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Update: March 2022

Microbes and Environments

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Many of you have asked how to address the balance of your environment in light of the pandemic, environmental damage, climate change and other serious challenges.

For your home environment (indoor and outdoor), your business or your office space, here's one excellent approach:

Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program
Phase 1 Testing for Environments

It is the simplest, most accessible and most direct way for you to work with nature for needed balancing of microbes in your environment. (In your body too, but today we're talking about outside-your-body environments.)



For More Than The Obvious

Microbial balancing is also important for garden soil, ponds, chicken yards, grazing fields, bee hives, barns, rabbit pens, aquariums, reptile tanks . . . Consider the possibilities for the environments that support not only your health, but the health of the animals and plants in your care. There are many situations and issues that can be helped by an environmental Phase 1 Testing. For example:

  • You're preparing you garden for planting.

  • You appreciate the benefits of the monthly EoP Biodiversity Process and want to do more.

  • Avian flu is spreading in your region and you're concerned about your backyard flock or the wild birds at your feeders.

  • You'd like your bee hives to support healthy honeybees.

  • You recognize the health of your home environment has a direct impact on your family's health.


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If You Already Use The Microbial Balancing Program

You can jump right in to Phase 1 Testing for environments. It is as simple and very similar to the Phase 1 Testing you do for yourself. You'll spend around the same amount of time — usually anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes depending on your practice level and what the microbes need.

Machaelle gives the guidelines for "Using Phase 1 Testing for Environments" on pages 325–326 of the Perelandra Microbial Balancing Program Manual. When using Phase 1 Testing to address your environment in light of the pandemic, or any infectious issue in your area:

If you own or rent a home or business with land, then the focus of your MBP Phase 1 test would be: "Phase 1: General microbial balancing for my personal environment (home and property) in light of ______________ [name of pathogen]."

If you own or rent a soil-free environment such as an apartment or office, then the focus of your MBP Phase 1 test would be: "Phase 1: General microbial balancing for my personal soil-free environment in light of ______________ [name of pathogen]."


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Before You Get Any Grand Ideas
Only do the MBP, or any Perelandra process, to address environments for which you are personally responsible, that is — only what you own, rent or lease. Seriously, don't try to microbial balance the world or "just" your neighborhood. That will waste your time and offers no benefit to your environment or microbes.



About MBP Phase 1 Testing

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