I'd been reading and hearing from various sources how to figure out the amount of water one should drink per day. So the thought was floating around in my mind that it would be a good thing to figure out how much water I should be drinking. I couldn't seem to put my hands (or my eyes) on the information when I was ready to use it. Then that trusty light bulb went on over my head, and I realized that this is a perfect question for my MAP team, and it makes all kinds of sense to ask my team instead of using a generic formula. I asked my team — it's really just a simple dosage test. They answered.

The next light bulb that went on over my head had me realize that as long as I'm drinking all this water, I might as well put some essences in it. Some days I put all my water for the day in bottles, clear myself and then test what essences to put in each bottle. I always get answers, which I consider very weird. When I finish a bottle, I test which one to drink next (because each has different essences combinations). The whole thing is weird. Asking an invisible MAP team how much water to drink and asking invisible forces which essences to put in them. Very weird. But I do it. Perhaps you would like to do these very weird things, too.

— S.S., California