Processes & Nature
Perelandra Processes: A New Approach Brings Results

by Gayatri Erlandson

Back in the spring of 1996, we had an enormous infestation of black ants. There were hundreds of them in the kitchen. Even though at that time I had little confidence in my own ability to communicate and collaborate with Nature, I applied what I had been reading in the Perelandra books and did my best. In essence, I spoke with the Deva of the Black Ant as anyone would who wished to have a mutually respectful relationship. Picturing a black ant in mind, I spoke out loud, "I would like to connect with the Deva of the Black Ant." Then I muscle-tested and received confirmation of a connection. "I would like to collaborate with Nature, and this is my first attempt. I would appreciate it if we could work together. This would help me continue learning along these lines."

I continued, "First, let me apologize for bringing Mr. Terminex here. Please forgive me. I didn't know then about collaborating with Nature and avoiding the use of pesticides. However, I must ask that the black ants leave our home. You are welcome to be outside on our property — there's plenty of room, but we really can't have black ants inside. Please leave the house within 72 hours, by Friday at 6 p.m. and I will put some tasty kitchen scraps outside as a concession for the next few days. Is that acceptable to you?" Using muscle-testing again, I got a "yes."

Within 48 hours I saw lines of ants going out the sliding back door, and all were gone by my timeline! With no additional effort, other than my intermittent expressions of gratitude, there wasn't a single black ant in our kitchen or home after that — until 1998, after we sold the property. I tried to convince the new owners that this collaboration requires no special ability other than willingness to learn and collaborate in this way, but they didn't believe me.

Since then I have used virtually all of the Perelandra processes for health and the environment. I also have used the processes for soil-less gardens extensively for my business and personal goals. In all cases, it has made and continues to make for amazing results, and I will be forever grateful to Machaelle, Clarence and staff.