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NS* Application for Essence of Perelandra (EoP)

When you need to work with nature to administer EoP to a project or goal, or for gardening / farming, use these steps:

  1. Focus your attention on the project/goal you wish to address, and state:
    "I wish to set up with nature to shift Essence of Perelandra." Wait 10 seconds.

  2. Define/describe the project/goal succinctly. Write it down or say it aloud.
    (Ex: the job description for a specific job, the "official" definition, direction and purpose of your company, the focus of a goal/project, preparing to get the layout information for your garden, etc.)

  3. Place 10 drops of Essence of Perelandra in a clean spoon.

  4. Hold the spoon out in front of you and say, "I wish to shift these Essence of Perelandra drops to the _____ (project or goal) that I've described."

    Hold the spoon out in front of you for 10 seconds. The shift occurs automatically.

  5. After 10 seconds, the shift is complete and you are finished.
    (Nature did the shift for you, so you might want to give a little tip of the hat to nature and thank it before moving on with the rest your day!)

* NS = Nature Shift