Flower Essences

I recently used an essence to assist my cat, and was thrilled with the results.

Early in September, 1991, I was seriously ill with allergies and asthma. I had been to the emergency room, my primary doctor, and an allergist. At one time, I was taking fifteen prescriptions. A friend of mine whom I wasn't too close to called me up and asked me to visit her because she wanted to give me flower essences. At that point, I'd try anything, and so I visited her. She showed me her book and catalog on the essences. Each week she had a new formula for me. Now, I have ordered the complete set, books, tapes, etc. What a difference! My allergies are 95% better, my asthma has improved about 60%. I'm at work again, and I feel so much better. My allergist wants to do a series of tests to give me shots but I'm not open to all that. I have faith in MAP and my essences.

A.H., Maryland