Note Added: April 2022

In conjunction with her own work with nature around the Gulf War in 1990, Machaelle had a session that she found to be quite useful in understanding how she could best relate to this kind of crisis. She published the information in 1991, that it might be helpful to everyone as we faced new war challenges. Here we are in 2022 and the information is just as pertinent.

Before you hear from nature, we would like to share a comment from a customer that we felt went right along with this. A close friend who is a physician in Ukraine said to her as the war was beginning: "Don't be sad for us. It does not help us. We need you to focus on the positive, and the hope and peace."

The people of Ukraine will continue to be in need of tangible support and assistance, as will their companion animals and wildlife. We have provided links to helpful information and options, as well as what Perelandra has to offer here.

Published 1991

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4-Point Coning + Overlighting Deva of Planet Earth and the Deva of Soil
17 January 1990

by Machaelle Small Wright


In conjunction with my own work with nature around the Gulf War in 1990, I had a session that I found to be quite useful in understanding how I can best relate to this kind of crisis. I thought that the session might be helpful to you also as we face new war challenges.

Our focus, as you have picked up on, is to balance, stabilize and support the dynamics of the Aquarian principles that will be the keys to shifting the focus of the crisis away from the Piscean need to win (in this case, through physical aggression) to the Aquarian demonstration of teamwork and partnership. We do not wish to address any of the issues that are triggered and activated within the Piscean framework. This is not a dynamic that is to be sustained in any way. Therefore, we do not at the present see any addressing of the war action specifically and its resulting pain and horror as a helpful or constructive act.

Let us continue, for what we are saying addresses new areas of response to matters such as war crises and may cause disbelief or consternation on the part of others whose hearts are being wrenched and who wish to "do the right thing" to bring about peace. Everyone must respond to such times as his or her heart dictates. This is essential. For ultimately, everyone participates in this kind of crisis either directly or indirectly, either through action or inaction, with positive movement or negative movement. There is no neutral position that can be reached.

From our perspective, it is vital that the Aquarian principles be present and supported throughout the entire crisis. This is the work of the White Brotherhood's Government/Military team* during all crises throughout the planet and beyond. There must always be present Aquarian options from which decisions can be reached and action formulated. It is a fact that at any time and from any "camp," a peace program can be formulated and initiated. The White Brotherhood's Government/Military team assures this. Peace and resolution in ways that reflect the new Aquarian dynamics are always present to all concerned. The cessation of war and the resolution of the underlying conflict do not rest with any one man or woman, or any one side. If one does not understand this, he more often than not thinks about the conflict in a manner that literally promotes the problem and the crisis. From our perspective, this war can be stopped at any time and by any individual involved. To not do so is a choice of all involved. The answers, the means, the options and the steps of resolution are already available. Nothing is being withheld. The present crisis is a result of a consensus of choice. To attempt to remove one's choice in favor of another's choice is Piscean resolution. To make a full array of choices available, including the means of implementation, and have the choices of a teamwork-like resolution spring from the hearts of those involved is Aquarian resolution. In short, Aquarian resolution springs from the heart and proceeds forward in light of the greatest well-being of all involved. Piscean resolution springs from the head and focuses on believing one's position is the best and, therefore, to be superimposed on all involved. In this case, the winner rules.

* The White Brotherhood is a large group of highly evolved souls who are dedicated to assisting the evolutionary process of moving universal reality, principles, laws and patterns through all planes and levels of form. It assures that all areas of our life's evolutionary dynamics are aligned with the intent and direction of the new Aquarian shift. Each life area has a White Brotherhood "team" working with it, and this includes the global governments. Because the current governments still implement many decisions through their militaries, the White Brotherhood team working with government also includes each government's military.

We would be remiss if we did not address the outpouring of pain, suffering, heartache, fear and panic that is being experienced by everyone touched by this war. These experiences, although very real, are the by-products and results of the Piscean action. To take the position such as we have taken—that is, to not support the Piscean dynamics in any way-implies that we are also not supporting the Piscean reactions; that is, pain, suffering, heartache, fear and panic. And this is true. We are not supporting these reactions. We are choosing to not address them directly, for they are appropriate reactions in light of a Piscean action and not, in and of themselves, in need of change. We are choosing not to use any course of action that supports and balances Piscean emotions and attitudes. Such action may bring relief to the individual, but that relief will be temporary and will not assist the individual in shifting his thinking, his actions and his ability to process events from a Piscean perspective to an Aquarian perspective. By using an Aquarian course of action, we are balancing and stabilizing the Aquarian strengths present within the individual and, once again, assisting that individual by facilitating his access to the Aquarian options that are already present within him. We do not wish to shore up or stabilize Piscean "balance." We wish to assist people in their very real pain and suffering through the strengthening of the Aquarian balance.

As you move through the crisis with us, Machaelle, you will see a focus maintained on the Aquarian principles and dynamics that are activated and available to all, both collectively and individually. You will not see us addressing either the actions or the heartrending reactions created by Piscean movement. We know that the most efficient way to remove reality in form is to remove its energy. However, in the case of a crisis such as the Persian Gulf war, we cannot remove the energy from this form in action or its accompanying reactions. It has been created by the human souls involved and must be recognized accordingly. We will not place ourselves in a parent position and resolve this problem for them. But, we are in a position to choose to not participate in the destructive direction human souls have chosen. We can energize, stabilize and balance an alternative, life-giving reality. And in this manner, we can assist in the resolution of the conflict as a whole and in the vital healing and balancing of the individuals impacted by the horrors of the war, as well. In short, we are not withholding relief, healing and balancing either globally or individually. We are, through the work we have begun today with you, energizing and strengthening all of the new life-giving options that are available globally and individually.

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