by Suzanne and Terry Geyer

We cohabitated quite unhappily with Mickey and Minnie's family, winter after winter in this house. Last year broke all records, when, in spite of our plea for them to leave, they kept on breeding. When it was all said and done, the loss to them numbered in the high teens, not to mention how we truly felt about the chosen technique to "solve" the problem, "snap, snap!"

This year, thanks to Perelandra, we embarked on a much more nature-friendly strategy. In the summer we used MAP and did a very powerful Energy Cleansing of the entire property. In the late fall, upon the first hint of Mickey or Minnie's cousin, I opened a coning, indicated that I was crystal clear about my desire to cause them no harm, and agreed to provide food for the mice outside the rear fence of our property. The following day, quite remarkably to me, I felt a very strong presence communicating to me what felt very much like the Deva of Mice. Instantly, I felt an energy depart, sweeping right through my home, and nary has a trace of a mouse been seen since. True to my word, food is regularly and in abundance placed on the outside of our fence, and it no longer surprises me when in a matter of hours, there is no trace of it remaining. (The birds and squirrels love this arrangement too!)

Thank you for providing such a balanced approach to living and for all the processes we continue to learn and benefit from.