Nature Healing Coning for Animals

I thought you would be interested in reading of my first experiences using a Nature Healing Coning for Animals and the Perelandra Essences. In later June of this year I read the MAP book by Machaelle and decided to order the essences. In fact, I ordered the "One of Everything" Kit and everything arrived on July 7, 2003. It was like Christmas in July. All that "stuff" was overwhelming and many doubts arose about being able to assimilate such a large volume of material. Everything was unpacked, placed on a shelf in my home office, and I began tackling the books, pamphlets, tapes and videos.

The next day, one of my three cats, Mikey, appeared not to be urinating, seemed not to be feeling well and stayed in his bed all day, so I made an appointment with the veterinarian for the following day. By the next day he was obviously quite bloated and still was not urinating. The veterinary examination that morning showed a high fever so he was put on antibiotics and given 250 cc of subcutaneous fluids, which really bloated him even more. He was very miserable then. So I put his bed in my bedroom with a clean litter box, water and food. He stayed in his bed all day, eating a little, occasionally crying, and continually trying to find a comfortable position. By night-time he still had not used the litter box and when I went to bed he got on the bed and cuddled next to me crying and continually moving. It was a heart wrenching experience for me, a painful one for him and, needless to say, I had no sleep.

At 4:00 A.M. I was wide awake, feeling Mikey's pain, and agonizing over what to do when a "light came on." Remembering the chapter about a nature healing coning for companion animals in the MAP book, I grabbed the book, all the essence boxes and instruction sheets, and pulled a chair beside my bed and spread everything on the bed with Mikey closely watching me while lying there. With the MAP book turned to Chapter 11, I opened the coning and tried to follow each instruction carefully. Then, I read the sentence, "Use the same surrogate testing process you would use for a human. See Appendix C." I flipped to Appendix C and read in (step 2): "Physically make contact with the person you are going to test." Okay, how many hands was I born with? So there I am sitting in the chair, flipping pages, with a bare foot slung up on the bed next to Mikey in order to have both hands free to read the instructions, test essences, and so on, and he, totally focused on my face, grabbed my foot with both paws and held on as if he knew that he should. He held on and didn't move for the next forty-five minutes. He needed thirteen essences, which were mixed in a dropper bottle from which he swallowed like a champ — although he obviously didn't like the brandy.

The coning was closed and as I was putting the essences back in the boxes and just a few short minutes following the closing of the coning, he jumped off the bed and went into the litter box and proceeded to flood one end of it. I don't understand how such a little bladder could hold so much fluid, but one happy kitty emerged from the litter box. This is not the end of the story.

The weekend following I had registered for a conference at the A.R.E. (The Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment) in Virginia Beach, VA entitled "The Pet Connection" given by a holistic veterinarian and a pet psychic.

During the conference, in a private session with the pet psychic, I reminded Mikey, with whom she had made contact, about the coning experience and asked him how he felt then and since. His response through the psychic was "My angels were there with me!"

T.W., North Carolina

Editor's Note: Using the animal healing coning and kinesiology, you can talk with your companion animal directly. An animal communicator or pet psychic is not necessary. No special skills are needed. However, we think it's nice the author got the additional confirmation.