Soil-less Gardens

For twenty-two years our family has lived in a home on the south Florida coast. I have worked with Nature using Perelandra processes on the land and house for much of that time. When we were hit by hurricanes in the fall of 2005, our house and cars didn't get a scratch — despite trees and huge branches crashing around us and missing us by centimeters.

In the summer of 2006, my husband and I noted the rapidly changing weather patterns in our area and our vulnerability living so close to Biscayne Bay. We wanted to mitigate the risk of losing more equity in our house either from a direct hit or from falling housing prices. We decided it was time to sell.

There were several problems, however. Hurricane season had officially started, and banks were already slowing down the loan approval process. Home sales in our neighborhood, which had been very "hot" months ago, were now stagnating; nothing was selling. Our daughter had one more year of high school to complete in a school that is wonderful for her — if we sold, we would need to rent in the area in order to allow her to graduate. Rentals were in short supply, not attractive and expensive.

I set up a Soil-less Garden coning for the Sale of Our Home and Finding and Moving into a New Home. I covered as many bases as I could think of. I do a lot of brainstorming while in a Soil-less Garden coning. I give the team the general idea of where I'm going and ask them to help me put together a complete and comprehensive DDP paper. I've found that the quality and depth of my DDP"s have improved considerably since starting that practice. I also use ETS Plus for Soil and ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens, and have found that the manifesting power of my Soil-less Gardens has improved significantly. My DDP intentions run from the sublime (e.g., that the project be aligned with my Soul's next step for me) to the most mundane (e.g., that the various aspects of the project be easy and fun to accomplish — I believe in the fun factor).

We listed our house with real estate agents on June 2, a Friday. My daughter and I prepared the house for showing over the weekend (both my son and husband had to travel out of state immediately after we signed). By the next Tuesday, we had a good offer for the house. By Friday — only one week later — we signed the contract at a price higher than we had asked and the purchasing couple offered to pay cash.

Buying and selling a home in Miami can be fraught with pitfalls. It can include "lost" permit records and other surprises from city agencies. And since our house was older with unrenovated baths and kitchen, we knew that inspections could pose a problem. Many of our friends and neighbors had had unpleasant experiences over the years. Still we had no surprises, no repairs, no problems. We closed July 12 with ease. This was a Soil-less Garden that was working with amazing grace. But, there's more. We hadn't counted on the tightness of the Miami rental market when we decided to put our house on the market. Day after day I would scout out places to live only to find the home or apartment had just been rented. Rents were quite high, and it looked as if our choices would be both expensive and inconvenient to where we all had to work or go to school. I went to my Soil-less Garden team and beefed up the DDP document regarding where we would be moving next year. (I re-calibrated to the DDP and followed up with more ETS Plus for Soil and ETS Plus for Soil-less Gardens as indicated.)

The third time I heard a certain realtor's name mentioned, I decided to give her a call. She said she had just renovated a home in a nearby neighborhood, hadn't yet started advertising it, and I could see it immediately if I wanted. She was on her way to the airport and would stop by the house to open it up for me to have a look.

We could afford it, it was conveniently located, and it would serve our purposes. It was with a resigned air that we decided to rent it. It wasn't our "idea" of what we wanted, and I just figured it was the best my S-G team and I could do under the circumstances.

I went to negotiate a rental contract with our landlady with some trepidation; she has a reputation as a tough businesswoman and we required some changes in the contract she presented that I thought might be deal killers for her. I asked for special help from the S-G team as I prepared for our meeting. She signed off on every request. Living here, in the rental home, has turned out to be a delightful surprise. In amazement, my husband and I realize that it is everything I had asked for in my S-G and it is supportive of all the transitions we are making this year as a family. It just didn't look like what we had imagined. The decision to move was made rationally. We didn't take into account the emotional toll of leaving our home of twenty-two years and all that that particular leave-taking represented in our lives. Consequently, I found myself crying daily after we signed the contract to sell, and my husband was growing bitter and resentful. There were harsh words and deep feelings of loss and regret. The pulling up roots was wrenching. I went back to my S-G team and asked for support in creating a ritual for taking leave of the house and the chapters of all of our lives that it represented. I asked that the ritual be honoring, healing, sacred, joyful and completing. I also asked that it ground in us all that this twenty-two years together as a family meant to each of us and that it set the stage for the evolution of us as a family, of my and my husband's partnership, and of each of us individually. I asked that I be able to disengage appropriately from the land and house, recognizing all the work Nature and I had done there. I put this all in writing, amended the DDP document, re-calibrated to the DDP and tested for the ETS Plus for Soil and for Soil-less Gardens.

We invited our son, who had just driven to Houston to start his new life there, to come home for a weekend to say good-bye with the rest of us. He unhesitatingly accepted. I could write another whole story about that weekend and its rituals: how incredibly wonderful, rich and healing it was. Here, I only want to say that through my tears, laughter and overflowing heart that weekend, I thought if we sold our home only to have this weekend, a loving rite of passage for us all — it was worth it all.

I just put this S-G to bed and released the soil from supporting the Soil-less Garden and its DDP this morning. This afternoon I opened a Soil-less Garden for finding, purchasing and moving to our new home.

— M.B.G., Miami, FL