Thank you Machaelle for giving the world MAP. Because of your generosity with this powerful healing tool, I honestly believe that I have a life to look forward to.

I've had the MAP book for a while, but it was one of those things that I read and thought, yes, this is a good thing to have and went on about my way. Last June I was diagnosed with breast cancer — the type that has the growth characteristics of wild fire. Why I did not think about MAP then. . . . I'll not even try to guess. In July I had a mastectomy and reconstruction. I was also given a serious infection deep in the surgical wound. Although I was being given industrial strength intravenous antibiotics, the bugs just wouldn't give up. I was sent home with a hundred dollars worth of prescriptions and was told not to worry. When I started to get into bed at home, there was MAP on the night stand. Well, now I had the kick in the butt that I needed to get my attention and from that point onward, I went into serious MAP work. I'll spare you the details of the progression of the complications and allergic reactions to the antibiotics. I had to have two more surgeries in early August, it was MAP plus the essences that did the healing — no questions in my mind. The final surgery was a skin graft to cover the area that had been destroyed by the infection. When the surgeon did the first weekly post-surgical exam of the graft, he just shook his head and mumbled "It's not going to take." Daily MAP sessions now went to morning and afternoon sessions. The second exam: the surgeon looked at the graft and said "Maybe 1/4 will take, but we'll just have to wait. You will probably need another graft." This went on for weeks and each time the percentage went up a fraction higher. Finally, in late September, the surgeon put his hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eyes and said "There is no record that I know of where a graft that looked that bad completely healed over. You either willed this to heal or else your guardian angels did." Yesterday I had yet another follow-up exam by yet another doctor who had been following this episode and she was, by her own words, flabbergasted over the way that this healed.

Well, I'm not flabbergasted. That's the wrong word. Awestruck, humbled, a miracle and, to a large part, born again would be better choices. I feel better now than I have for the past several years. There will be no chemotherapy, no radiation and I know that as long as I keep up the connection to the team that helped me, there just won't be any more cancer anywhere in me. I am confident that I can, with the help of "my" team, meet any challenge that is put before me. My whole world is different now.

G.M., Delaware