Miasms Process

I am writing to tell you about a miasm that I had that was dissipated or integrated with the use of flower essences and the instructions from Perelandra Paper #3: Miasms.

My story began 42 years ago. At about the age of ten, I started getting boils or what some people call carbuncles. At this early age, I would get just one, it would appear on my vagina and was of short duration. Back then, my mother treated it with folk remedies (skins from boiled egg shells and salted pork). In my twenties, the boils no longer appeared on my vagina, but were making their presence known in the underarms — big, painful and messy. I treated them with antibiotics from the physician after having them lanced. It didn't work and I stopped seeing the physician and taking antibiotics for them. They just ran their course. By the time I was 41 years of age, they were continuous, especially large and painful at the onset of menstruation. They'd swell, burst open, discharge, close up and start swelling again. Now, they were appearing under both arms, the vaginal area and occasionally there were swellings on my breast and stomach, though the ones on my breast and stomach were never great, they'd shrink and leave dark spots.

Need I tell you how devastating this was, especially after talking with the physician and having him tell me that he could give me antibiotics for them, but once you were infected with boils, you could not get rid of them. I turned to herbs and spent hundreds of dollars to no avail. Finally, the largest boil under my left arm decided it would show me who was boss in this body. I awakened one morning totally unable to lift my arm without assistance and great pain. I ended up at the hospital on an emergency basis. The physician took one look at the boil and said that it was poisoning my system. I was given an intravenous solution, a hand cast and scheduled for minor surgery. I had the surgery to remove the boil, but knowing well that I had other boils, I asked the surgeon what could be done. He told me that I would have to have the muscles from the underarms removed, which he would not recommend. I drove home drugged and in tears, thinking that I would just have to live with this plague. I certainly couldn't have all the muscles where the boils appeared removed, could I? I had read that boils were a symptom of repressed anger and hurt, so I returned to herbs and started affirmations to help with the emotional pain, hurt and anger. I must have tried every recently announced herb on the market (not to say anything derogatory about herbs, I still use one as prescribed through kinesiology) and I was constantly at the pharmacy buying bandages, tape, peroxide and antibacterial washes, because now that the Great Boil (I called it this because there were other smaller ones still active but to a lesser degree) was gone from the left arm, it appeared that the swellings under the right arm had increased in size and intensity, sometimes to the size of an egg before bursting. Day after day, I applied bandages and tape. My underarm areas were raw and darkened.

Then, thank the gods! I started with MAP. I was using up to thirty essences sometimes and always, always the Nature Program Essences. It made sense. Lots of things were going on with me, I was feeling better, but the pesky boils were still hanging on. While browsing through the catalog, my eyes fastened on the offer for the paper about miasms. I ordered it, read it, and it applied to me. I started the program.

Just as you say in your paper, it takes patience and believe me it takes time. But it is well worth it! On April 22, 1996, I identified all the symptoms that I was aware of at the time. There were ten including the emotional factor of prong II, and the miasm itself, prong III. I telegraph tested for each symptom and took the initial dosages; though treatments are not duplicated many of the essences were used over and over again in different combinations. All in all, it took about five hours to work through the procedure. (I was new at this.) I was not prepared, so I was exhausted.

The first round of treatments ran from April 23rd to May 12th. Just as you state in the paper, the dosage for prong II is a one-time dosage and the dosage for the miasm itself extends far beyond that of the other symptoms. For me they ran from 2 to 11 days, and the dosage for the miasm ran for 19 days. All the while, I was still having my MAP coning sessions and taking those prescribed dosages (fortitude), and somehow, I knew that the first round wouldn't be enough. I hoped it would, but I knew better. One evening, while lying on the sofa, I got a "hit" (intuitive nudge) and made a mental note that when it was time to retest, I would include symptoms that I didn't think were part of the miasm at first. On May 12th, I ended the first round of treatment and on May 13th, much better prepared, with time, water, bottles, frame of mind, patience and all, I retested and understood that I needed to continue. I was willing because finally, I was getting results.

This time, four of the symptoms I had tested for originally tested clear or negative. However, other symptoms were added, namely lack of energy and things I would never have considered prior to the first round of treatment and the MAP conings.

The procedure operated as before, some treatments lasting a shorter duration than others, a one-time treatment for prong II, and an extended period for the miasm itself. However, before I could be through with this energy pattern, I had to address the emotional and mental factor on a deeper level. For about a week, maybe a little longer, I kept feeling this emotional pain in my chest. I talked with my Team about it and walked around feeling sad all the time, even though everything was going so well. Lying on the sofa again, I got another intuitive "hit." I was told that I needed to forgive. So I set aside one evening and did just that. I decided to give myself some Reiki energy to facilitate the process and as I touched parts of my body, I forgave and asked for forgiveness from every person and situation I could and could not think of. I was sobbing like a baby and weak as a kitten at the end of the session and could only tumble into bed and sleep. The next day I awakened feeling like a new person.

On May 31, 1996, at the end of treating the miasm itself, there was only a tiny flap of skin, the size of a pea, where the Great Boil had inhabited. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was, but I'll try. First I want to say this. Immediately after this, I had a minor flare-up around the vaginal area. I cursed, went back to the procedure to make sure this energy pattern was dealt with and I got a positive. The flare-up went away, so I think it just wanted to announce its departure. The nodules under my arms continue to shrink. My final test for the miasm was to be the onset of menses. That's when the "big guns" usually came out. They did not show up. I know in my deepest self that I am free. One other thing, medications that I have been taking for other health challenges have had to be adjusted. I don't need as many!

I am one happy woman! In about 39 days of treatment, I ended a 42-year cycle of hopelessness. What little patience and persistence I had to cope with was nothing compared to expenses, time wasted and pain I endured prior to starting this process. You might have heard me screaming my thanks to the Universe for having you on this planet during my lifetime. I gave thanks to the Deva of Healing, Pan, my White Brotherhood MAP Team and my Higher Self for bringing me through. My highest regards to you!

— O.G., California