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Perelandra Processes: Moving On

I can't believe I've been using these processes for so long—nearly five years. My health was improved dramatically. My energy level is up and my stress level is down after suffering from fibromyalgia-like symptoms. I've gone from very nearly non-functioning to very smoothly functioning, thank you very much.

Western medicine just didn't work for me. I had been hospitalized a number of times, had several surgeries that didn't help and was facing a lifetime of medications when I found out about Perelandra. I actually don't remember now how I learned about it, but I sent off for a catalog. I jumped in, both feet first, compressing the learning curve nearly flat, and I began to notice immediate differences. The processes felt right to me, and they addressed the energy imbalances that caused my symptoms. Everything I had tried before just sought to alleviate the symptoms, rather than address their cause.

Of course I was also experiencing great change in the rest of my life; my husband resumed his destructive addictions, and we separated (not happily or easily). Through all of this, the Perelandra processes supported me and healed me.

I now manage my home, my three children (16, 14 and 10 years old) and am preparing to open a full-time home day care. My own business! I could never have done this without essences, my MAP team and the Microbial Balancing Program.

M.P., Randolph, KS