Microbial Balancing Program

by Diane Rapaport

Perelandra changed my life, but it didn't happen gradually. When an acquaintance told me about Perelandra less than six months ago, I was, as Machaelle says in the catalog, "immediately struck between the eyes by these things called flower essences." I just knew that I was ready to work co-creatively with nature. Clearly the time was right, because I quickly plunged in and transformed my daily life, using flower essences, MAP and the garden energy processes. I made astounding progress on long-term health and emotional issues for myself and began testing my somewhat skeptical husband, my 7-year-old daughter, my cats, relatives and a good friend. With nature's help, I planned my condominium deck garden, rearranged my indoor houseplants to revitalize the energy in my home and scheduled weekly garden meetings to keep the plants healthy. I even worked with nature to coordinate a smooth-running seashore field trip for 80 children in my daughter's school. My experiences have amazed me, but I'd particularly like to share what happened when I began using the new Microbial Balancing Program and the Perelandra Organizing Process.

I started out with general balancing and maintenance. Although I thought I sensed some subtle improvements, nothing dramatic occurred. A few days after I began trying the Microbial Balancing techniques, however, I had a sudden attack of severe abdominal cramps, nausea and a strange burning sensation in my throat. (The same symptoms had struck once before, oddly, when I was reading the section about manifestation in Machaelle's book, Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered. This time, I had just finished working in a coning to see if I could get some help with my malfunctioning refrigerator, of all things.) I was barely able to crawl into bed, but I grabbed my essences and balancers and managed to open an Organizing Process coning. I tested as needing the Microbial Balancing Program, so I somehow worked through the MBP chart. Those mysterious "other" microbes needed balancing, and I tested positive for the Microbial Triangulation Process and an oral essence solution. At the end of the processes, just as I was taking the flower essence (Soul Ray # 8), I felt or "heard" a slight click inside my body — and "poof" — all my unpleasant symptoms simply vanished! I felt fine — not a trace of the discomfort that moments earlier had so disabled me. After that experience, I had no doubts. The Microbial Balancing Program works!

By this time, my once-skeptical husband was a believer in flower essence therapy, having experienced relief from a variety of chronic conditions. Two painful problems persisted, however, despite using the essences and following other alternative and conventional medical approaches. For months, my husband's feet hurt, and his right chest and shoulder area ached. The symptoms improved for a while, or changed slightly, but never went away for more than a short time, interfering with his favorite leisure activities — walking and swimming. He was trying to lose weight and wanted to be active, especially with vacation approaching, but he couldn't exercise. He was getting worried and depressed, so we tried the Perelandra Organizing Process.

For his feet, he tested to start a new flower essence solution, then Microbial Balancing, then "Other," including continuation of the acupuncture sessions he had begun and (to our surprise) the Perelandra Miasm Process. The Organizing Process for his chest/shoulder tested positive only for the Miasm Process. I didn't even know what a miasm was, so I put in a rush order for the Perelandra Paper on the subject, and we proceeded with the other steps in the meantime.

The Microbial Balancing Program for his feet was rather complicated. All microbes except viruses needed to be tested (luckily, tested as a unit, rather than tested and treated separately). A lengthy Geopathic Zone Balancing was first, then an essences solution, then the Balancing and Stabilizing Process. During this work his feet began to feel very warm, and the pain diminished.

When we received the miasm paper, we were a bit disconcerted to think that independent energy systems were somehow affecting my husband; but maybe that explained why the problems had been so hard to solve. We followed the instructions for the Miasm Process, testing each foot separately for the separate symptoms, and the emotional and mental triggers for each symptom. Finally, after taking several flower essences, my husband tested clear to proceed with addressing the miasm. He needed a solution of ten essences (some from all of the Perelandra sets) for two weeks. For the separate chest/shoulder miasm, he needed a solution of eleven essences, for three weeks.

The results were not immediate, but the Miasm Process seems to have worked. Over the next few days, my husband noticed less and less discomfort. We left for vacation, and my husband surprised himself, taking 5-mile walks through the mountains in Acadia National Park, with no pain! He needed brief follow-up solutions with one or two essences, then he tested clear — no miasms! He feels great, and only some stabilizing-type essences seem to be needed now. We're hopeful that we have solved the problem.

The Perelandra Organizing Process came to our rescue during vacation in another way. Midway through our stay, after a busy day of hiking and exploring ocean tidepools, our 7-year-old daughter complained of fatigue (unusual for her!). The next day, she had a fever of 102 degrees and a sore throat, so I suspected a recurrence of tonsillitis. We managed to have her seen by a local nurse practitioner, who prescribed antibiotics. Back at our vacation home, we put our daughter to bed, and she promptly fell asleep.

While she was sleeping I used the Organizing Process and tested for the Microbial Balancing Program. My testing indicated that I needed to use three separate charts for the various symptoms (sore throat, fever, and upset stomach). Some of the microbes had to be tested and treated separately. She needed processes I had never tried before, such as the Genetic Balancing Process. Ten minutes after I finished all the work, my daughter woke up, still clearly feverish. This time, however, her fever had spiked up to 105.9 degrees!

I was quite concerned, but stayed surprisingly calm. Somehow I felt that the Microbial Balancing work accounted for the high fever, and that it was a healing process. Nevertheless, I called the nurse practitioner immediately, who advised getting my daughter into a cool bath, then straight to the hospital emergency room. During the half-hour ride to the hospital, my daughter seemed to feel better, even making jokes along the way. By the time we reached the hospital, her fever had dropped to a little over 101 degrees. Hospital personnel confirmed the tonsillitis diagnosis and sent us home with some children's fever medication. On the way back, my daughter skipped through a supermarket with me to pick up popsicles for a snack. By the next morning, she had no fever at all, and she was back to her normal vacation activities. The fever never returned. My daughter is still working through the Organizing Process chart, with follow-up essences and Microbial Balancing work, but I have confidence that nature and the White Brotherhood are helping us every step of the way.