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Conversations on Nature Intelligence's Relationship to Jesus Christ

In 1986, Machaelle received a letter from a minister who asked specific questions regarding nature intelligences' relationship to Jesus Christ. At that time, Machaelle decided to asked nature for information on the subject. Because we continue to receive questions and requests for advice on how to fit co-creative work with nature into the Christian belief system, we have decided to print nature's answers to the questions Machaelle asked.

Pan: The impact of the souls such as the one called Jesus Christ is more acutely and distinctly felt on the nature spirit level than on the devic level. We of the nature spirit level do recognize an individual soul who goes by the name of Jesus Christ. We recognize all humans as individuals. We do not judge the human soul, in that we would not say that one soul is great while others are lesser. We do, however, feel the impact of the intent and quality of the human heart, through which soul energy flows. When the heart fully reflects the high soul center from which an individual comes, it is open on all levels to the life forces around it. In essence, the ability of such an individual to fully interface with all life in a soulful, loving manner is present. We of nature recognize such an individual immediately. The potential quality of interaction between this individual and nature is great indeed. It is as if the doors between man and nature are not only open, but simply do not exist. With these individuals, we of nature have the opportunity to experience to the fullest the contractual relationship mutually agreed upon by both man and nature at the very beginning of the two coming together on Earth. It is a healing experience for nature to facilitate the physical presence of such an individual on this planet.

I would like to add at this point that the soul we know as Jesus Christ is one of a number of fully reflected souls who have come to the planet. Humans recognize the special qualities of those who have led in the field of religion. But there have been others who have participated in the evolutionary process in other areas of human interaction and existence as well. We in nature are more easily aware when such a soul is present because, again, we sense the quality and intent of the heart. We do not need to wait for extraordinary events of achievement. Quite often one may read in history of an unusually close and personally interactive relationship such a soul had with nature in childhood. This is evidence of what I refer to when I say that the exceptional fusion between such a soul and we of nature occurs long before the human population has an inkling that someone special is present.

Machaelle: Are you aware of what I have perceived to be a deliberate division the leaders of the Christian churches have made between humans and nature?

Pan: Yes. But some of this was absolutely necessary in order for humankind to detach in good timing from a relationship of worship (which you call paganism) to one of co-creative balance and teamwork. You mustn't see the human relationship with nature during the past 2000 years as being in error. On the contrary, it has not been in error. It has been vital that the notion of pagan worship be removed from the human relationship with nature in order for the peer relationship called "co-creativity" to be established. Full soul presence within the state of form requires a peer relationship between humans and nature. It cannot and will not occur if either is placed above the other. In paganism, quite often nature was placed above man in both honor and power. This is only so within the mental notions of humans. It is not so within the realm of nature. To place the honor and power of the human above nature is also a notion springing from the mind of humans, and it is equally inappropriate now.

Don't see the past 2000 years as a lost period of time when looking at this issue of the relationship between humans and nature. We see it more as a necessary transition between that which preceded it and that which is yet to come. It is a period of movement and change. We do not deal with the concept of time as a structure, therefore we do not look at the Piscean era as a long time.

The soul of Jesus Christ did not have a sense of separation or imbalance between himself and nature. On the contrary, there was exceptional fusion between him and us. These souls need this exceptional fusion in order for them to accomplish the expansive work they have taken on. Without the full support of nature in their lives, they would not have the physical stamina nor the physical vehicles through which to function. As souls, they would not be able to achieve the desired level of function within the world and would leave virtually unnoticed to return later and try again—but the next time with the full and conscious partnership of nature.

Machaelle: The person who has asked these questions stated in his letter that I be sure and ask concerning the historical incarnation of the Logos and that I not settle for simply a reaffirmation of the nebulous term "christ consciousness." Have we addressed his issue?

Pan: Yes. But let me show you (and perhaps the questioner) the link between Jesus Christ, the historical incarnation of the Logos, and christ consciousness. The link is the heart. It is not an accident that the term christ consciousness has been coined. It is a term that humans are only just beginning to understand. But its key is heart energy. Its link with Jesus Christ is with his heart energy. The historical incarnation came to the planet to infuse it and the entire Piscean era with human soul energy released through the heart—love. He grounded and infused that energy right into the reality of the era. It is reasonable, then, to see why he had such a strong fusing with nature as well. It is our link with the human heart that also is key to the soul/nature fusion. One might say that Jesus Christ's purpose for incarnation at that specific time went hand in hand with his relationship with us of nature and the planet as a whole.

Like everything else at the present time, the concept of love is expanding. Presently, its transition process is being coined as "christ consciousness." The best definition of christ consciousness now is "consciousness of the heart." Some will say that it is only now that the heart dynamic of the incarnation called Jesus Christ is being understood, and others will say that the heart dynamic of Jesus Christ is the base upon which the new will be built. It matters not to us of nature which of these is believed or felt. What we do is link intent and heart—and there lies the relationship between Jesus Christ and christ consciousness. The latter is nebulous only because it is barely understood and used mostly to call attention to a transition and change.

You, Machaelle, use the term "light of christ" or "christ energy" to refer to the evolutionary dynamic within humankind. This is also accurate in that what draws humankind forward is love on all of its levels. Without love, the soul detaches from life, holds position and will eventually take on a dynamic resembling stagnation—existence devoid of love. The evolutionary dynamic of which we speak is inherent in all life, not just human. All life on all planes on all dimensions has inherent in it forward movement. The underlying motivating force is love. It is why, when you sense universal energy, you sense universal love. It is an integral part of the whole universal reality.

Overlighting Deva of Perelandra: We of the devic level also recognize the reality of the individual and certainly are aware of the soul known as Jesus Christ. Whenever souls of this expansion interface with nature on any level or dimension, their presence is immediately felt and registered within all levels of nature. As has been stated by Pan, it is the heart and intent that we respond to. When such a soul is physically present—and by physical we mean the full band of physical reality—the sheer expansiveness within nature opens up. How we on the devic level respond has to do with the creation of specific blueprints within the nature kingdoms that directly relate to and respond to the expansiveness of this individual soul. When such a soul calls out to nature for assistance, it is we of the devic level who respond through appropriate blueprint to the situation. What has been seen as natural miracles initiated by a recognized soul is only half correct. It was indeed initiated by this soul, but that initiation was received and acted on by the devic level. A soul of the heart level of which we speak would not manipulate nature for his own purpose. With or without conscious awareness, this soul works in partnership with us in nature. A request is heard, a blueprint is formed, and a pattern of action is instituted on the form level by the nature spirits—all in conjunction with the individual soul involved. The point here is the principle of like attracting like. Without the heart expansiveness of the soul involved, there would not be an equal (yet extraordinary) response to any request on the nature level. So, what looks to be a miracle—a human using extraordinary power to control or alter nature—is, in fact, true partnership. What is being missed when such occurrences are termed "miracle" is the true nature of the heart energy of the individual involved and the willing partnership and power of nature.

Does this answer your questions?

Machaelle: Yes. I certainly sense the interplay between nature and such individuals. It would seem reasonable to me that nature, the very dynamic of individuation and form, would be aware of individual souls such as these on Earth, or anywhere.

Deva: This is a correct observation. We do not catalog souls by names as such. We do not have an equivalent of the Akashic records. But we are aware of individual souls through their energy—and the names they use respond in energy to the soul. It's an identification of energy. We do not have you listed as Machaelle anywhere—but we would and will always know you. Our knowledge is of the soul.

Machaelle Small Wright