Nature and MAP

Thank you for your work. I believe I have been on an accelerated growth process for several years now. Without flower essences to help maintain stability, I believe my progress would have been erratic at best. There have been times of family discord when the Energy Cleansing Process resulted (I perceptively believe) in not only a difference in the feel of the space, but also in the way people interacted. They seemed more harmonious and loving. It was used often to great advantage.

I have always been interested in psychic phenomenon and have never experienced such, except dowsing. It is, therefore, with some incredulity that I experience the results after using the MAP/Calibration Process. Not only do the things that seem to be getting in my way get resolved, but often there is an accompanying insight. An incredible tool!! Thanks a thousand times!

It was been two years since I had a co-creative garden and I am not sure why. I look forward to using the garden processes again, perhaps on a larger scale.

— R.L., California