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Update: November 19, 2019

Perelandra Tip

Navigating Financial Challenges with Nature

Nature knows balance. Add balance to your financial foundation.


Here we all are, dashing headlong into the holidays. It can be a joyful and rewarding time. It can also add unwelcome financial strain. Instead of allowing a general blanket of financial worry to weigh you down, we encourage you to do something about this.

We first shared this tip amidst a range of serious economic events (global recession, economic downturn, effects of Brexit, volatile stock markets and trade wars), and economists predicting more to come. (Global recession? Seven warning signs. Guardian UK)

For many, it hasn't gotten better these last several months. And the news doesn't often tell us what to do about these dire circumstances, it just alludes to the ways individuals might suffer as a result.

Don't wait until you're experiencing difficulty, or until there is a recession or economic crisis. Shore yourself up. If you strengthen your financial foundation, you give yourself the chance to be prepared for a crisis and ready to face any economic situation, however it might affect you. One of the things that's important when working with nature is that you give nature time to present you with options you can put into place ahead of challenging events.

Focus on what you can control — strengthening your own financial foundation. There's a simple way to do that, working with nature in a "Gut Garden." Machaelle has already set us up for working with nature to make small, gradual changes in our individual homes and lives to address environmental crisis. (Be A Change Maker with Nature)

Here, we're adjusting those same instructions slightly to give you a simple way to shore up your finances. No bottles, no accoutrements, nothing to buy.


It's This Simple

The easiest thing for you to do is:

1.  Sit down and focus your attention on nature. Say, "Hello nature. I need help in setting up and making whatever changes I need to make, in order to move myself through these times of economic uncertainty."

If your focus is your family, say, "Hello nature. I need help in setting up, making whatever changes I need to make, in order to move myself and my family through these times of economic uncertainty."

2.  That's it. After saying this to nature, you may wish to say thank you. Then, in your daily life, pay attention to the ideas and thoughts that come your way. Nature will respond and communicate, offer suggestions and ideas in a myriad of ways. You just need to pay attention.

3.  Act on those options and ideas nature sends your way.


Why Work with Nature?

For any solution to a problem to have strength, power and stability, it must have balance. So for every decision we make in life, every change we implement, we have to include nature to provide the solution's balance. This includes financial issues. Nature knows balance. And it knows financial balance. If we don't include nature, we will make decisions based on our own limited understanding. These decisions are what Machaelle calls "human think." They are human-dominant solutions.

To work with nature for financial strengthening, it is important to take small steps, be patient and have guts. When you bring in nature and ask (for example), "What changes do I make to my finances?" nature's first answer is not the final answer. It isn't telling you these are the financial moves you are to make for the rest of your life. Instead, nature is saying these are the changes you should make in order to provide an initial balance. The changes they suggest may not be what you were expecting. This is where guts come in. We have to have the guts to put aside our intellect and accept that maybe nature knows something we don't know. The first step is just that — step #1.

Nature works with balanced timing and will gradually bring you and your finances to balance one small step at a time. To adjust your finances for different variables like changes in your personal income and expenses and any new family events or larger national economic events going on and how you have changed your financial habits, you must continue these incremental steps with nature. Once the first step seats into place and when the time is right, ask the question again, "What financial changes do I make now?" Nature provides the information you need to raise the balance of your finances to the next level. When this second step is in place and the time is right, ask the question again and act on the new information. The magic in this is noticing the differences in your financial foundation each time you and nature bring your finances up to the next level of balance.

Machaelle suggests you set up simply and consider your life a Gut Garden. The Perelandra Garden Workbook tells you how to set up a Gut Garden and how to work with nature. It's the easiest partnership setup she offers. Although the Workbook steps for Gut Gardening are set up for plants, you only need to take the Gut Gardening approach and principles and apply them to any aspect of your life. It's not the more complex structure used for "soil-less gardening." When gently weaving nature into the various aspects of daily life in an ongoing basis, Gut Gardening is easier.

GBB Options

If you want to go more in-depth — and put the EoP you just ordered to good use — there are options you can add to your financial Gut Garden to address specific challenges or goals (such as "getting through the holiday season with financial ease" or "coming up with creative alternatives to excess and wastefulness during holiday celebrations"), and also address any related, personal health and balance concerns.