MAP and Energy Cleansing

I'm a physician's assistant. A few months ago I reread your book Behaving . . . and then got on your mailing list. When I read about the MAP program, I knew I had to do it. I found the MAP book in a nearby bookstore and this process has transformed my life more than I can describe. Thank you for bringing me this miracle!!!! I want to tell you of some of my experiences with MAP.

I was so excited when I found the MAP book that I read it in one sitting and wanted to do everything immediately. It was the answer to prayer in many ways. I couldn't begin that evening, but that night I felt I was already in contact with my MAP team, and working with them. I woke up several times in a rather exulted state. The next day I did the scanning session. I told them I was willing to give everything to this, I was ready to break out of my limitations, transform my life, and move as fast as I could while still being able to cope with my outside life. Man, they took my word for it! The scanning session was incredibly intense. After a few minutes, I felt I was being sedated, as if I were getting pre-operative medications given patients to make them groggy. I felt whooshes and rushes of energy in various places, and gentle probing and dissection, almost. I had very intense pain in one hip joint that gradually increased in intensity. I felt as if my bones were being remodeled. I didn't have problems with that hip before — just weird muscle spasms as a teenager. It was an exhausting and amazing experience. After the hour, I was drained and somewhat shaken, but had no doubts that this stuff was real! The pain in my hip continued for one more hour and then was suddenly gone. I thought, holy cow, if this was the scanning session, I don't know if I'll live through a therapeutic session! But for the next several days (I did it daily), the sessions were very gentle.

I began doing this during Christmas vacation. It was difficult to return to work and put my energy in outer things. These sessions are in some way, too, hard work. My first day back at work, I got home beaten and frazzled after a long day. I was so exhausted — mentally, physically, emotionally — that I was unable to cope and in a state of panic and total overwhelm. I didn't have time to do a full MAP session. My husband was due home in 20 minutes. So I called an emergency MAP session of 20 minutes (I didn't know if this was "legal," but I had to do something.) The first five minutes I sobbed hard, then felt sedated again. About halfway through, I felt a sudden intense electrical shock go through a joint of my ring finger — it jerked my arm off the bed and made me cry out. Then, nothing else. At the end of 20 minutes, I was in a totally different state. I was still a little tired, but I did all the things I needed to do that evening without strain, anxiety or fatigue. On the contrary, I felt emotionally calm and peaceful. This may not sound like much to you, but it is a true miracle to me.

At another time, I had returned from an out-of-state funeral for a friend of mine. He was a young man with a wife and four small kids. He died in a totally unexpected and tragic way. It was a full military funeral. My being around the grieving relatives and friends, and the ceremony affected me deeply. I had been sad about it before, but when I got home it was as if I had picked up the grief of everybody and brought it all home. It felt as if it were impregnating my uniform and clothes. I felt a hollowness inside. I felt emotionally stunned. I couldn't concentrate and get on with my life. So I had a MAP session and asked for help in getting past that. As soon as the session was over, I felt totally cleared. I still felt sad at losing my friend, but I was free of that smothering cloud of grief and my life was back on track again. This, too, felt like a miracle.

Another episode involves an old illness. Many years ago, I'd had a hepatitis-like illness. At that time I couldn't afford regular medical care. I was basically alone and scared and came close to dying. So I asked in a MAP session if they'd just sweep through my liver and see if everything had healed okay. As soon as they began to probe that area, I felt the same pain return (I'd forgotten what it felt like). I also felt my emotional state at that time suddenly fly out. It was as if it had been held, encapsulated, in my liver all this time. It was amazing to feel and remember what my inner state had been like at the time, down to every nuance. However, once it was released, I felt that I was healed. I went through those emotions for the rest of the session, but it was like studying them (the emotions) instead of being trapped in them. At the end I felt the whole thing was finally absolved. For a few days I felt a lightness and increased energy.

My sessions go through phases — lately I feel nothing at all, but there is a periodic hum-dinger. Sometimes I "blip out" through some or most of the session. At times I feel the most extraordinary sensations. Either energy or parts of my body are being scanned in grid works, as if they are being peeled off layer by layer, or just being touched. Sometimes I see things in my mind's eye, energy moving from place to place or funneling like tornadoes, or clear images of objects or places. Sometimes I feel the compassion, love, support and enthusiasm of my team. This has made such a difference in my life. One of the greatest benefits to me is feeling I do have a team, a group of beings I can talk to and work with who care about me and help me. It eliminates a lot of the loneliness in life. I have studied and practiced many spiritual disciplines. But so many of them have such a gap between the inner experience and the outer life. With my MAP team, there is such a concrete, easy and practical way to integrate everything in your life with your life purpose, deepest desires and philosophy. Before this, I had felt so frustrated, stuck and discouraged. I had hit a wall and didn't know how to get any further. Enter the MAP team! I don't have to know how. I just need to be willing to change and do my best. And things have been changing, so easily and almost unnoticeably. From little things, like night time foot cramps that I haven't had since I began the program, to seeing myself relating to people much more openly and freely, to my life once more being filled with happy coincidences and small miracles. I have seen changes happen on every level — physical, mental, emotional and spiritual — that I had assumed would take years of agonizing work.

Everything in my life isn't healed. I still have stuff to deal with, and new stuff comes up all the time. But now there is a way to actually work through it and not wallow in it for the next 20 years. Another change I see in my life is that I used to get sick when things began to be "too much." I'd get sick and it would give me an enforced reprieve and rest. Now when I start to feel myself getting sick, I can see why I'm doing it. Also, I choose to work with why I'm feeling overwhelmed instead of just taking a breather. And I'm not getting sick any more. When I began the MAP sessions, my initial emphasis was on physical stuff, but very quickly the emphasis switched to basic issues like life purpose and my relation to the world.

Kinesiology using the fingers is GREAT!! From time to time I've used a pendulum, but I get a lot of odd looks in bookstores, etc. This way I can now do it anytime, anywhere, in a group, in the dark, with patients. What a breakthrough for me!

Energy Cleansing Process
I have also had some interesting experiences using the Energy Cleansing Process you describe. I'd done it for my house and car, but wasn't sure whether I was just imagining what I saw. Then, I decided to do an energy cleansing for a temporary office I was working in at the hospital. I didn't see much dark energy collecting — just kind of gray dusty stuff — until I got near the ceiling. There was a large amount of thick, tarry stuff that seemed to be coming through the slats of the ceiling boards. I thought that was weird and unrealistic. Then I decided to see what was on the floor above me. I discovered that was the room where they did group therapy on the psychiatric ward!

Another time, I was going through a really hard time with my husband. A lot of stuff had been coming up in MAP sessions about how I related to him. I was taking a Bach flower essence that has to do with co-dependency issues. Things had blown sky-high between us. He was in a terrible state of anger and alienation and hadn't spoken to me for three days. I was trying to cope with this calmly. But it was terribly difficult because it pushed all my inner buttons. Nothing I was doing or not doing seemed to help. Then on the third day I was out doing errands. I sat in my car in a parking lot and did an Energy Cleansing for our house. I saw lots of dark globs, lots of black stuff swirling off my husband. I felt a lot of compassion for him and asked to help cleanse his energy field. After that I finished my errands and went home. Lo and behold! My husband was normal again, open and loving and able to talk about the issues reasonably. Wow!

E.R., Oregon