying and the pattern continued for about a year. I was at my wit's end. (Especially since I work in medicine and know how many children die of asthma each year.)

So one day I was flipping through my books and came across your paper on clearing miasms. I thought, "Couldn't hurt." So I tested Sean to see if a miasm was at the root of his asthma (yes) and set up a schedule of remedies to take over the next six weeks. After two weeks he was sleeping through the night. After eight weeks he was off all his medication. That was one and a half years ago, and he has not had one symptom of asthma since--even when his brother has been wheezing or when everyone in town is suffering from allergies. He also seems much more resistant to the colds and bronchitis young kids get. (He is now six and finishing kindergarten.)

Even now, writing about it, I get tears in my eyes. My whole family thanks you from the bottom of our hearts.

— E.W.R., California